It's no secret that Disney World in Orlando, Florida is home to some of the world's greatest theme parks, restaurants, shops, and resorts. It's also well-known that one of the best places to get a sampling of all the magic is at Disney Springs.

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Formerly known as Downtown Disney, Disney Springs is the resorts' premier dining, shopping, and entertainment location. While many go here to walk around, check out a few stores, and maybe get a bite to eat, there's definitely more to do here than meets the eye. Take a closer look, and you'll find all sorts of fun and interesting experiences you can't take part in anywhere else. Here are a few of Disney Springs' most unique entertainment options that can only be checked out on site.

10 Experience Star Wars VR

The Void: Step Beyond Reality is a virtual reality attraction that blasts guests off into the world of Star Wars. You and your friends — disguised as stormtroopers — will get the chance to solve puzzles and fight monsters as you battle your way through a futuristic and unforgettable world.

If you’d rather sneak into the Internet, you can transport yourself into Wreck-It-Ralph’s universe for a more animated VR experience. Just make sure you’re ready for an exciting food fight at the Pancake Milkshake Diner.

9 Watch Classic Characters Be Created Out Of Glass

Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers is a little shop in Disney Springs that sells beautiful glass and porcelain gifts. While the artwork inside the store is stunning on its own, you can actually watch it be created live.

The store features free daily glassblowing demonstrations, in which trained artists work their magic as they form Disney’s most beloved characters and icons out of hot glass. The process is fascinating and the results are sparkling.

8 Create Your Own Coke Beverages

There are only three Coca-Cola Stores in the world, and one of them happens to be at Disney Springs. This location features a rooftop beverage bar which serves up floats, alcoholic drinks, and more created with Coca-Cola company products. The bar also sells a create-your-own-beverage experience, which allows guests to create original drinks by muddling fruit and mixing it with sodas and ice.

The unique beverage location also allows guests to try delicious types of coke, including one which features 16 flavors from around the world. It’s sippin’ sweet.

7 Drive Through A Lake

The Boathouse located at Disney Springs is the only place in the world that takes you on a 25-minute tour through the water in a vintage Amphicar. While less than 400 of these amphibious vehicles exist today, The Boathouse’s private 1960s collection has snagged a few so that you can go out for a one-of-a-kind cruise.

The tours operate daily from 10 am to 10 pm, weather permitting, so you’ll have lots of opportunities drive around the lake at Disney Springs. The Boathouse also serves up some delectable foods on the waterfront, which, of course, you’ll want to take advantage of when your ride is done.

6 Get A Birdseye View of Disney World

Disney Springs is home to a giant hot air balloon ride that sends guest 400 feet into the sky. If its a clear day, guests will be treated to a 360-view of distances up to 10 miles away.

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The tethered hot air balloon can be spotted flying high throughout Disney Springs. The total experience lasts around 8 minutes and is an opportune time to snag some gorgeous photos of the resort.

5 Enjoy Old-Timey Entertainment In A Steampunk Lounge

One of Disney Spring’s newer restaurants — The Edison — is designed to look like a power plant that was converted into a restaurant during the roaring 1920s (instead of 2018). While there is family-friendly dining during the day, this lavish location features cabaret, aerialist, and contortionist acts based on the era during the evenings.

The 21+ age restriction after 10 pm makes this gothic-style escape one of Disney’s best kid-free entertainment options.

4 Visit The World's Largest Disney Store

The recently revamped World of Disney features pretty much every Disney-themed product you can dream of. While the location first opened in the mid-90s to tourists looking for a little magic, it recently got a modern remodel with a new open floor plan and enchanting design elements.

If somehow you don’t manage to find the perfect souvenir here, there are other Disney-themed stores just a few steps away, including Once Upon A Toy and DisneyStyle.

3 Walk Through A Movie-Themed Christmas Tree Trail

During the holidays, Disney Springs is home to the resort's beautiful Christmas tree walk, which features an assortment of decorated trees based on Disney’s most popular films. Floridian snow and music fill the trail, and partway along the pathway, you can even meet Santa.

This experience is perfect for festive photo ops and is known to get even bigger every year. You'll make priceless family memories along the way, that's for sure!

2 Take A Disney Cake Decorating Class

At Amorette’s Patisserie, hopeful bakers are given the opportunity to up their dessert skills by taking part in a 90-minute cake decorating experience. Prior to the dessert shop's opening, this special class will teach guests how to create its classic artistic Mickey dome cake. On select days, guests are taught how to design other character-inspired cakes instead.

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To add to the enjoyment, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are provided. This means your cake decorating experience can be just as lively as those wine-and-painting nights.

1 Immerse Yourself In An Interactive Sports Experience

Opening in Disney Springs on August 12 is the long-awaited NBA Experience. Located in the building of the former indoor theme park known as Disney Quest, the NBA experience will put basketball fans in the center of the action, with games, competitions, and other thrilling experiences stretched across 44,000 square feet and two floors.

The location will also include an NBA store and an adjacent restaurant. If you’re looking for the ultimate slam dunk at Disney World, this is it.

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