In Walt Disney World, you have the ever-popular Magic Kingdom, the movie magic of Hollywood Studios, and the wild side of the Animal Kingdom, but what about that special place dedicated to imagination and innovation, Epcot? Definitely the unsung hero of the Disney Parks, Epcot has some of the most fascinating attractions and exhibits in all of Disney.

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Where else can you race in your own car of the future, rub elbows with a little purple dragon, and walk around the world? With so many things to see and do, though, where do you start? Allow us to show you our ten favorite sights, tastes and activities at Epcot.

10 Breakfast at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Sure, you could get breakfast at your resort and have your regular serving of Mickey Waffles, or you could go international and have some truly irresistible pastries. For the Epcot breakfast of choice, look no further than the French pavilion's bakery.

Home to rich desserts, decadent pastries, and bold baked goods, you'll send your tastebuds on a journey with these tasty treats. You can have your basic breakfast any day of your trip. Take it from us, treat yourself to these French delights.

9 Club Cool

Okay, we've had our fill of baguettes and crème brûlée. How about we wash all of that down with some sensational, international, carbonated beverages? Presented by Coca-Cola, Epcot's Club Cool is the perfect place for a cold one after hiking through the park. The best part? It's all free!

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Take a sample of a number of sodas and drinks from all around the world. You'd be amazed at the tastes and flavors this cornucopia of carbonation offers. We highly recommend Japan's Melon Frosty.

8 The Beverly Challenge

It's a rite of passage that any Epcot first-timer has to take the Beverly challenge. Beverly is one of the soft drink flavors available at Club Cool and its an... acquired taste to say the least. Believe us when we tell you, it's no Melon Frosty.

Beverly is infamous for its bitter grapefruit flavor, making it a surprising flavor amidst the selection of sweeter drinks at Club Cool. It hits almost like a shock, but it's one everyone should knock back at least once, even if only for the experience.

For those among us who are still sore at Frozen for replacing the Maelstrom, have no fear. You can still get your Viking fix in Norway's pavilion if you visit the Stave Church Gallery. Inside, guests will find a beautiful tribute to ancient Norse culture, featuring enchanting artifacts and beguiling tales of the ancient gods.

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Odin, Loki, Freya, and Thor are all waiting to tell you their stories. Venture inside and learn how Viking myths and culture helped shape their modern world. It's a small exhibit, but truly fascinating. Don't let this one slide under your radar.

6 Disney/Pixar Film Festival

Put on your 3D glasses and take in a show at the Disney/Pixar Film Festival, near the Imagination Institute. A great way to get out of the sun and appreciate some of the magic of Walt Disney Animation, the theater currently shows three short films, for an 18-minute experience that guests of all ages will love.

Though we might mourn the loss of Captain EO, we can certainly get behind this theatrical interlude. Though some might call it a watered-down Philharmagic, we certainly love seeing the shorts with special effects and eyepopping 3D features. The shorts rotate seasonally, so be sure to visit again for a new film experience.

5 Train Village in Germany

Whether young or old, nobody can deny that the miniature village in the Germany Pavilion is fun to watch. Seeing all the model trains run and weave all throughout the tiny villages always brings a smile to our faces. The whimsical designs and attention to detail are both reason enough to get you to stop and take notice of these marvelous miniatures.

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We don't know what it is about model trains that just makes us feel like daydreaming kids, but we love Epcot's collection. There's a Geppeto-styled quality to them; it makes us happy to see them bring an otherwise green garden to life.

4 Journey Into Imagination With Figment

From head to tail, he's royal purple pigment. Of course, you know, we're talking Figment. Who wouldn't want to spend a little time with this lovable guy from the Imagination Institute? Journey Into Imagination is an Epcot classic that has been adored since the 80s and still has a cult following.

We all still love the corny jokes, references to classic Disney sci-fi, an appearance from Eric Idle, and do we even have to mention that catchy song? Expand your mind and imagination with a visit to Epcot's institute. Don't forget to sing along!

3 Test Track

So, maybe a kooky, psychedelic ride with a purple dragon isn't your deal. Don't worry, because Epcot is also home to one of the fastest thrill-rides in the world. Reaching up to 60 miles per hour, and sending guests through a futuristic dreamscape, it's the Test Track.

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Arguably the most popular ride in the entire park, Test Track is candy for any adrenaline junkie. Hang on tight as your car of the future swerves and rolls through the obstacle course before shooting passengers through the race track. Better than Mr. Toad's Wild Ride any day of the week. Get your thrills on this ride through the future.

2 Soarin'

There are two breeds of Epcot fan: those who like to take on the Test Track first thing in the morning and those who simply like to go Soarin'. A combination of flight simulation and 4D movie, Soarin' is an experience no trip to the Disney Parks should be without. It's absolutely breathtaking.

From the winds of the mountaintops to the smells of the African savannah, Soarin' is an attraction that needs to be seen, felt, and sensed to be fully experienced. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself, it's definitely worth multiple trips.

1 Epcot's World Showcase

Where can you go to experience a walk around the world in one afternoon? The World Showcase, of course! Home to 11 countries at present, Epcot's World Showcase brings together cultures from around the globe for everyone to explore and experience.

Visit the Bijutsu-kan Gallery in Japan, take a ride on La Gran Fiesta, and visit all the various exhibits and shops for a taste of what these countries have to offer. We recommend visiting the showcase any time of the year, but for some real multicultural flavor, visit during Epcot's Food and Wine festival for some terrific treats and eats.

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