If you're going to spend a day schlepping through the Disney parks, you're going to need some serious fuel in the tank before trecking through the Magic Kingdom. Fortunately, Disney has no shortages of places to chow down on some perfectly magical munchies. There are enough fabulous foods and terrific treats to satisfy even Timon and Pumbaa sized appetites.

But where to go when you want something that satisfies? Mickey pretzels and cookies are great and all, but what about a meal that sticks with you for a while? Grab your forks and knives, because here are our 10 favorite Disney comfort foods.

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10 Bacon Mac and Cheese Dog

Let's start things simple with a hotdog from Casey's Corner on Main Street USA. You can get a regular old ball-park hotdog any day of the week, but how about something that pushes it over the top? Chilli and all the garnishes are all well and good, but mac-and-cheese is another story.

This carbohydrate covered masterpiece is perfect for when you want something quick but filling. Available in regular and footlong sizes, this dog is a home run when it comes to filling up. Don't let the hotdog stand aesthetic fool you, these dogs have a high pedigree.

9 Fish and Chips

If you're feeling a little more European, you can also dine on this English classic. Fish and Chips might sound like your regular old quick-service meal, we know. At Disney, however, they're a crispy, flaky, and fabulous feast.

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You have two options when it comes to finding your fishy fix. There's Raglan Road in Disney Springs for when you want a little extra atmosphere to complement your meal, and then there's the Yorkshire Fish Shop at the U.K. Pavilion in Epcot, with a lighter but arguably tastier recipe. But no matter which place you choose, you're going to get a crunchy and delightful slice of fish.

8 Poutine

While we're giving our palates a trip around the world, how about we visit our neighbors to the north for some fabulous fries? If you haven't noticed, Walt Disney World has somewhat of a fixation with the dish. From the classic cheese curds and gravy version to the French adaptation with a mushroom cream sauce, you won't find anything bland when it comes to poutine.

You can find the dish all over the parks, but our favorite is the version served at the Daily Poutine in Epcot. The fries are the perfect texture, the gravy is savory but not too heavy, and the white cheddar cheese curds are absolutely the bomb.

7 Mickey Waffles

For the most important meal of the day, you can't go wrong with this Disney resort staple. Mickey waffles can be found in almost any Disney park or resort. Whether served on a buffet, dipped in a shot of syrup, or slathered in toppings, they're crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and would give the best Belgian waffle a run for its money.

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There are more than enough foods shaped like the face of the park's resident rodent, but these are easily the most common. Always a delight and easily found, we highly recommend trying at least once on your trip.

6 Waffle Sandwich

On the subject of waffles, there's only one better way to have them when you stay at Disney. When you're trekking through Liberty Square, don't make the mistake of overlooking the Sleepy Hollow restaurant. They have a treat on their menu that will fill you up while you're on the go.

The waffle sandwich is one of the most overlooked menu items in the Magic Kingdom, and it definitely deserves some love. It's available topped with fruit smothered in a chocolate-hazelnut spread, or in a spicy chicken version, this brunch-worthy beauty is the best thing on their menu.

5 Dole Whip

We can't have a list of Disney food without the park's most popular dessert. The Dole-Whip is a lighter, fruiter affair than your typical soft-serve or sorbet. If you've been to the Magic Kingdom and haven't partaken of this delicious dessert, what on earth is wrong with you?

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Not quite ice-cream, but more than pineapple puree, the fabulous and fruity treat is a park icon. Nothing complements a show at Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room better than a delicious dish of Dole-Whip. It's tart, creamy, sweet, and surprisingly satisfying.  Available in different resorts, but the original is only found in Adventureland.

4 Turkey Legs

The only thing that could possibly give the Dole-Whip competition in terms of fame would have to be the massive turkey legs found in the Disney Parks. These magnificent hunks of meat are not only great for a portable lunch but are smoked, savory, and spectacular. Satisfy your carnivorous cravings with one of these bad boys.

Whether they come from the Tortuga Tavern, Fife and Drum, or Yak and Yeti, they're one of the most delicious and filling park foods you can find on your adventure. Enjoyable at a table or on the go between rides, you won't find a more marvelous meaty munchy.

3 Kitchen Sink Sundae

Eight scoops of ice cream, four different flavors, and sixteen different toppings make for this massive monster of a dessert. The kitchen sink sundae is the ultimate ice cream treat in the Disney parks. Notorious amongst the Disney foodies, this dessert is the definition of decadence. Be sure to come on an empty stomach.

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It's recommended that one not order this gigantic sundae without a friend or three. After all, too much of a good thing can be hazardous to your trip. It can easily take the comfort out of this comfort food. Enjoy with a group or enjoy with caution.

2 Trails End Barbecue

For our last selections, we're including entire restaurants because of the number of comfort foods available. At Trail's End, guests can have their pick from a bountiful buffet of barbecue fair. Pulled pork, smoked sausage, corn on the cob, and ribs are just a few of the delicious features on their menu.

Available for breakfast, brunch, and dinner, Trail's End is one of the more popular sit-down styled restaurants on the property. With such an impressive menu and array of delicious barbecue, it's easily understandable why this barbecue buffet is so beloved by guests.

1 Prime Time Cafe

If you're looking for quality comfort food, the Prime Time Cafe of Disney Hollywood Studios is the absolute best place for it. A different spin on the '50s-style diner, the Prime Time Cafe is home to some of the most delicious comfort foods you'll find on any Disney property. You'll clean your plate for sure.

For fried chicken, pot roast, and possibly the absolute best meatloaf we've ever tasted, the Prime Time Diner is our favorite spot for Disney comfort food. With a cozy, 1950's home aesthetic reminiscent of a number of Grandma's kitchens, it triumphantly wins first place in terms of food, atmosphere, and presentation.

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