When you first enter the Magic Kingdom in Disney World, Florida, you'll get the chance to stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. This street is filled with little shops and food vendors inside buildings that resemble those in an early 20th-century small town. Midway through your walk, your senses will be overwhelmed with the aroma of warm coffee and sweet desserts, and that's how you'll know you've found the Main Street Bakery.

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This staple food location has gone through its fair share of changes over the years, and while it main focuses has shifted from sweets to coffee, it couldn't keep its iconic name without still serving an array of delicious desserts. Today, we're checking out all there is to know about the Main Street Bakery's desserts, both past and present.

10 You Can Get Starbucks Classics

A few years back, the Main Street Bakery was transformed into Disney World’s first Starbucks location. When this happened, the bakery began serving up Starbucks' iconic lineup of drinks alongside its delicious desserts. If you’re wanting one of the coffee giant's warm chocolate chip cookies, sweet cinnamon rolls, cute cake pops, or streusel-topped coffee cakes, you can fulfill your cravings here.

Though Starbucks-brand bakery items make up the majority of the desserts here today, Disney made sure to include a few of its own sweets.

9 There Are Seasonal Snacks

The Main Street Bakery is known for its seasonal offerings. Right now, during the autumn season, the bakery is serving up Mickey-shaped cinnamon rolls. They’re soft, warm, and decorated with orange icing and a chocolate spider web.

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Additionally, the Main Street Bakery is serving up a Hocus Pocus-themed cupcake. The cupcake has peanut butter chips, chocolate candy bits, and toffee baked in. It's filled with caramel sauce, topped with chocolate buttercream, and decorate with a white chocolate piece.

8 Sample The Special Cupcakes

Speaking of cupcakes, The Main Street Bakery is the place to be if you're into Instagramable-food. This is because the bakery is known to cycle through themed cupcakes during different holiday and seasons.

One past beloved cupcake flavour was the Mouseketeer Cupcake, which was a swirled red velvet and vanilla cake topped with fluffy frosting, chocolate pieces, and sprinkles that had been assembled into a Mickey hat. Another popular kind was the Mermaid Cupcake, which combined a confetti cake with seafoam green frosting, chocolate crispy pearls, and a sugar cookie in the shape of a mermaid tail.

7 The French Toast Was Famous

Before the Main Street Bakery primarily served Starbucks brand treats, it served a giant array of its own baked goods. The snacks that guests most often visited the bakery for were the ice cream cookie sandwiches and the famous french toast loaf.

Today, you can get a slightly different ice cream cookie sandwich from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor further down Main Street, U.S.A. While the sweet, warm french toast loaf isn’t a short walk away, there are tons of recipes online that can teach you how to recreate it at home.

On the topic of retired bakery items, the peanut butter cupcakes pre-Starbucks takeover were also well-loved. These cupcakes featured a chocolate cake and were topped with a thick, creamy peanut butter frosting and garnished with peanut butter chips and a peanut butter cup. Mmmmmm.

Fans of this decadent treat were understandably disappointed when Disney removed it from the bakery, however, the Magic Kingdom debuted a different peanut butter cupcake a few years later. This one wasn’t quite the same, with a lighter frosting and the chocolate cake swapped out for a yellow one. However, if that was the closest thing we could get to the original, we were happy to take it.

5 There Are Sweet Samples

Prior to the Starbucks takeover of the Main Street Bakery, many visiting guests report getting free bread or pastry samples at the location. Though this hasn’t been reported in some time, guests have more recently seen Starbucks drink samples handed out at the bakery.

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Other Starbucks locations around Disney World have also been known to give out samples of specialty or seasonal drinks in the past.

4 The Giant Mickey Doughnuts

Disney is known for its Mickey-shaped everything, and desserts are no exception to this. We already mentioned the Mickey-shaped cinnamon roll that’s currently served at the Main Street Bakery, but we can’t neglect to mention the giant donuts that have also recently found a home here.

Disney began serving their classic Mickey donuts in the middle of the summer at the Main Street Bakery for $8.99. These donuts can be bought with either a vanilla glaze or a chocolate glaze. If strawberry is more your style, you can pick up a Mickey Celebration Strawberry Doughnut at the Cheshire Café in Fantasyland.

3 Select Sweets Rotate

Though the Mickey Doughnuts are here for now, the Main Street Bakery is known to swap around its advertised treats pretty regularly.

If you want a fairly consistent selection of sweets, the Main Street Confectionery is nearby. However, if you're into surprises and don't go to Disney every day, you'll find the limited-time sweets are changed out each time you visit. The current dessert special is usually advertised somewhere near the cash register on a circular sign.

2 There Is Disney Dessert Merch

The items we're about to go into technically aren't Main Street Bakery-specific, but they do feature desserts that have been found at the Main Street Bakery and across Disney Parks.

If you love wearing your food as much as you love eating it, Disney has created all sorts of merch themed after its popular desserts and snacks. Related to the Main Street Bakery in particular, Disney sells Minnie ears, purses, shirts, and more themed after the Mickey-shaped doughnuts. Of course, you can also find merch themed after sweets like the popular Mickey ice cream bars and Dole Whip.

1 It Isn't The Only Bakery

Though the desserts at the Main Street Bakery are incredible, this definitely isn’t the only place you can snag an incredible baked good at Disney World. Epcot has a French bakery, Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie, that serves of incredible créme brûlée, macarons and chocolate mousse. If you instead find yourself in the Norway Pavillion, you can try the famed School Bread, which is a sweeter roll filled with custardy vanilla pudding.

Finally (at least on this list), we can't forget about Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs. Many call this location the best bakeshop in all of Disney World Resort, so while we definitely encourage you to try out the sweets at the Main Street Bakery, don’t limit yourself either.

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