At the Disney Parks, what's the first ride you want to get on? Do you mosey down to Frontierland for Big Thunder Mountain? Do you trek through uncharted Asia for Expedition Everest? Or do you head to Andy's backyard to play a round of Toy Story Mania? Whatever your choice, you've probably enjoyed several of the more famous rides on the property.

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Those attractions are all well and good, but there are still plenty of attractions that guests don't give as much attention to. They might not be as thrilling as a coaster or an extremely immersive experience, but they are still worth your time. These are ten of Disney World's most overlooked attractions.

10 The Country Bear Jamboree

Easily one of the most underappreciated attractions in Frontierland has to be the Country Bear Jamboree. A bit of Americana, a bit of classic country rhythms, and a bit of corny jokes and one-liners are what makes this attraction so cuddly and comical.

Zeke and Zeb and Ted and Fred and a bear named Tennessee are just a few of the furry faces you'll encounter when you step into Country Bear Hall. With some of Disney's best audio-animatronics and effects, these bears are sure to serenade you with some country and folk tunes that will have you tapping your feet before the show is over.

9 Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor

A comedy attraction starring Billy Crystal? Where do we get our seats? The Laugh Floor is brought to us by our favorite residents of Monsteropolis and hosted by that punky little eyeball with the funky optic nerve, Mike Wazowski. These monsters will scare you silly with their interactive and immersive comedy material.

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If you're looking for a unique show experience or a way to get out of that Florida Sun, the Laugh Floor should definitely be your next stop. Be sure and follow the screen instructions in the cue to contribute a joke or two to the act, you might get a few laughs yourself.

Ever wonder about the story behind characters like Hello Kitty and Pikachu? Find out at the museum exhibit dedicated to all things kawaii at the Bijutsu-kan Gallery. This gem of the Japanese pavilion in Epcot is a must-see for fans of anime, cute characters, or Japanese culture in general.

Here, guests can see the evolution of Japan's appetite for cutesy cultural icons and how they incorporate it into their lifestyles. It's one of the most fascinating exhibits in the park and is highly underrated. Definitely stop by after buying some sweets at the nearby shop.

7 Disney/Pixar Short Film Festival

Definitely something you should check out on your journey through Epcot is the Disney/Pixar Short Film Festival. Located near Journey Into Imagination with Figment, this small but immersive theater experience is definitely too often overlooked by the casual Disney fans.

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Pairing innovative animation with environmental immersive effects, the Disney/Pixar Film Festival shows a series of Disney shorts in a whole new way. Pick up your 3-D glasses at the door and get ready for an animated interlude you're sure to enjoy some animated antics from your favorite faces of Disney.

6 Club Cool

Though currently under renovations for Epcot's new redesign, Club Cool will return for all fans to get their fizzy fix on their selection of sodas from around the world. From the infamous Beverly to the sweet and fizzy Melon Frosty, there are plenty of flavors you can sample at your leisure, and all for free.

Despite the free soda samples, the attraction can sometimes be a little less crowded than some of the park's other features. Though that might be a good thing for some, we definitely encourage a visit to this fantastic feature of Epcot.

5 Disney World Railroads

We've spoken a time or two before on the Magic Kingdom's railway, but despite being an attraction inspired by Walt Disney's favorite park feature, it's not nearly as popular as one would think. Not only is it a great way to get off your feet, but it's a great way to get across the park.

There's just something special about taking the full loop around the Magic Kingdom's railroad that you can't get just by schlepping across the park. It feels like getting a backstage peek at a big production. Don't miss the train, hop aboard at the Main Street station to start the full loop.

4 Mickey's Philharmagic

This attraction is an absolute must-do for fans of classic Disney. Go on a 4-D adventure with Donald Duck through the best musical numbers of your favorite animated features on the search for Mickey's magic hat. This immersive movie experience is one that will definitely enchant and enrapture.

Smell the food from Belle's dinner table, feel the spray of the ocean as Ariel makes us part of her world, and feel the wind in your hair as you fly with Peter Pan. You'll know all the songs by heart, laugh, and be amazed as this 4-D feature draws you in with its magical effects.

3 Maharaja Jungle Trek

If you go to Disney's Animal Kingdom, you absolutely have to make time to see all the various animals on display. You can always take the Kilimanjaro Safari, but there's also something to be said about the Maharaja Jungle Trek to see the exotic animals of India and Asia.

We love getting to see the tigers, flying foxes, Komodo dragons, and various bird species that populate this exhibit. If you're heading that way to take a ride down Expedition Everest, don't forget to check out this fascinating exhibit.

2 Festival Of The Lion King

While we're in the Animal Kingdom, let's take in a show. You could watch the many various street performers, take in the new Up bird show, or you could take in a show inspired by one of Disney's biggest films at Festival of the Lion King.

Join Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, and a cast of talented performers in this tribute to The Lion King. Full of acrobats, singers, dancers, and colorful characters, this show is definitely worthy of a roaring applause. Be sure to get there early though if you want to score the sweetest seats.

1 Journey Through Imagination With Figment

Every time we talk about Epcot, we always brag on this wonderfully inviting and imaginative ride. It might be the catchy theme song, the tribute to Disney sci-fi, or our soft spot for a certain purple dragon, but we can't get enough of Journey Through Imagination with Figment.

Take a guided tour of the immersive Imagination Institute on Epcot's campus and explore the wonders of Imagination. The humor might be a little corny at times, but how can you not love the warm whimsical environment Figment Thrusts you into? Follow that one little spark and enjoy a trip through this underrated attraction.

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