Disney World in Orlando, Florida is jam-packed with thrill rides. Some have guests plummeting down an old Hollywood hotel elevator shaft, others see riders scaling Mt. Everest, and still, others blast parkgoers into space. We’re here to look at all the thrill rides in Disney World and determine which of them are the fastest.

In this ranking, we’ll be considering the attractions at all four theme parks in Disney World Resort including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Our list won’t be including the water park coasters at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach even though they do go really fast.

With that said, here are how Disney World’s thrill rides stack up in terms of speed.

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10 Space Mountain

Space Mountain sends guests on a galactic journey through the stars. Riders sit single-file and are then blasted onto a ride track surrounded by a sprinkling of stars.

Though the internet is a bit divided on how fast it actually goes, with some sources claiming it reaches up to 35 mph, the generally accepted consensus is that the ride only reaches speeds of 28 mph.

The ride’s darkness makes it feel much faster than it actually is. All the energy-filled special effects also contribute to this feeling.

9 Primeval Whirl

This prehistoric ride, located in DinoLand U.S.A. at Animal Kingdom, blasts riders to the time before the dinosaurs were destroyed to extinction.

Though this steel Wild Mouse roller coaster is small, it whips guests around quickly. In fact, the drops push guests to speeds of 29 mph.

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Though the ride has been closed for some time due to maintenance reasons, it is currently scheduled to reopen on Sept. 28.

8 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Magic Kingdom’s newest roller coaster, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, takes guests on an adventure based on Snow White’s story.

The ride features revolutionary mine kart vehicles that rock guests back and forth throughout the duration of their adventure. The middle of the journey slows down and becomes a dark ride full of colorful animatronics and shiny gems, however, the trains eventually pick up speed and reach up to 34 mph as they descend toward the finish.

If you're lucky, you'll get to see Snow White and Dopey dance together right before you enter the unloading area.

7 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This Frontierland ride sends passengers on a thrilling journey through the wild west on the back of a runaway mine train. The trip lasts around 3 1/2 minutes and features all sorts of twists, turns, and drops.

The attraction is known to reach speeds of up to 36 mph. The ride especially whips around guests who sit in the back, so if you want the most exciting experience possible, that’s where you need to be. Get ready to scream a lot.

6 The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Hollywood Studio’s terrifying drop tower ride sends guests plummeting down a thirteen-story elevator shaft at random. The time building up to the drops is full of suspense, and when the falls finally begin, they continue in quick succession.

The elevator ride vehicle is actually pushed downward, meaning it drops at a max speed of 39 mph. This fast descent occurs during the one drop every ride that falls a full thirteen stories. The haunted theming pushes the thrill factor way up.

5 Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is a log flume ride that leisurely cruises guests through cheery scenes filled with animatronics based on Song of the South, so guests might be surprised to learn it actually reaches top speeds of around 40 mph. If you guessed that final drop was where it got fast, you’d be right.

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The Splash Mountain finale has guests plummeting down a 50ft waterfall toward a briar patch, yet within a blink of an eye, it’s over. You can thank the high speeds for that.

Did we mention you might get wet?

4 Slinky Dog Dash

Hollywood Studio's newest coaster takes guests on a fast-paced ride on the back of Slinky Dog from the Toy Story series. Don’t be fooled by the cute theming, though. You’ll be whisked around fast.

Word has it that Slinky Dog Dash reaches speeds of up to 40 mph. With two launches — one at the beginning of the ride and one midway — the quick journey comes as no surprise.

After all the intense turns, you'll get to cruise to a conclusion in which an audio-animatronic Wheezy serenades guests with a song.

3 Expedition Everest

Located in Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest has guests scaling the icy Himalayan mountains on the back of a speedy train. However, after hitting a dead-end, riders are plummeted backward into darkness and then shot into a series of intense drops and turns.

Each train reaches a max speed of 50mph. Combine that with the terrifying yeti and intense track, and you’ve got yourself one adventure too wild to forget. Who's up for an expedition?

2 Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster

This Hollywood Studios attraction has guests racing to an Aerosmith concert via stretch limo. While the coaster is loud — with 125 speakers placed on every ride vehicle — it is also freaky fast.

The ride begins with a giant launch that brings guests up to 57 mph in under 3 seconds. They’re then immediately pulled into a double inversion and later taken for a spin around a corkscrew.

Though the ride is only 1:22 long, there’s no doubt you’ll feel all 5 G’s. Watch for all the cooky, bright road signs along the way.

1 Test Track

The fastest ride in all of Disney World, located at Epcot, has guests taking a spin on the technologically advanced “SIM Cars.” Riders first design their own vehicles and then key them in to see how they stack up during a variety of tests.

The final item tested for is speed, so riders are lastly whipped around a 50-degree angle track, 3 stories in the air, at up to 65mph. Talk about fast!

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