Disney-themed accommodation is amazing, but the commitment and dedication Disney-themed Airbnb hosts have in making sure that their guests get the best Disney experience is even more impressive. From Disney-themed bedrooms to Disney-themed kitchens to Disney-themed media rooms, these Airbnb rentals have gone beyond the limits of the hosts’ creativity. Children and adults alike will marvel at the interior of these homes, and the extra amenities will keep everyone busy for the entire trip. And if you want a more chill experience away from the kids - no problem. You’re sure to find a quiet place or two to relax in these lovely, magical homes.

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10 10. Happily Ever After Luxury Playhouse

This villa is definitely the grandest Disney-themed home anyone will ever see. It sleeps over 16 people and comes with a waterfall pool and a hot tub. There are eight bedrooms guests can choose to sleep in, which include meticulously designed Disney-themed bedrooms such as Star Wars, Cinderella, Moana, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. Even though this is supposed to be a Disney-themed villa, the host made the right choice of turning their media room into a Harry Potter-themed room complete with an 8-ft TV screen, Playstation 4, wands, toys and even dress-up costumes.

9 9. Magical Clubhouse

A seven-bedroom villa with an outdoor pool that can be heated for a fee, the Magical Clubhouse (as the host calls it) features more than just Disney-themed bedrooms. They have an eating area for kids that is made to look like a Mickey-themed '50s diner, as well as a Seven Dwarfs playhouse area with a Seven Dwarfs cottage happily guarded by the seven dwarfs from Snow White. They even have a caged life-sized raptor named Duane (he’s obviously not real) and a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed living room.

8 8. Villa With The Best Frozen-Themed Room

As the name suggests, this villa has the best Frozen-themed room, and you can clearly see why. From the walls to the beds to the curtains to the chandelier, everything feels like you truly are in the movie Frozen.

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But that’s not the only great thing about this villa. They also have a Star Wars-inspired bedroom and an outdoor pool with a spa. Additionally, the villa is located in a resort with a community water park and a clubhouse, which has a bar, a gym, and a kids’ play zone.

7 7. Be Our Guest Vacation Villa

This rental looks like your average vacation villa except for three Disney-themed bedrooms, a Harry Potter bedroom and a Star Wars media room. This could be perfect for a family where the kids want to sleep in Disney-themed bedrooms but the parents want to stay in a relatively normal-looking home. The Minnie Mouse bedroom has a closet full of toys and dress-up costumes while the Toy Story bedroom is decorated with some of the toy characters from the movie. It also has a bed resembling a toy truck. The Star Wars media room looks pretty simple but has life-sized C-3PO and R2-D2 replicas.

6 6. Ultimate Disney-Themed Vacation House

While this vacation villa also has Disney-themed bedrooms, that’s not where it shines the most. Its best feature is the backyard, which is arguably the best out of all the Disney-themed vacation homes on this list. So what makes the backyard special? Well, for one, they have a beautiful pool with a rock slide and waterfalls. There is also an outdoor barbecue grill, as well as a dining area. Next to the dining area is an adorable playhouse where little kids can play in and across from the playhouse is a mini-golf course. The little ones definitely won’t get bored here.

5 5. Enchanting Vacation Home

If all the other rentals on this list couldn’t be more obvious that they’re Disney-themed, this one really takes the cake in being subtle. You can tell by the vintage feel of the living room and the minimalist Disney-themed décor that the host has good taste.

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You actually have to pay attention to find Disney decorations, which makes it really fun. It’s almost like you’re hunting for Easter eggs in a movie. And the bedrooms? They’re so pretty you’re going to feel like you’re royalty during your entire stay there.

4 4. Mickey Mouse-Themed Getaway

Nothing screams Mickey Mouse more than this modern condo adorned by nothing but Mickey Mouse and Mickey-related decorations. You can tell that the host has put a lot of thought into designing the condo. The interior is beautifully done and it really does please the eye. But since it’s a one-bedroom, it may only be ideal for a couple, although they do have a sofa bed that can maybe fit two people. Guests will have access to the resort’s amenities, including a pool shaped like the classic Mickey symbol and the clubhouse gym.

3 3. Lion King Resort

This listing is rightfully named Lion King Resort since a life-sized Mufasa greets guests as they enter the home. It has a large pool, a Jacuzzi, a tasteful Mickey-inspired dining area, a master bedroom, and three Disney-themed bedrooms. If you enjoy a little bit of family competition, there’s a foosball table and a ping-pong table in the garage. But what we really like about this vacation home is the fact that you can watch the nightly firework show at Disney from the balcony. You could literally watch it every night during your stay if you wanted.

2 2. Mickey Mouse-Themed Getaway Number 2

So we were wrong - there is another Airbnb rental that screams Mickey Mouse more than the last one we mentioned. And yes, it looks a little bit like the last one because it is owned by the same host. Unlike the last one, the decorations are more prominent, like in an in-your-face kinda way. And there’s a lot of red in this condo which can be off-putting for some. But if you really wanna stay in a Disney-themed place, especially a Mickey-themed home, then you won’t find anything more Mickey-inspired than this.

1 1. Mickey’s Grand Vacation Villa

Mickey’s Grand Vacation Villa, as the host calls it, is also located in a resort with a water park. The clubhouse boasts a multilingual staff, tour and ticket assistance, an arcade room, a spa and sauna, a fitness center, a gift shop, and a restaurant. It has a Frozen bedroom, a Star Wars bedroom, a Toy Story bathroom and Disney décor in some parts of the house. Two of the bedrooms look completely normal so they would be great for parents and adult children. You could make breakfast in their Mickey-themed kitchen and make Mickey-shaped waffles using the Mickey waffle maker.

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