Animal Kingdom is the biggest theme park on the planet. Its environmentally cautious and animal preservation methodology has given it room to expand over 580 acres and bring in more than 13 million guests each year. The park's zoo-centered attractions aren't the only thing worth exploring, however. Animal Kingdom has a collection of rides that are family-friendly that guests travel miles just to enjoy.

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But, in typical Disney park fashion, the lines for these rides can get long and tiring. Nobody likes standing in line for hours on end, especially when there is Florida's sweltering sun beating down on you. Picking out which rides are priority can be tough if you've never been to Animal Kingdom, so you might not know which ones you should hit before the park closes. Here are five Animal Kingdom rides that are actually worth waiting in line for, and five that aren't.

10 10. Wait: Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest — Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is an exciting roller coaster that takes its passengers through Himmilayayas on a train to the base of Mount Everest. Once here, you will experience a steady climb to the peak of the coaster at nearly 200 feet, the tallest Disney park ride in existence.

The plummet down is exhilarating, but the best part happens when the coaster zips backward through the tracks so that you have no idea where you're headed next!

9 9. Skip: It's Tough To Be A Bug

This is actually a nine-minute show that is based on Pixar's A Bug's Life film. The encompassing theatre brings audiences into the world of Flik, the ant, who uses his stage to talk to the audience about the amiable lives of ants.

It's a simple show, fixed with all of Disney's usual animatronic gadgets to bring forth a 3-D aspect. It might be a good show to enjoy with the kids or to cool off, but if you're in a bind, this one is worth skipping.

8 8. Wait: Avatar Flight Of Passage

This ride inside the highly coveted Pandora – The World of Avatar feature inside of Animal Kingdom is a thrill ride. It will link to you an Avatar so that you can ride a banshee in a simulated flying expedition of the gorgeous landscape of Valley of Mo'ara.

The storyline in this ride is stimulating, while the scenery and actual feel of the ride is unlike anything you've ever experienced in Disney parks.

7 7. Skip: Na'vi River Journey

While this river journey is certainly fun to look at, it's one of those laidback, dark rides that leave you feeling tired afterward. If you are looking for a little R'n'R while at Animal Kingdom, then maybe the Na'vi River Journey's eclectic atmosphere will help put you to sleep.

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The sights commissioned inside this slow-moving ride are parallel to Avatar's grandiose light-up veneer that you will see at night anyway, so this one is an easy pass.

6 6. Wait: Kali River Rapids

Especially in Florida's excruciating heat, a ride like Kali River Rapids will do wonders to cool you down. It's another river journey adventure, but this one won't make you doze off.

Not only does the Kali River Rapids take you through the Chakranadi River in a whitewater rafting type of ride, but it also highlights important conservation issues. It's equal parts relaxing, compelling, and educational all in one attraction.

5 5. Skip: TriceraTop Spin

The TriceraTop Spin is a typical high-flying and rotating spectacle that is designed for children. The wait times can vary, but if you've been on Dumbo or Aladdin's flying carpet ride inside the other Disney parks, then you have already experienced this sort of attraction.

The ride is located in Dinoland USA, but a visit to Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama might be more worth your while.

4 4. Wait: Dinosaur

Disney's Dinosaur animated film is a beloved tale, and the ride inside Animal Kingdom is just as fascinating. The ride starts off with a pre-show where audiences meet Dr. Seeker and Dr. Marsh. After that, you are ushered inside the ride, which is an enhanced motion vehicle attraction.

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You get to time-travel back to the prehistoric ages and witness dinosaurs up close and personal. Through a series of sensational events, passengers are on a run for their lives as meteors and trees nearly miss the time rover that you're seated in. And through all of the bumps and glides, the Iguanodon dinosaur is by your side.

3 3. Skip: Primeval Whirl

Another attraction located inside of Dino-Land in Animal Kingdom is the Primeval Whirl. It's a tame, yet mighty roller coaster,  but it probably shouldn't be the first thrill on your list.

Despite the fact that it claims to be a wild ride, the Primeval Whirl is no comparison to its competitors like Expedition Everest. Its duo coaster track seats up to four people and takes passengers on a series of spins and dives that, if anything, give a pretty decent view of the park.

2 2. Wait: Kilimanjaro Safaris

Animal Kingdom's mantra revolves around the protection and preservation of wildlife. Even attractions like Kilimanjaro Safaris do their part in protecting their beautiful animals. This safari shows just how vast the land is for these animals so that they can enjoy a comfortable natural setting.

The guide mimics a safari ride through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve in Harambe, East Africa. Passengers can expect to see wildlife creatures such as giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, zebras, hyenas, and even rhinoceroses.

1 1. Skip: Wildlife Express Train

The Wildlife Express Train serves the same purpose as the Kilimanjaro Safari, minus the animated host. The train is twelve minutes long and is used as a transport between the Africa station and the Rafiki's Planet Watch section.

This attraction kind of takes guests out of the immersive experience since riders can catch a glimpse of Animal Kingdom's backlot. Back there is where you can see animal holding buildings for various animals as well as the docks for the trains when they're not in use.

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