The Disney parks are full of magic and fantasy. This is where you go to leave the dreary world behind and escape into a dream full of cotton candy, flying elephants, and balloons in the shape of Mickey Mouse. The Disney theme parks are certainly enchanted, but in order to keep them that way, all the guests have to follow certain rules.

The rules that Disney asks guests to follow are non-negotiable. If you don’t want to obey them, you can’t stay in the park. It’s better to familiarize yourself with them so you avoid making any accidental slip-ups that may ruin your Disney vacation. Check out some of the weirdest rules below!

Every time you enter a Disney park, you consent you being filmed. Pictures and recordings of you and your voice may be used by the company for commercial purposes. And according to Simple Most, you won’t be paid for this!

This might seem unfair, but when you think about it, the chances of being selected to appear in any form of media out of all the park guests are pretty slim. And there are also plenty of people who would pay just to be in a Disney ad!

9 Children Must Be Accompanied At All Times

The Disney parks are literally marketed as the happiest places on Earth for children, but that doesn’t mean children can enjoy them unaccompanied. In fact, if you’re under the age of 14, you can’t enter the park unless you’re with someone who’s older than 14.

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When it comes to going on the rides, children under the age of seven can’t ride without a guardian who’s older than 14. In theory, these rules stop children from running wild around the parks. They also help to keep them safe.

8 If You Want To Take Flash Photos, It Has To Be Outdoors

There are so many exciting things to see at the Disney parks that it would be a shame not to be able to take any photos of them. But Reader’s Digest explains that you can’t always take flash photos of attractions and other entertainment in the park. You can only turn the flash on if the subject of your photo is outdoors.

This means that you probably won’t be able to get a good shot of anything in the indoor attractions. The rule was put in place because flashes of light can totally ruin the illusion created with the darkness for other guests.

7 Service Animals Must Always Stay On A Leash

If you’re visiting Disney with a service animal, then the animal always has to stay on a leash. If you can’t bring them on a leash, then they can’t be brought outside the hotel room. But as long as they follow the rules, then animals like dogs and miniature horses are allowed inside the parks.

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But if your furry friend isn’t a service animal, then it’s not allowed inside the park. It’s a good thing there’s plenty of animals to see at Disney anyway, whether real, imaginary, or electronic.

6 Adults Are Not Allowed To Dress Up

If you’re an adult visiting the Disney parks, then you don’t have quite as much freedom as the kiddies when it comes to immersing yourself in the magic. While those younger than 14 are allowed to come dressed as their favorite Disney character, older guests are prohibited from wearing costumes.

This rule is in place so that guests don’t pose with the wrong Disney character. There are particular events where adults are allowed to dress up, like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. In general, though, they have to come in their regular clothes.

5 Shoes Are Not Optional

Part of wearing your regular clothes is wearing shoes. These are not optional at the Disney parks. If you want to be admitted inside, you always need to be wearing shoes. According to The Gamer, flipflops are permitted during the summer months, especially in Florida where the humid weather makes it uncomfortable to wear closed shoes.

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If you are wearing flipflops, or other shoes that aren’t secure, you’ll have to take these off before boarding any rides. This is so that they don’t fly off you once the ride has started and hurt other guests.

4 Guests Are Not Allowed To Give Speeches Inside The Parks

Several speeches take place in the Disney parks throughout the year, but according to the rules, guests can’t participate in this tradition. Anybody who wants to make a speech in the parks must first gain official permission from Disney.

By the same token, park guests are not allowed to sell or promote anything while they’re in the parks. There must also not be any fliers given out or any rallies organized. This behavior could get you kicked out faster than you can say Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.

3 No Wrapped Gifts Are Permitted In The Parks

Some people like to have children’s birthday parties inside the Disney parks. While places like Disneyland and Disney World are probably the most fun places in the world for kids to celebrate their birthdays, there is one downside. Their guests won’t be able to bring them wrapped gifts.

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Wrapped gifts are forbidden from the Disney parks because security can’t tell what’s hidden beneath the wrapping paper. While in the majority of cases there would be nothing bad contained within the gifts, security can’t afford to take the chance.

2 Only Certain Tattoos Are Allowed

Keeping in line with the family-friendly theme of Disney, the parks don’t allow anybody who’s got visible offensive tattoos to enter. If you do have questionable tattoos that might be offensive to some people and impact the experience of fellow guests, you’ll only be allowed to enter if those tattoos are covered.

While the restrictions on what tattoos guests can have are pretty strict, they’re nothing compared to the rules that Cast Members have to follow when it comes to their appearance. Disney employees always have to look the part and can’t wear anything that lessens the magic of the parks.

1 All PDAs Should Be Kept To A Minimum

The Disney fireworks show is one of the most magical and romantic things you’ll ever see. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to lock lips with your lover in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Guests are expected to keep all public displays of affection to a minimum.

Disney is an ideal honeymoon location and is brimming with starry-eyed couples, but if they don’t want to be kicked out of the family-friendly environment, they have to refrain from all PDAs. To play it totally safe, save it for the hotel room!

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