Walt Disney World is filled with amazing things including one-of-a-kind restaurants, food, your favorite Disney characters and most importantly, rides that are based off some of the most iconic Disney films.

The magical world of Disney has brought us Peter Pan’s Flight, Toy Story Mania!, Pirates of the Carribean and more. They have rides for any age and that are fun for the entire family. However, there are definitely some movies that deserve rides in Disney World.

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Check out this list of Disney/Pixar movies that deserve rides in Disney World:

10 10. Moana

Moana is a rather new Disney film that surprisingly is not a Pixar movie. Moana is played by Auli’i Cravalho and Dwane “The Rock” Johnson is Maui. Moana has a special water power and there would be nothing better then adding another log flume in a Disney park (no hate to the famous Splash Mountain). Families can sing along to the songs from the movie and feel the anticipation of that big drop as you climb up the big hill. Moana's magical attraction would be located in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom.

9 9. Black Panther

Black Panther was the second highest grossing film of 2018 making 1.35 billion dollars at the worldwide box office and ranked the fifth highest grossing Marvel film to date. Just like Star Wars and Toy Story, Disney should recreate a land based on the country Wakanda. Guests could enjoy Black-Panther-inspired attractions, merchandise, restaurants and even meet some of the fan favorite characters. The location for Wakanda would be in Hollywood Studios near the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge that's opening in August 2019. Wakanda would sure be a big hit in Disney.

8 8. The Incredibles

After 14 years, The Incredibles finally got a second film (and it was well worth the wait!). It would only be right if the superheroes got an attraction. Help Mr. Incredible, Elastagirl, Violet, Dash, and Frozone defeat the evil villain that has taken over their town. The villain could be completely new and different to create a newer feel and a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. Most of the Pixar films that have attractions, such as Toy Story Mania!, are located in Hollywood Studios so it would be the perfect place for this ride.

7 7. Coco

The Academy Award winning film, Coco is fun for the whole family. The perfect place for the Coco attraction would be in the Mexico part of Epcot since that's where the movie takes place. 

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The attraction would include a non-stop moving car (kind of like The Haunted Mansion). In this storytelling adventure, join Miguel, Héctor and the infamous Ernesto de la Cruz in the experience of finding Miguel’s missing piece in his family history. It would also show the celebrations that the Day of the Dead holds.

6 6. Zootopia

Animal Kingdom deserves another Expedition Everest type thrill ride and a Zootopia inspired one would be perfect. Two guests are seated together and they are off as they help crime-fighting duo Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde try to catch their next victim. Also during the ride, go through dark tunnels and see familiar faces along the way. This ride would definitely be a popular one. 

5 5. Wreck-It Ralph

Since Wreck-It Ralph is based on a bunch of arcade games, guests would be invited to play the arcade games that are featured in the movie. Race against other drivers in Sugar Rush, fix what Wreck-It Ralph destroys in Fix-It Felix. Other arcade games may include Pacman and Sonic The Hedgehog. The perfect location for the arcade would be Hollywood Studios to keep the Pixar attractions growing.

4 4. Hercules

Since Hercules is an adventurous film, the best type of attraction would be a thrill ride for the older kids. Disney needs more roller coasters in their parks. A Pegasus inspired coaster that goes upside down and in the dark would be the perfect fit in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom. 

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This would be the second roller coaster in the four parks that goes upside down (behind the Rockin’ Roller Coasterfeaturing Aerosmith in Hollywood Studios). The attraction would be guaranteed to have long wait times and satisfied Hercules fans.

3 3. 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is another classic Disney film that the whole family can enjoy, but wouldn’t it be a cool idea to be able to hang out with Dalmatians somewhere in Disney? It would be the perfect attraction for any dog lover. Beware, the envious villain Cruella De Ville might be lurking to snatch a puppy or two. The location of this ride would be in Fantasyland within Magic Kingdom. The park has the earlier, older Disney films rather than the other parks. 

2 2. Sleeping Beauty

Although you can always check out Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland located in Anaheim, California, it definitely deserves a ride in Disney World seeing how iconic the movie is. 

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The perfect ride would be a boat ride throughout the movie: watching Aurora prick her finger on the needle to the evil Maleficent putting an evil spell onto Aurora when she was a baby. This special ride would be located in Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom because of Peter Pan's Flight, "it's a small world" and Rapunzel's tower.

1 1. Tangled

Tangled does have its own place in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom dedicated to Rapunzel's tower, but it definitely deserves a ride of any kind. A cool Tangled inspired ride that takes guests on Rapunzel’s journey. They would be seated in a boat that looks like the one Flynn takes Rapunzel. The ride would tell Rapunzel’s story. Guests would see Rapunzel’s tower, all the lanterns her mother and father put up every year for her birthday hoping that Rapunzel would return home, and even Mother Gothel keeping Rapunzel from leaving the tower. It would be the perfect place to meet the princess herself. 

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