At the Disney Parks, you can set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow, gain an audience with your favorite princess, and mix and mingle with Mickey and the gang. What better way to help bring that special brand of Disney magic to life? That all being said, you'd actually be surprised how many Disney characters are actually missing from the parks.

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As large as their roster is, a few guests have actually missed out on meeting their favorite Disney Stars. You could make the argument that some characters just lend themselves to costumes better, but when has that ever stopped Disney? Whatever the reason for their absence, here are 10 Disney characters we wish we could see in the park.

10 Haunted Mansion Happy Haunts

We're kind of cheating on this one due to the special event held in honor of the mansion's recent anniversary, but let's be real for a minute. Have you ever seen a proper meet and greet for characters like Phineas, Ezra, and Gus? Not very likely.

Aside from seeing something resembling the residents of the Haunted Mansion during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, you cannot meet these friendly phantoms anywhere in the park on a regular basis. With the popularity of the attraction, you would think its cast would be more accessible.

9 Pete

So what if he's a bad guy, he's one of Disney's first true villains and he deserves to be a part of the party too. With all his activity in the various Mickey Mouse based entertainment, you'd think Pete would make as many appearances as the rest of the gang.

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Okay, so maybe he's not as evil or twisted as some of Disney's other big-name baddies, but we'd still like to see him. From Goof Troop to House of Mouse, Pete has quite the credit list under his belt. His name is even on a meet and greet location. We think he deserves a little spotlight.

8 Magica De Spell

Speaking of villains in the spotlight, with the recent remake of Disney's Ducktales (woo-hoo!), we've seen two classic characters from the series reappear. Both Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad can be seen at Donald's Dinoland Bash in the Animal Kingdom. So it's only natural that we desire to catch up with the one and only Magica De Spell.

With her recent reimagining, Magica is easily one of the most intense and entertaining villains Disney has yet devised. She definitely has fans that would love nothing more than to strike a sinister pose with her. We're certainly not objecting.

7 Bagheera

Before you jump on our backs about this one, consider the following. If Disney can make a character like Pluto, a bipedal dog, a meetable character, then surely Bagheera would be no problem. We can meet Baloo and King Louie in the Animal Kingdom, why not Bagheera?

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If anything, he makes a better complement to Baloo than King Louie does, if you look at the original film anyway. They share more screen time, their opposing personalities could be expressed in pantomime, and Bagheera surely has as many fans as Baloo. The jungle's big enough for both of them.

6 Doctor Strange

Though the Sorcerer Supreme did receive a brief meet and greet session to promote his first film, there's been very little seen of him since Endgame. With all the famous faces of Marvel, you can meet at Disney's California Adventure, you would think the one who brought all of them together at the final battle would have his own queue.

Unfortunately, the Avengers are a little lacking without this master of magic. The Disney Parks being the most magical places on earth, you'd think they'd have a place for him, right? Maybe the Sanctum Sanctorum is hard to reach from California Adventure?

5 Classic Star Wars Characters

With the introduction of Batu at Disney's Hollywood Studios, you would think more classic characters from the space-opera series would be out and about, right? Yes, Captain Rex, Chewie and the troopers are there, but what about characters like Obi-Wan, Darth Maul, or Yoda? Kids aren't the only ones who love Star Wars ya know.

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We want to see some of the older characters exploring the planet. What would be the harm in letting some of the old guard experience this new galaxy? Film continuity aside, we'd still like to meet some of our old favorites once in a while.

4 Gizmoduck

We're gonna make this simple. If Disney can give us I-CAN in Tomorrowland, they can give us Gizmoduck. We know we've already mentioned Magica De Spell for an additional Ducktales cameo, but Gizmoduck would be ten times as more popular. No questions asked.

Maybe it's the sleek new redesign, maybe it's his now less bumbling persona, or maybe it's the wit and charm of Lin Manuel Miranda, but we want to see a version of him appear at the parks. Think of the amount of Imagineer wizardry you could pull off with this guy. It would be a feat worth the trek to Tomorrowland.

3 Citizens of Zootopia

We've got Nick and Judy, which is absolutely fantastic, but there should be more of their zoo crew visiting the Magic Kingdom. Who wouldn't want to get a hug from Clawhauser, right? With so many lovable characters, there's loads of opportunity here.

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Despite winning Disney an Oscar in 2017, the film is severely underrated and underrepresented. While it's true Nick and Judy do appear in the parks, they've become a somewhat rare species, mainly making appearances in parades and special events. Simply put, Zootopia needs a comeback in the parks in the worst way.

2 Lion King Main Cast

We've already discussed Disney's quadrupeds into bipeds habit, which is why we're bringing up characters from The Lion King. As of now, the only characters that the Disney parks have from the film are Timon, Rafiki, and the hyenas on a rare occasion. For characters representing a film called The Lion King, there's certainly a lack of lions isn't there?

Given the fact that their film just received a live-action remake, they're more than deserving of some meet and greets. Simba, Scar, Nala, and Mufasa make no appearance in any of the Disney Parks. Other than the previously mentioned four-legged issue, there is little reason they shouldn't appear in the parks.

1 Rocket Raccoon

You would think that a company with so many of the world's most beloved animal characters in their library would be able to create a machine-gun-toting raccoon, wouldn't you? They were easily able to make an interactive Groot, gigantic and baby-sized. Why haven't we gotten a Rocket yet?

Hopefully, with the new Guardian's ride at Epcot, we'll see a more proper meet and greet with all our favorite gang of galactic rogues. Disney's proven they have the technology to build something similar, just look at Mission Breakout. The Guardians are nothing without the brains of their outfit, and we want our talking trash-panda.

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