The FastPass+ option at Disney Parks save a lot of time and can get you and your family on your favorite ride in no time. By making a FastPass reservation, you can skip to the front of the line on some of the most popular rides and attractions at the park. However, there are some tricks and tips to remember when it comes to strategizing and getting the most out of your FastPasses.

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With various parks, rides, times, and accommodations to consider, having a game plan in place will help you enjoy your favorite rides with less trouble and fuss. Here are some things about the FastPass+ option you might not know about that will help your Disney trip go smoothly.

10 Where You Stay Matters

There are tons of aspects to consider—such as budget and accommodations—when it comes to choosing where to stay during your Disney trip. Here's another thing to help you make up your mind: if you stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, you can make FastPass reservations up to 60 days in advance of check-in.

If you are lodging off Disney property, you can only make reservations up to 30 days in advance. Thirty days is still a pretty good block of time, and many families still opt to stay off-site as it can be cheaper. On the other hand, the more days you book in advance, the more chances you have to score an ideal FastPass for an overcrowded ride. Weigh your options!

9 It's All About Timing

Typically, Disney parks are at their most crowded during the late morning and early afternoon hours. This would be a smart time to utilize your FastPasses. Or, if you have younger children on your trip, it may be wise to use one or two of your three reservations in the morning, and then saving the rest for the evening.

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That way, you can use the afternoon for a break or some nap time if needed. Make a note of what rides you want to make a priority and do some research beforehand on average wait times to help you decide when the best time of day to use your FastPass+ for a certain ride is.

8 Linking Up Helps

The My Disney Experience mobile app makes the FastPass process even easier. First of all, make sure everyone in your part has a ticket linked to their account. Then, link all of your accounts together by connecting as friends and family. This way, only one person is needed to book FastPasses for the entire party — perfect if you have kids with you. Even if there are no kids with you, it generally just saves time to have one person making the reservation in a group of adults. It makes the process way less complicated.

7 You Can Modify Your Choices

Seeing as Disney parks are some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, there will be times when your favorite ride may be all booked up. This doesn't mean all hope is lost for scoring a FastPass, however.

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If you're booking your rides in advance, make your reservations for your second-choice rides but keep checking back frequently to see if your first-choice had any cancellations. You're allowed to modify your reservations in advance, and when cancellations are made the FastPassses are back up for grabs! You may be able to snag a reservation for your favorite ride after all.

6 You Can Also Change Things Up Last Minute

There are plenty of reservation changes you can make even while you're at the park. By using the My Disney Experience app or one of the multiple kiosks made available in the park, you can change the time of your FastPass+ or even book a new ride or attraction entirely. Keep in mind that if you use the kiosk, everyone in your party needs to be there unless the one person at the kiosk is linked up to everyone in the My Disney Experience app as friends and family. If you're all connected with the app, only one person is needed to make changes on behalf of the entire group.

5 You Can Only Make Reservations At One Park

While making a schedule about what parks you plan to attend on what days is always generally advised, it's pretty much a necessary step if you plan to use FastPass+. You can only make advance FastPass reservations for rides in one park per day.

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So, if you're going to try to hit up two different parks in one day—like both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, for example—you'll only be able to make advance reservations for the attractions in only one of those parks. Keep this in mind as you factor in all of your options for the day ahead.

4 You Can Reserve Extra

While you can only get three FastPasses initially, you'll be able to make even more reservations in the park once those are used up. Just use the My Disney Experience app or go up to one of the kiosks and book more! You also won't have to get FastPasses for rides in the same park that you had your first three in, so that's a plus if you plan on going to multiple parks in one day. Keep in mind that booking in advance is still generally recommend, however, as reservations for the most popular rides made day-of are typically booked up faster and can leave no FastPasses available for the ride you want.

3 Not Everyone In Your Party Has To FastPass The Same Thing

It's rare that everyone wants to do all of the same things at the same times. Some people in your group might like thrills and speed. Some people in your group might like tamer or sillier rides. Other people in your group might not even make certain height requirements for some rides!

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Fortunately, all of the members in your party can get FastPasses for different rides and attractions, if they so wish. That way, if you have different priorities about what rides you're dying to go on, you may all be able to skip the lines for the rides you enjoy the most individually.

2 You Have An Hour To Ride

A common misconception is that the time you book your FastPass for is the exact time you must show up to the attraction to ride. Not so! You actually have a one-hour window to ride. If you booked a FastPass for 3:30pm, let's say, you have until 4:30pm to ride the ride. This gives you a little more flexibility with your time. It's important to note, however, that you can not have a FastPass for another attraction that overlaps that window. Still, knowing that the time you booked isn't rigid can certainly be a relief. Plan accordingly!

1 Don't Worry, There's A Grace Period

Let's say disaster strikes, and you're unable to get to the ride to use your FastPass for the allotted hour you booked. Disney parks understand many things can go wrong and that not everything will run smoothly and on schedule — especially if there are children in your party! Fortunately, there is a grace period for your FastPasses.

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You'll get five minutes before the official time as well as 15 minutes after the one-hour window closes to get on the ride. The employees there are usually pretty understanding. Still, try your best to go during your scheduled time!