Disney World in Florida contains hundreds of rides, shows, and entertainment options, so it’s easy to get tired out. Thankfully, Disney realized this and scattered coffee locations throughout the parks to give guests a much-needed caffeine kick.

Disney offers all sorts of coffee drinks – from alcoholic, ice-cream loaded lattes to the classic black cup of joe – so no matter what your tastebuds prefer, you’re sure to find something that's worth sipping.

Are you ready for one crazy, caffeinated adventure? Here are the best places to find a cup of coffee at Disney World.

11 Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. Kiosks

There are not enough good things to say about Joffrey’s. Disney’s official specialty coffee company serves up drinks in-room at resorts, at signature restaurants, and via kiosks throughout the parks.

Many Joffrey kiosks serve specialty drinks based on their location and the season. The Magic Kingdom has been known to serve up a “Mission To S’mores” lattes in Tomorrowland, whereas Epcot has captivated guests with a “Caramel Apple Butter Chai Latte” during autumn.

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As if the creamy, creative drinks weren’t enough, Joffrey’s is also known for its gigantic donuts and alcoholic specialties at select locations.

10 Starbucks

If you’d rather stick with what you know, you’ll be glad to find out there are Starbucks hidden in every Disney theme park and at Disney Springs. Don’t be fooled by the names of the Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom, Trolley Car Cafe in Hollywood Studios, Fountain View at Epcot, or Creature Comforts at Animal Kingdom; They’re all Starbucks!

While the drinks here are traditional, specialty Disney-themed mugs and bakery items are available at select locations.

9 Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Located in Disney Springs, this chocolate wonderland serves up decadent sundaes, frosty shakes and a load of tasty coffee drinks.

Ghirardelli happens to also serve up espresso chip ice cream, so if you’re really big on that coffee flavor, you can consume even more.

Many of the lattes flavors including vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and pumpkin pie have sugar-free options. If you’re cool with the extra calories, the white mocha and caffé mocha drinks are worth splurging on.

8 Kusafiri Coffee Shop & Bakery

This Animal Kingdom kiosk serves up french vanilla and mocha iced coffees that can also be mixed up with Amarula Cream Liqueur. This location also serves an assortment of wild snacks including chicken curry, roast beef sandwiches, and their most mouth-watering achievement: the colossal cinnamon roll.

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While this gooey miskey-shaped treat is an Instagram-worthy favorite, the guava danishes, pistachio honey croissants, and elephant ear pastries are also worth digging into. Coffee's always best served alongside food, right?

7 Joy of Tea

If you only go here for the egg rolls and tea blends, you’re missing out. This kiosk, located across from the China Pavilion in Epcot, happens to be home to one incredible coffee cocktail. If you want a sugary buzz, this is where to get it.

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Entitled Tipsy Ducks in Love, this decadent drink combines coffee with bourbon whiskey, black tea, cream, and chocolate syrup. Joy of Tea also sells non-alcoholic versions of this drink, but let’s be honest; the traditional version comes out on top.

6 Kona Café

This Asian café located in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is more of a restaurant than a coffee shop – but being that it brews 100% Kona coffee, it’s worth mentioning.

Kona coffee comes from the coffee region on Big Island in Hawaii. Many people are obsessed with its light, fruity taste – so if you want to check it out for yourself, this is where you can.

The signature brew is served in a French press alongside your meal – and being that there’s plenty of tropical dishes and desserts to choose from, it won’t be hard to find something that pleases your palate.

5 L'Artisan des Glaces

This artisanal dessert shop located in the France pavilion at Epcot is home to the most delightful coffee drink an ice cream lover can find in all of Disney World. The Café Glacé is the magic that happens when you layer a scoop of ice cream, iced cappuccino, and whipped cream into a glass.

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This treat-filled location also serves up some pretty incredible sorbets, so if you decide to get a scoop on the side, no one's going to judge you.

4 Nomad Lounge

This Animal Kingdom oasis features tons of global adult-only beverages that are worth trying out — but there is one that coffee lovers tend to elevate above the rest. The Mustang Coffee is the magical drink that blends hot coffee, butter, brown sugar, and Crown Royal.

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If you’re feeling a little more tropical, the Night Monkey combines Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro Rum, Guava Purée, Coffee Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, and Cilantro into one delectable cocktail. The comfortable environment and satisfying snacks make this one a win.

3 Tangierine Café

Disney’s Morocco pavilion in Epcot is home to a charming Mediterranean food destination that features one of Disney’s most exotic coffee drinks. While you could opt for a traditional cappuccino or spiked coffee at this location, the true standout is Moorish coffee, which is espresso flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Those spicy notes make this one a keeper, and with so many flavor-packed dishes to pair it with, your meal certainly won’t be boring.

2 Trattoria al Forno


This Italian eatery located at Disney’s BoardWalk serves up breakfast and dinner alongside some high-quality espresso. Coffee connoisseurs will enjoy the press pot coffee, and the choice of three espresso roasting styles (northern, central, and southern) make this the perfect destination for those who prefer finer flavors.

Alcoholic coffee drinks are also available, and definitely don’t miss out on the savory and sweet meals you can pair them with.

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