As summer is fast approaching, Disney has seized the opportunity to update a few park policies before the summer vacation rush of people floods their parks. As of May 1, 2019, Disney parks will remove smoking areas, restrict the size of strollers, and ban loose and dry ice from the parks.

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If you're planning on taking a family trip or bringing your friends to Disneyland, Disneyworld, or even Downtown Disney, you should check out our list of updated Disneyland policies for detailed information and tips and tricks on ways you can still stay comfortable and have fun on your day at the most magical place on Earth.

10 No Smoking

Smoking areas will no longer be present in any location in the Disneyland theme parks, the Esplanade or the Downtown Disney District. Electronic cigarettes and vaping will also no longer be allowed on park grounds. According to Disney's official site, the removal of designated smoking areas around the theme parks is being implemented to ensure "a more enjoyable experience for everyone who visits."

The no-smoking rule applies to all Disney theme parks including Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California, Walt Disney World, Disney water parks, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.

9 Updated Stroller Size

It's no question that families make up a large percent of park-goers at Disneyland theme parks. Parents bringing their kids into the park to witness the magic for the first time is something that happens every day, but it's been stated that large strollers have contributed to congestion and traffic in the already crowded parks.

The updated policy for stroller sizes is that strollers may not be larger than 31” (79cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long. Stroller wagons will not be permitted at any theme park, however many strollers, including many double jogging strollers, still fit within these size guidelines.

8 No Loose Ice

Whether you're at Disneyland in California or Disneyworld in Florida, the sun is bound to shine over the park, and you're bound to experience heat. Many guests have been bringing loose his to keep their drinks cool throughout their stay, however, the updated policy is that NO loose and dry ice will be permitted into Disney parks.

Coming into the park with frozen reusable ice packs are recommended, and if you need ice for baby food, medicine, or any other type of time, cups of ice will be available for free at Food and Beverage locations. You just won't be able to bring your own ice in. Make sure to stay hydrated!

7 Reservations Required To Enter New Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge May 31 - June 23

The much anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at the Disneyland Resort is soon to be opened for the summer, but you're going to need a reservation if you want to get in! Between May 31 to June 23, 2019, the only way to get into the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is by booking a reservation and claiming your spot.

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Though general reservations are not yet open to the public, you can still reserve your spot to enter the park as long as you have a valid theme park admission ticket and are staying at one of the three Disneyland Resort Hotels during that time period. Once you have your reservation time, there's no need to line up to enter! You'll be allowed to check in up to two hours prior to your reservation time. No standby line will be available to enter Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and only guests with reservations will be able to access the land during this time.

6 No Reservations Needed For Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge After June 23

Don't worry, though! After June 23, 2019, reservations will no longer be required to enter Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, but Disneyland Resort will implement a virtual queuing system to visit the land so you won't have to stand in line all day to get in.

In order to join the virtual queue, you'll need to download the Disneyland app which will send you notifications for when it's your turn to enter the land. From flying the Millennium Falcon to dining at the best in the galaxy, you'll be able to experience Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge as long you as you follow these steps for entry!

5 Boarding Passes Required For Entering Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

To visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge beginning on June 24th, you'll need to download the Disneyland App to obtain what will be known as a "boarding pass" for entry. Disneyland requires this new strategy in an effort to limit the number of people who enter the new land so that overcrowding doesn't occur and safety can always be upheld. Just like boarding passes for flights, each Disney boarding pass will include a time and a two hour grace period where you will be allowed to enter Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

4 New Virtual Queue For Dining At Oga's Cantina

Similar to a few other restaurants at Disneyland, at Oga's Cantina in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, you'll give the host your cell phone number and you'll receive a text message when it's your turn to dine. The one difference is that even after you've been texted, you may not be seated right away. Because the bar is a small area, you will most likely still have about a 15-20 minute wait before being seated. However, this new system is aimed to be fairer to everyone, as the virtual queue allows people to enter in order.

3 No Costumes In Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge If Over 14 Years Of Age

Just like all other Disney parks, in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, anyone over the age of 14 will not be allowed to dress in costume, including masks. This rule applies to all lands across all Disney attractions and is implemented for the safety of all guests.

For guests aged 13 and under, costumes and some masks are allowed, as long as eyes are visible. For guests aged 14 and older, capes that do not go below the waist, accessories like transparent wings, plastic light sabers, and toy swords are allowed. Headwear can be worn as long as it does not cover your entire face.

2 Merchandise Available Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, But You Can't Wear Them

For all the die-hard Star Wars fans out there, you'll be able to purchase Star Wars merchandise as well as Disney merchandise in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge! Jedi robes will be a popular product for sale across the new land, however, you won't be able to wear it during your time at the park (if you're 14 and older) as it is considered a costume. This rule is different from Universal Studios' Harry Potter World where Potterheads can be seen in their house robes through the entire park.

However, outfits inspired by your favorite Star Wars or Disney characters are still allowed! So pack your Chewbacca t-shirts and Mickey Mouse ears, and don't be afraid to represent your favorite characters while exploring the new land. From hats to stuffed animals to lightsabers, tons of merchandise will be available for purchase at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

1 Download Disneyland Parks App For Better Park Experience

From digital maps to checking wait times, and now for your ticket into the brand new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, download the Disneyland Parks App to enhance your park experience! You'll be able to know how long lines for rides are before getting there, so you won't have to waste a second of your day trying to figure out if the wait would be worth it. You'll also be able to view your PhotoPass photos that park photographers have been taking of you all day. For Disneyland annual pass holders, you can find blackout dates and use the app's virtual code to enter the park. Download the app before your next Disney trip!

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