Disney World is the place to be if you want a hearty burger or a creamy cup of mac & cheese. Turns out, it’s also the perfect destination for hot dog fanatics. There are locations across Disney’s theme parks and resorts that serve up warm, juicy hot dogs and sausages.

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While some of these places are famous for creating topping-loaded foot-longers, others boast steamy sausages with international flavors. But let’s be honest; They’re all pretty darn delicious. With that being said, it’s time to journey to Orlando to search out the best of this all-American dish. Here are the best places to get a hot dog at Walt Disney World Resort.

10 Casey’s Corner

This Magic Kingdom location, which sits on the edge of Main Street, U.S.A., is famous for its incredible all-beef, foot-long hot dogs. As if that didn’t sound good enough, the restaurant features a specialty hot dog every single month. Right now, it’s the Fried Pickle Hot Diggity Dog, which is loaded with roasted green and red peppers, cheddar, fried pickles, onion, and chipotle ranch.

Did we mention that a chili-cheese dog and a bacon macaroni & cheese dog are permanent menu fixtures? You read that right.

9 B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.

If you find yourself craving a hot dog in Disney Springs, this is your destination. B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co. serves up a selection of specialty hot dogs and sausages. With a variety of toppings and chips on the side, it is the place to be for a quick bite.

One favorite, the Hawaiian Island Dog, is loaded with grilled pineapple salsa, spam, and teriyaki. Another, the New York Pastrami Reuben, is topped with shaved pastrami, swiss, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. The third big hit is the Texas Chili-Cheese Dog, which is piled with chili, cheddar, and corn chips. If you want to try them all, you can choose the Three Little Pigs, which features three mini versions of these favorites.

8 Sommerfest

This restaurant located on Epcot’s World Showcase puts a German spin on the classic hot dog. Here, you can choose between a Bratwurst or a Frankfurter sausage. Each of these is served on a fresh-baked roll and comes with sauerkraut and paprika chips.

The fresh bread pairs perfectly with the intense flavors. And also, is it possible to argue with international cuisine? Answer: No.

7 Harambe Market

Animal Kingdom’s Africa is home to an open-air market that sells a variety of foods out of its windows. While the rib bowls and chicken gyro are amazing, the Pork Sausage is also too good to pass by.

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This dish has a giant pork sausage served on top of naan bread and garnished with curry-ketchup and onion-relish. This combination goes far beyond the flavors of a traditional hot dog, coming off as both spicy and tangy.

6 Dockside Diner

Over on Echo Lake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios sits a little place known as the Dockside Diner. Here, you can score loaded nachos, a pulled pork sandwich, and two specialty foot-long hot dogs.

The first of these is a hot, juicy chili-cheese dog. The second is the Carolina All-Beef Hot Dog. If you’re craving barbeque, this one is for you. Sweet, tangy, and smokey, this dog is loaded with tender pulled pork and coleslaw.

Yum is the word.

5 Avalunch

If you work up an appetite cruising down waterslide’s at Disney’s Blizard Beach, this is the place you have to stop by. Avalunch is basically hot dog heaven, serving up four different varieties of hot dogs.

The first of these is a Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Hot Dog, the second is a Sauerkraut Mustard Hot Dog, the next is a Chili-Cheese Frito Hot Dog, and finally, let’s not forget the Nacho Hot Dog. These are all warm, soft, and mega flavorful.

4 Sleepy Hollow

If you’re getting a carnival food craving, you’ll be happy to know that there is more than one place to get a corn dog at Disney World.

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Though you could head to Westward Ho in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland or to the Fantasy Fare food truck in Disney Springs, we’re big fans of the corn dogs at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square. This location’s sweet corn dogs are a foot-long and come with house-made chips.

3 Wetzel’s Pretzels

Pretzel hot dogs, anyone? If this is what you desire, the Wetzel’s Pretzels Kiosks in Disney Springs is where you need to head. In addition to baking up salt, cinnamon, almond, sour cream, and onion pretzels, the Wetzel's Pretzels locations serve up Cheese Dogs, Wetzel Dogs, and Dog Bites.

The first of these is a warm beef hot dog wrapped inside of cheesy pizza-like pretzel dough. The Wetzel dog, on the other hand, is enveloped in a buttery pretzel dough. Finally, the Dog Bites are mini pretzel-wrapped hot dogs that can be enjoyed alongside a variety of savory dipping sauces.

2 Paddlefish

This Disney Springs seafood location is home to one of the most gourmet hot dog dishes in all of Disney World. The starter menu is full of favorites including appetizers including Crab Cake, Calamari, and the to-die-for Lobster Corn Dogs, which we're here to dive into now.

The seafood-filled corn dogs are fried to a golden brown and served with a sweet chili aïoli. It’s just as elegant as it is delicious.

1 Flame Tree Barbeque

We’re finishing out this list with a trip to Flame Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island. Though the smoked chicken, ribs, and pulled pork served here are savory, this place has a single plant-based option that should not be overlooked.

The Hot Link Smokehouse Sandwich, as its called, features plant-based sausage on a house-made New England-style roll. It's topped with a mustard barbecue sauce, coleslaw, and crispy onion rings. If smoky-sweet flavors are what you desire, this place is where you need to be.

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