Disney theme parks are known to bring joy in a variety of forms. There are the shows, the character meet and greets, and even the food to help satiate the guests' need to escape everyday life. For some people, that means getting an adrenaline rush from rides like Expedition Everest, and for others, that escape is simply feeling at ease while floating on the calming rivers of the Jungle Cruise.


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If the latter is more your style, or you have small children that you want to bring to the parks, then Disney's more tranquil rides are the route you want to go. Thankfully, Disney loves to give priority to their smaller guests, meaning they have a collection of rides that are well-suited for those who don’t favor roller coasters. Here are the 10 calmest rides at Disney parks, ranked.

10 Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean may be a dark indoor ride, but it’s still a pretty calming experience. The ride begins after you step into your own boat so that you can float through a small pirate-infested town. Amidst the saloons and jailbirds trying to coerce the small dog with a key, the ride is overall pretty tame.

Sure, there is one small drop that brings you down into Dead Man’s Cave, but that’s as intense as the ride gets!

9 Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is set up pretty similar to the Buzz Light Year experience. This newer ride, however, is a bit more kid-friendly. It’s a 4D attraction that invites guests to wear 3-D glasses while sitting aboard their own vehicle. These will bring them to a variety of bright, flashy interactive carnival games. These games include the Pie Throw Practice Booth, Rex and Trixie's Dino Darts, and Woody's Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gallery.

8 The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin are on par with rides like Dumbo and the Astro Orbiter. This one is definitely geared more towards a younger crowd, with a colorful setup and magic carpet’s that bring riders on the carousel-like spin. If you’re not a fan of heights, this one might be a bit more thrilling, but it’s at least more subtle than the heights you'll be subject to on the Astro Orbiter.

7 Peter Pan's Flight

Peter Pan‘s flight also takes riders on an elevated journey. It’s a dark-themed ride which uses colorful sailboats as a way of transportation. These vehicles are on a guided track that brings guests up into the air alongside Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. Throughout the ride, you’ll see a few audio-animatronic figures such as the mermaids from the lagoon and the Lost Boys.


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The ride takes you over the sleeping city of London and into Neverland where are you will see mostly colorful and brightly lit scenery and even a short battle between Captain Hook and Peter Pan.

6 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh start off with guests boarding an overflowing honey pot vehicle. Again, there is a variety of animatronic Winnie the Pooh characters like Eeyore, Piglet, and of course, Pooh himself. The music is upbeat and fast, creating an exciting experience as Tigger pops out from behind various colorful structures. It’s a dark indoor ride, but the neon setup offsets the more gloomy scenes that happened during the ride.

5 Tomorrowland Peoplemover

Some may argue that the Peoplemover in Tomorrowland isn’t really a ride, but that doesn’t stop people treating it as one. The Peoplemover does exactly what it sounds like; it moves people through a circular route, giving a grand tour of the entire Tomorrowland sector of the Disney park. Riders can literally kick up their feet (if there’s room) and enjoy the view from their high vantage point. The ride waivers in and out of buildings so that you get to experience the ride both in and outdoors. The Peoplemover even takes riders inside Space Mountain, so that they can see that ride from a whole new point of view.

4 Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is a ride that is hosted inside of the giant sphere that acts as the mascot of Epcot parks. The indoor ride takes place in semi-darkness and takes travelers through time. It’s a whole 15-minute ride that gives Disney guests the opportunity to witness the advancements of humankind from prehistoric days into modern communication.


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It’s definitely a ride that is worth checking out if you’re looking to take a break from the outdoors or any of the more thrilling Disney theme park rides.

3 Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After at Epcot is very reminiscent of it’s a small world. The boat-guided ride takes passengers through Anna and Elsa hometown of Arendelle. The log flume vehicle will take you through Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna until you reach a miraculous winter wonderland. Throughout the ride, Disney guests will be thrilled to see familiar faces like Olaf, Sven, and Kristof. Like the film, there is a lot of singing during the ride including the famous "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" and "Let It Go."

You do go backward for a brief moment, but its nothing that should alarm you.

2 Na'vi River Journey

The new sector in Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Pandora brought a plethora of Avatar-themed attractions. One of the more easy-going rides is the Na'vi River Journey. It’s another water-based transportation system that will take you through an impressive bioluminescent setting. You’ll see a bunch of familiar faces and even some of the native animals of Pandora as you sail the Kasvapan River.

The entire ride is even more soothing with Na'vi Shaman of Song playing in the background. The music mixed with the colorful setting makes it one of the more calming rides at Disney parks.

1 It's a small world

Of course, the ride that most people are familiar with is it’s a small world. It’s another consolatory water ride located in Fantasyland. But as opposed to the Na'vi River Journey, this one is more brightly lit. There are over 300 audio-animatronic children that represent different cultures from around the world. The overall aesthetic of this ride is cheerful and sanguine. What makes it even more peaceful is the fact that it gives you a full fifteen-minute break from waiting in line and basking under the sun.



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