Disney's Animal Kingdom opened its doors to the public in 1998 as the fourth theme park at Disney World in Florida. Covering 580 acres, Animal Kingdom is the largest of the parks, and due to its size, it's seen its fair share of attractions over its past 21 years of operation.

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While many of Animal Kingdom's opening day attractions still exist today, not every parade, show, and ride has made the cut. We're here to discover these extinct attractions and see what remains in their place today. With that said, it's time to venture into the wild. Here are 10 Animal Kingdom attractions that no longer exist.

10 Tarzan Rocks!

This Tarzan stage show once occupied the theater that Finding Nemo – The Musical now exists in. From 1999 to 2006, the Theater in the Wild had Tarzan, Jane, Terk, and friends swinging from vines and dancing around as they loosely retold the animated film's narrative.

Tarzan Rocks! was full of energy and featured acrobatics, tap dancing, and rolling skating choreography set to rock-renditions of Phil Collins songs from the original film including "Two Worlds," "You'll Be in My Heart," and "Son of Man." A live band performed this music, helping cement this Animal Kingdom attraction as one that would become unforgettable.

9 March Of The ARTimals

This daytime parade debuted when Animal Kingdom opened in April 1998 and continued through June 1999. Rather than featuring a load of Disney characters, the show's producer chose to fill the parade with the people of Discover Island (then called Safari Village), who were putting on a carnival. Unfortunately, this concept wasn't popular, which is why the parade's run ended so early.

The street production featured six animal-themed floats as well as an array of costumed performers. It was quirky and fun, but not particularly Disney.

8 Pocahontas And Her Forest Friends

This Pocahontas-themed stage show, which operated out of Camp Minnie-Mickey for ten years from 1998 to 2008, had the Indian princess teaching attendees about nature and how to live in harmony with it.

This outdoor production saw Pocahontas being joined on stage by Grandmother Willow, a young tree named Sprig, and a collection of live animals. Did we mention that Meeko was in this show, but rather than being portrayed by a costumed actor, he was played by an actual raccoon? Talk about keeping things real.

7 Discovery River Boats

Discovery River Boats, later renamed Discovery River Taxi and Radio Disney River Cruise all within its short year-long run, was a leisurely ride that docked at the Safari Village and Asia parts of the theme park.

The cruise brought passengers around the Tree of Life and through all the lands in Animal Kingdom. Guests would also get to see a small animal that had been brought on board in addition to a few random scenes the boat cruised by including a fire-breathing dragon outside Camp Minnie-Mickey and an Iguanodon outside of DinoLand U.S.A. The ride closed due to poor guest reviews, with many expecting the boats to do more than simply transport them around the park.

6 Dinosaur Jubilee

This opening-day Animal Kingdom attraction let guests walk through various dinosaur exhibits. It operated inside of a tent structure and featured humorous tours led by the Dino Institute's interns.

The attraction was used as a placeholder, and the space in which it once existed now holds Chester and Hester's Dino-Rama. Dinosaur Jubilee closed down at the end of 2000, though the attraction can still be seen on a hand-drawn map in DinoLand U.S.A. to this day.

5 Journey Into The Jungle Book

Before Tarzan Rocks! was a thing, this Jungle Book show was taking center stage. Operating out of the Theater in the Wild for a year from Animal Kingdom's 1998 opening through April 1999, this production retold the story of this wildly classic animated film.

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The show featured a human Mowgli as well as hum-animals, which were highly moveable costumed characters. Though the production featured beautiful sets and tons of great songs, it had to close down to make room for Tarzan's musical production.

4 Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade

This daytime parade operated daily out of Animal Kingdom from 2001 to 2014, making it the longest-running parade the park had ever seen. It debuted alongside Disney World's 100 Years of Magic celebration and was filled with classic animal Disney characters as well as Mickey and friends dressed in safari gear.

Rather than featuring traditional floats, this parade was filled with Jeeps and trucks that fit with the parks' wild theme. Additionally, stilt walkers, dancers, and animal puppets upped the excitement. Jungle music helped keep the parade boppin'.

3 The Jungle Book Alive With Magic

This nighttime show debuted at Animal Kingdom for a limited run in 2016. It took place on the park's Discovery River as a placeholder for the soon-to-premiere nighttime spectacular, Rivers of Light.

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The show featured music from The Jungle Book including "Trust in Me," "The Bare Necessities," and "I Wan'na Be Like You" as well as theming inspired by Indian cultural traditions. The river projections were stunning and lit up the park like never before.

2 Mickey’s Jingle Jungle Parade

Remember the aforementioned Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade? This was its now extinct Christmas overlay.

This street parade was first introduced in 2004 and concluded in 2013. It operated seasonally and layered Christmas adventure clothing, stockings, and other decorations into the already fun mix of characters and cars. Being that Animal Kingdom was the least decorated park of the bunch, the festive theming was welcome.

1 Flights Of Wonder

Ending out the list is the now-extinct stage show featuring a cast of exotic birds and human actors. Formerly located in the stadium near the Asia Bridge from 1998 to 2018, Flights of Wonder taught guests about living alongside nature while letting them appreciate its winged wonders up close.

The original humor-laced show was replaced by UP! A Great Bird Adventure, which is a production that features a concept similar to the original. However, this new show incorporates characters from Pixar's Up into the mix. Though it was at first was met with poor reviews, Disney set out to change that and bring back much of the original's lasting charm.

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