Even though the Disney parks have quite a reputation for being a place where Disney fans can go meet their favorite Disney characters and enjoy some unique foods, that's not the only thing that fans can do at the Disney parks. There are some things that visitors of one of the many Disney parks around the world simply aren't allowed to do, but there are also some things that not many fans know that you can do at the parks.

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From having a spa day to having an adventure under the sea, there are quite a few things that many Disney parks visitors had no idea you could do at the parks. We can't deny that the rides are a ton of fun, but that's not all there is to the parks!

To see 10 surprising things most Disney visitors had no idea you could do at the parks, keep reading!

10 Learn To Surf

It can get pretty hot at the Disney parks. Luckily, there are a lot of great ways to beat the heat while you're enjoying your Disney vacation. Whether it's seeing a show in a nice air conditioned building, enjoying a cold drink, or even learning to surf, there are so many ways to stay cool.

Wait, learning to surf? You read that right! At Walt Disney World Resort, visitors can head to Typhoon Lagoon and learn to surf in their wave pool during a surfing lesson! If you already know how to surf, you can also book a surfing session and show off your skills.

9 Order Off The Secret Menu

Even the most casual fans of the Disney parks will know that there are a ton of really delicious food and drink items on the menu at the Disney parks. But one thing that many fans didn't know is that there's quite a few delicious secret menu items that only the most in-the-know Disney fans will order.

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Some of them are just specialized versions of other favorite foods while some are hidden away on the app or have to be ordered from a special menu. No matter how these secret menu items are ordered, they're all totally delicious.

8 Take An Animation Class

One thing Disney is seriously known for is their incredible animated movies. These movies are fun for Disney fans of all ages and often have us wishing that we could draw the way that the talented artists at Disney do.

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Luckily, fans staying at either Disneyland or Walt Disney World can take a class to learn to draw one of the many beloved Disney characters! At Walt Disney World, Disney's Art of Animation Resort offers drawing lessons daily while Animation Academy is located in Hollywood Land at Disney California Adventure Park. Both have free classes that open every half hour for guests.

7 Get Free Water

Considering how warm the weather can get outside and how much walking is involved with being at the Disney parks, it's definitely crucial to make sure that you stay hydrated! Disney sells a lot of treats and drinks that visitors can pick up from a variety of stores and restaurants, but water is one thing that a guest does not have to pay for.

Many Disney fans had no idea that if they start to get thirsty while exploring the parks, they can simply ask a cast member for a glass of water and get one totally for free! When the weather gets really hot, they even put water out for guests to help themselves to.

6 Dine With An Imagineer

Imagineers are the people that work behind the scenes at Disney in order to make everything as perfect and magical as guests expect for it to be when they visit the parks. Imagineers can be any role at Disney from illustrators, engineers, and graphic designers to costume designers and landscapers.

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At Walt Disney World, visitors can dine with one of the Imagineers that works hard to make the magic come to life at Disney. Dining with an Imagineer can either be done at Cítricos or The Hollywood Brown Derby and is great for anyone that really loves all things Disney!

5 Get A Haircut

Getting a child their first haircut can be a really special experience for many moms and dads. To make it extra special, there are even some people that choose to get their child's first haircut while visiting Walt Disney World.

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Harmony Barber Shop is an old-fashioned barber shop located on Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom Park. There, visitors of all ages can get a haircut in the happiest place on Earth. Parents that get their child's first haircut there are also sent home with a pair of commemorative Mickey ears.

4 Ride In A Horse-Drawn Carriage

There are a lot of ways to get around the Disney parks and a lot of different rides to go on while visiting them. One unique experience in the Disney parks involves taking a more old-fashioned approach to getting around.

At either Walt Disney World or Disneyland, guests can take a carriage ride or ride around in a horse-drawn street car. Visitors that are at Walt Disney World during the winter can even settle in for a super cozy sleigh ride.

3 Take Archery Lessons

Brave is a Pixar movie that totally inspired so many Disney fans to want to grab a bow and arrow and learn to be a total master of archery like Merida. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to learn to shoot a bow and arrow the way she did in that movie. Or is it?

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For $45, guests of Walt Disney World Resort are able to head to Fort Wilderness in Magic Kingdom in order to take part in a 90-minute archery lesson. Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance but walk-ups are also welcome as long as there's space in the small class.

2 Get A Massage

Relaxing in your room isn't the only way to relax while on vacation at one of the Disney parks. For visitors either at Disneyland or Walt Disney World, there are a variety of different spas and health clubs that visitors can head to in order to help them relax and unwind.

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Senses Spa and Zahanati Massage & Fitness Center are just two of the variety of different spas located in the Disney parks. At these spas, Disney visitors can treat themselves to a massage or other treatment.

1 Scuba Dive

Life under the sea is truly magical. Unfortunately, it's not something that we can really experience on a day-to-day basis. But, through the magic of scuba diving, people with aquatic interests are finally able to explore under the sea.

At Epcot DiveQuest, visitors that are SCUBA-certified are able to dive into the 5.7 million gallon saltwater aquarium at Epcot. This aquarium, Caribbean Coral Reef, is home to thousands of different sea creatures. DiveQuest is an experience that is around 3 hours long and involves a tour of Caribbean Coral Reef before SCUBA-certified visitors spend around 40 minutes swimming around Caribbean Coral Reef.

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