Spending a day at Disney with friends and family is a great way to make memories, have fun, and share the experience with the people you love. That's all well and good, but have you ever tried a solo adventure through the place where dreams come true? It's a completely new experience.

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Journeying through the Disney Parks on your own is an experience no die-hard Disney fan should go without. You play by your schedule, your rules, and your desires. But how does one start a solo trip at a place that can offer anything and everything? Here are ten fun things you can do when you visit the parks solo.

10 Play By Your Own Rules

One of the biggest perks of tackling the parks solo is that you have no one to keep up with but yourself. Want to waltz into the Magic Kingdom the minute the gates open? Go right ahead. Eat your weight in Mickey-shaped cuisine? Who's going to stop you? It's your vacation, do what you want to do.

Doing a solo trip means doing things your way. Ride the rides, eat your favorite foods, and treat yourself to all the wonderful things the park has to offer. Take the time to enjoy it, the world is your Mickey bar.

9 So Many Ways to Play

If you want to spend some quality time in the Disney parks, three words: Park. Hopper. Pass. If you're traveling on your own, get the Park Hopper option for your tickets, it's well worth it in the end. That way, you'll have your pick of the parks on any given day of your trip.

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Have breakfast at Epcot and slide over to Hollywood Studios in time to catch Fantasmic. Feel free to switch up your routine and play the way you want to. Remember, the only schedule you have to keep is your own.

8 Spending Time in the Springs

Have breakfast at Epcot and slide over to Hollywood Studios in time to catch Fantasmic. Feel free to switch up your routine and play the way you want to. Remember, the only schedule you have to keep is your own.

Who says you have to go to the park to have a good time? Disney Springs has loads of shopping centers, restaurants, and places to have fun. Go hear some live music, eat a great meal, go on a shopping spree in the biggest Disney Store you've ever seen, or just go walk around and take in the area.

You can spend as much time in Disney Springs as you would Epcot or Animal Kingdom and still have an awesome time. We highly recommend stopping by Hole in the Wall for a Baliey's shake, visit the Edison for a floor show, and take some magic home from the World of Disney. There's a lot to enjoy.

7 Explore the Resorts

While we're outside the parks, let's see what all the resorts have to offer. You might be staying at one of the All-Star resorts, but there's no law saying you can't explore Fort Wilderness or the Boardwalk. Almost all the resorts have something cool or unique to share, you just have to find them.

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Whether it's the humongous amount of barbecue at Trails End in Fort Wilderness, the Fantasia Gardens mini-golf, or Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club, you can find a wealth of places to spend a little time. A party of one is still a party after all.

6 Take In a Show

Disney offers a selection of entertainment venues across their resorts. Whether you want something more family-oriented or something more adult, you can take your pick as a solo guest. It all comes down to whatever you happen to be in the mood for.

Catch one of the many live music performances at Disney Springs, visit the Edison for an after-hours cabaret show, or just swing by AMC to take in a movie. Don't forget to check out some of the in-park entertainment as well. Make your night as vibrant or as simple as you want.

5 A Little Something Extra

If you're traveling solo, chances are your overall expenses will be less than if you traveled with a family or group. If that's the case, consider going all out for yourself. If you have the means, why not indulge in a special park event? Get some Extra Magic Hours and stay longer. Or you could simply buy something extravagant just for you.

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Traveling solo means the only cash you have to manage is your own. We recommend visiting during Epcot's Food and Wine Festival for some exotic munchies or experiencing rare meet and greets at a Magic Kingdom seasonal event. Just be smart and pack more than you think you'll need. Don't be afraid to treat yourself.

4 Eat Your Fill

Speaking of treats, Disney has some of the best resort and park food you could ever find. The parks have plenty of eateries to choose from and depending on if you have a meal plan or not, you can find some perfectly marvelous eats from just about anywhere. From the standard to the unexpected, you'd be surprised at the variety of cuisine Disney serves.

Enjoy a typical turkey leg at the Magic Kingdom, try something international at Epcot, or something strange and exotic from the Animal Kingdom. Disney can be a foodie's dream come true, and there's no shortage of Disney magic with your meals. Make it a table for one on your next trip.

3 Lazy Days

One option some Disney fans tend to overlook is simply crashing at your resort for a day. As mentioned before, the Disney resorts offer several different amenities that you can enjoy during your stay. Why not use them in between your days at the parks?

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Take a dip in one of their pools, grab a bite in their food courts or restaurants, or simply just enjoy a session of Disney flicks from the comfort of your hotel room. There are few better places for a staycation than Disney, so take some time to live it up.

2 Character Safari

One of our favorite things to do at any Disney Park is to meet the characters. It's fun to go with your friends and family to have your picture made with the faces of Disney, but have you ever had some one-on-one time with your favorite animated character? It's a totally new experience.

The characters love interacting with guests, but something about seeing a solo tourist kicks them into overdrive, especially characters like Launchpad, Stitch, and Tigger. Maybe they don't like seeing someone alone or maybe they like getting a little mono-a-mono action. Either way, they're sure to delight any solo guest who visits them.

1 Single Riding All the Way

The best perk about visiting a Disney Park by yourself? The single rider line. Take it from us, even if you're with a group, the single rider line is the best way to go. If you're lucky, you can even beat some of the FastPass+ riders to the better seats. It's totally the way to go.

There are just some rides that demand to be ridden solo. Rides like the Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and Soarin' definitely warrant the single-rider option. Whether it allows you to move faster through the queue, or you just like having a space all to yourself, It's definitely a golden benefit to tackling the parks alone.

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