The Disney Parks are some of the most amazing and cherished theme parks in the world, but two stand as titans over all the rest. Disneyland and the Walt Disney World resort have seemed to be in competition since the arrival of the Florida park. Although Disneyland is the one and only original, we have to say we have a strong preference for its larger relative.

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Walt Disney World was practically designed to be Disneyland 2.0 and has since been a bigger and better version of its predecessor. Don't believe us? Here are 10 advantages Disney World has over Disneyland.

10 Bigger Park Selection

Let's get one of the bigger points out of the way. One of the more obvious benefits is the fact that where Disneyland has the original park and California Adventure, Disney World has four parks to choose from. More parks mean more ways to play and show your Disney side.

Though both California parks have merit, it's hard to compare them against the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Both parks have their endearing qualities, but Disney World has them beat when it comes to the numbers. Castles alone will only get you so far.

9 Disney Springs

Though Disneyland has the Disney Downtown District, we can't help but have a preference for the larger and more vibrant Disney Springs. There's just a better breed of nightlife that comes with Disney Springs that its Californian counterpart seems to be lacking.

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It might be due to size and scale, the number of venues, shops, and restaurants, or just pure design and vibe, but comparing the two together is no contest. There's just something about Disney Spring's vibrant style and offerings that makes it stand apart from any typical shopping center.

8 Bigger Ride Variety

Both parks have enough rides to satisfy adrenaline junkies and mild thrillseekers alike, but when it comes to the variety of rides, Disney World comes out on top. Disneyland might have classic thrills like the Matterhorn and record-breakers like the Incredicoaster, but once again, Florida wins by the numbers.

Disney World Just has more, plain and simple. Every park has at least one or two thrill-rides mingling amongst a selection of softer but engaging experiences. Though similar rides might exist within Disneyland, Disney Worlds give their versions a little something extra.

7 Better Fantasmic

Like so many things, Fantasmic might have originated in the Disneyland park, but the version that was introduced to Hollywood Studios in 1998 is by far the superior representation of the show. With a longer dragon sequence, more villains, and updated projections. It's no wonder it's so beloved.

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Though there are drastic differences between the two, we still love the Florida version. The original version still has favor in the eyes of true Disney fans, but after watching a side by side comparison, we have to pick Disney World's version as our favorite.

6 Disney World Monorails

The Walt Disney World Monorail System was an ingenious move on the part of its builders. These trains of the future encircle the entire property and can take guests just about anywhere. One set of tracks even runs through the Contemporary Resort. The trains are so iconic, one look at them just says Disney World.

Only in the Florida property can you enjoy these trains taking you on a gliding trip to your destination. Though not as classic as the original Disneyland railway, these trains are a new and improved addition appropriate for the resort's larger size and scale.

5 Disney's Animal Kingdom

Like the tagline says, Disney's Animal Kingdom is the magic of Disney gone wild. This beautiful hybrid of theme park and nature exhibit captures the wonder of the natural world and blends it with the imagination of Disney. Where else can you go on a safari one minute, then visit the planet Pandora the next?

The Animal Kingdom is many a fan's favorite park, offering a different kind of Disney experience by letting them see the various different animals that inspired so many wonderful characters. You definitely won't find this experience in California.

4 More Off Park Activities

You don't have to go to the parks to have a good time at Walt Disney World. Along with the previously mentioned Disney Springs, the resort offers a multitude of activities and venues for guests to explore and enjoy. From shopping to walking along a beach, there's more than enough fun to be had.

You can camp out near Fort Wilderness, walk along the Boardwalk, or even ride horses and play golf. There's practically something for everyone when you visit the resorts. If you've got the time, consider taking a day outside the parks.

3 Epcot's World Showcase

It's kinda cheating to count an entire park over two, but one thing you certainly won't find in Disneyland is something like the World Showcase at Epcot. Only in Disney World can you take a trip around the globe in one afternoon and still have time to go for a ride on the Test Track.

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You could literally spend an entire day at the World Showcase and still have a great time. With rides, entertainment, wonderful places to eat, and 11 different pavilions representing different countries to explore, you'll definitely have a schedule full of activities to keep you happy.

2 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Perhaps the most recent addition on our list, the new Star Wars Land takes guests out of Disney's Hollywood Studios and puts them right in the middle of a galaxy, far, far away. While on the planet Batu, guests can immerse themselves in the world of the Star Wars franchise like nowhere else.

Guests can walk amongst characters like Rey, Chewbacca, and the First Order while taking in sights like an alien cantina, a droid factory, and even the Millennium Falcon. Disneyland might have the Avengers, but Walt Disney World has an entire galaxy of heroes to call their own.

1 The Magic Kingdom is Just a Better Disneyland

One of the key themes in our list has been that Disney World is just a new and improved version of Disneyland, and that's pretty accurate. The park was basically built to be a better version of its predecessor that would keep changing over time. Using the original park as a blueprint, the Magic Kingdom was born and it just grew from there.

There are more than a few similarities between Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, but the latter just offers improved or different versions of the attractions in Disneyland. Though Disneyland has its history, it is Walt's park, the Magic Kingdom is where the real magic lives.

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