The Magic Kingdom is the place where dreams come true, Animal Kingdom is the magic of Disney gone wild, and Hollywood Studios are where the movies come to life. But Epcot brings us the magic and marvels of scientific innovation and exploration. What better place for the Milano to land and bring us the Guardians of the Galaxy?

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As part of Epcot's new overhaul, the Guardians will be coming from the MCU and landing in Orlando for Guardians Cosmic Rewind in 2021. What can we expect when our favorite team of cosmic crusaders comes to the park? Here are ten things we know about the upcoming ride.

10 It's Replacing Universe of Energy

If we're being honest here, how popular was Ellen's Energy adventure anyway? Yes, it was informative. Yes, Ellen was a fun host, and who wouldn't want to hear Bill Nye talk about dinosaurs? But the attraction was somewhat dated compared to some other Epcot pieces. Time for an upgrade.

9 Part of an Epcot Overhaul

It's not just the Universe of Energy getting the upgrades, but the entire Epcot park. With a budget of 2.2 billion dollars, the innovative theme park is undergoing a massive overhaul over the next few years. Everything from the logo to Future World will be getting an update for an almost entirely new Epcot.

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The Guardians aren't the only familiar faces we'll be seeing in the near future. Attractions for Mary Poppins, Ratatouille, and Moana have all been announced at D23, and we can expect big things from the park's upcoming additions. Looks like the Guardians are going to have some new neighbors to contend with.

8 First World Pavilion

When you go to Epcot, you not only experience the wonders of the future and innovative technologies but explore different corners of the planet through Epcot's World Showcase. That's all very impressive, but what about a pavilion dedicated to an entire galaxy? That showcase is starting to look pretty dwarfed, isn't it?

Cosmic Rewind will feature Epcot's first World Pavilion, bringing the planet of Xandar to guests looking to take a trip across the universe. The new pavilion is even getting a larger space added on to contain more features, as well as the ride itself.

7 It Will Feature a Galaxarium

As part of one of the ride's preshows, guests will be ushered into the Galaxarium, a planetarium-inspired preshow brought to us by the Xandarians which will take the guests from the world of Epcot to the Marvel universe. The experience will reportedly show the birth of both our galaxies and use projected special effects.

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We can think of no better way of blending the science of Epcot with the science-fiction of Marvel than this concept. Being the technologically advanced and innovative beings they are, the Xandarians are the perfect facilitators to initiate this new adventure. The perfect party for the Guardians to crash.

6 Will Feature Nova Ships As Well as the Milano

Because you can't visit Xandar without rubbing elbows with the Nova Corps, the ride will also feature appearances from the Xandarian fleet. Based on some concept art of the attraction, we see guests flying through space on the tail of the Milano with the Nova ships soaring alongside them. Reasons remain unknown.

Is this part of some interstellar escort mission? A battle against the Kree zealots? We have no idea, but the size and scope of this scene look sensational. We can only imagine what Disney and Marvel have in store for us with this incredible sequence.

5 It's a Story Coaster

The new Guardians-themed ride will be a stepping stone for Disney and Epcot, as it will be the first "story coaster" Disney has ever built. We know what you're thinking, what's a story coaster? Is it a coaster with an overall narrative like Expedition Everest, or something completely new?

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According to Disney, the story coaster will feature ride vehicles that rotate and shift towards where the action is. Think of it as a movie you can ride, but with more raccoons and tree creatures. This is quite an interesting feat, but it's Disney, we wouldn't expect anything less than amazing.

4 Backward Launch

Yet another first for Disney, Guardians Cosmic Rewind will feature Disney's first backward launching coaster. For those of you non-adrenaline junkies out there, a launched coaster puts guests through a burst of high speed for motion instead of dropping them down an inclined hill. Think of the slingshot sequence on Slinky Dog in Toy Story Land.

What makes this one special, Disney's one-of-a-kind-coaster will feature a launch will send us shooting backward. Not dropping us back like Expedition Everest, propelling our vehicles back with bust of speed. Perhaps this is due to some intergalactic phenomenon, something involving the time-travel storyline, or maybe someone's a shotty pilot. We'll have to wait and see.

3 Two Preshows

We've already mentioned the Galaxarium and the encounters with the Xandarians, but where do the Guardians come in?  There's no other way to put it. The team of galactic outlaws are so big and popular, they need an entire preshow just for themselves.

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According to concept art we've seen, guests can expect a second preshow featuring appearances from the Guardians themselves. As to what the narrative entails, we're only vaguely sure. But if Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot are involved, we can certainly expect a rocking good time. We're already hooked on the feeling.

2 Time-Travel Storyline

We've got the Guardians of the Galaxy, we've got a backward-launching coaster, and we've got a trip across the galaxy, but what brings it all together? Based on the name "Cosmic Rewind" and some concept art involving Peter Quill's first trip to Epcot back in the '80s, we can be almost certain time-travel will be involved.

Perhaps the previously mentioned backward-launch will be what thrusts us back in time, no Infinity Stone required. Does this mean we'll harken back to the early days of Epcot? Will there be some impressive time-travel effects? Will it include a jamming mixtape of '80s power rock? We can only hope.

1 Inspired by Vol. 2

This isn't something that's been announced through Disney, Epcot, or D23, but more along the lines of what we can see for ourselves. We know the storyline will involve some form of time travel, but since this is being held in place of the former Universe of Energy, there might be some elements regarding the Anulax batteries, as well as those trippy jump points as indicated by the hexagonal grid seen in the concept art.

From the design of the ride vehicles to scenes projected in the Galaxarium, we're definitely picking up some Vol. 2 vibes coming off this ride. We might have a run-in with Ego or possibly encounter the Watchers on this high-speed exploration through the galaxies. Are we grasping at straws? Or are we preparing for what Disney's getting ready to dish out?

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