Beauty and the Beast became a beloved film shortly after Disney released it in 1991. Its enduring appeal was evident when the live-action version starring Emma Watson as Belle came out in 2017.

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The story’s famed bully, Gaston, is notorious for his large ego, his thick neck, and his penchant for kicking around his buddy LeFou. It only seems fair that LeFou should have a drink named after him at Disney World’s Gaston’s Tavern to make up for the abuse he's suffered from Gaston.

Just like the rest of the Magic Kingdom, Gaston's Tavern, a counter-service restaurant found in Fantasyland, does not serve alcohol, but you won’t be missing a thing when you order a LeFou’s Brew. Described by Disney as “frosted apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with an all-natural passion fruit-mango foam," its interesting and refreshing flavor profile makes it a hit with guests of all ages.

Read on to learn 10 things you never knew about LeFou’s Brew.

10 But Who’s LeFou?

Let’s start with the man behind the beverage because there’s more to LeFou than just the Brew. What do we really know about the character behind the drink’s name? LeFou in French means, “the fool”, a name that fits this bumbling Disney character perfectly. His hero-worship of Gaston, despite Gaston’s abuse of him, was evident throughout the animated film but Disney took his infatuation a step further when the live-action film was released. This was a move the LGBTQ community cheered and many conservative groups condemned. The live-action version also showed a more empathetic and softer side of LeFou not evident in his animated character. Certainly, this is a man worthy of his own drink.

9 You Can Only Get It In The Magic Kingdom At Gaston's Tavern

Strolling around Disney World you will find many delicious frosty drinks from which to choose – frozen lemonade in several flavors, Dole Whip floats, raspberry lemonade slush, to name a few. There are endless traditional non-alcoholic beverage options all over the park, too. However, you won’t find LeFou’s Brew anywhere else in Disney World but at Gaston’s Tavern making it one of the few drinks that looks like beer, is served in a tavern, but is 100% kid (and parent)-approved.

8 It's A Snack On The Dining Plan

Many Disney guests staying at on-site hotels take advantage of the Disney Dining Plan to save money on meals, snacks, and drinks in and around the parks. But many don’t realize that you can use one of your two daily snack credits when buying a LeFou’s Brew.

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This applies to any dining plan you choose from Quick to Deluxe; it’s a great way to use up your snack credits toward the end of your trip because if you don’t use them, you lose them.

7 It's Disney's Answer To Butterbeer

When Disney was looking for a signature drink to compete with the wildly popular Butterbeer at Universal’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter they came up with LeFou’s Brew.

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While both beverages have a foamy topping and are non-alcoholic, Butterbeer tastes like a combination of cream soda and butterscotch, a bold contrast to the fruity flavors found in LeFou’s Brew. However, if you’re watching your budget, Butterbeer will drain your wallet faster. One serving in a souvenir mug will set you back almost $13 while LeFou’s comes in at under $10.

6 Disneyland Has A Version, Too

Gaston did it again. That brute took advantage of the popularity of LeFou’s Brew, stole the recipe, and added it to the menu at the Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland at Disneyland. The name was changed to Gaston’s Famous Brew but it's the same recipe at Lefou's Brew. TIP: There are rumors that the Red Rose Taverne is only occupying the spot of Pinnochio’s Village Haus in Fantasyland temporarily so get it while you can.

5 There's No Sugar Added

Some of the sweetness of LeFou’s brew comes from natural sugars like mango and apple, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for diabetics, or others who watch their sugar intake, as the majority of its sweet taste comes from marshmallow syrup.

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Unfortunately, Disney does not share nutrition facts for their foods but one can only guess at the sugar content of this drink. One ounce of the marshmallow syrup contains 24 grams of sugar, the maximum recommended per day for the average woman. When you add in the natural sugars from the juices (as well as all the other sweet temptations in the park), you could be on a sugar high for the rest of the day.

4 It's Vegan

Gaston is known for eating five dozen eggs every morning and decorating with antlers so you may be surprised to learn a drink served in the tavern that bears his name contains no animal products.

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That’s right. Despite LeFou’s Brew tasting a bit like toasted marshmallows, it is vegan. The flavor comes from a marshmallow flavored syrup and despite its white, foamy topping, it contains no dairy products. À votre santé, vegans!

3 It Comes In A Cool Mug

Some of the best souvenirs are those that will bring back happy memories when you use them at home and Gaston’s Tavern has the perfect way to remember your Disney vacation.

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Choose from a stein or a goblet for your LeFou’s Brew and enjoy your favorite beverages in them at home. Plastic cups are still available but do the environment a favor and ask for yours in a mug that’s reusable and fun. Keep reading to discover how to create the perfect beverage for your new mug.

2 You Can Make It At Home

Looking to bring back the taste of that delicious, slushy LeFou’s Brew after your visit to Disney World ends? There are several places on the internet to find the instructions, like this copycat recipe here, allowing you to make your own at home.

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Pour that homemade, frosty goodness into your souvenir mug (see above) and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation all over again.

1 Disney's California Adventure Has It Too

Disneyland fans don’t need to worry about missing out on this unique tasting beverage. LeFou’s refreshing brew can be found in Disney’s California Adventure under a different name.

Head over to the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land and order a Red’s Apple Freeze. It’s the same drink as LeFou’s Brew only California Adventure’s version is named after the beloved fire engine in Disney’s Cars movie. Grabbing one to go is a great way to stay hydrated while waiting in line for Radiator Races, too.

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