When you go to a theme park, chances are you want to spend some time laughing and shrieking from the summit of your favorite thrill rides. You want to savor every dip, drop, and dive, but at the same time go as fast as the cart can carry you. Though it might be family-friendly, the Disney Parks are not without thrills.

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Disney has some of the fastest coasters, rides, and attractions in the world. Of course, they're gonna have some thrills to mix with the magic. Here are ten Disney Park Rides that are definitely scream-worthy.

10 Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's to the parks we go. When it comes to thrills and spills, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is not a theme you would think to use, right? Well, Disney thought otherwise and gave us the unique hybrid of dark ride and coaster that is the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

The coaster is the first of its kind with train cars that rock back and forth as it rolls and rushes through the course. It's the perfect coaster for families, children, or those who just want a mild thrill when they visit Fantasyland.

9 The Incredicoaster

Formerly known as California Screamin', the Incredicoaster is one of the fastest rides in all of Disney. Inspired by Pixar's The Incredibles, this coaster sends guests rocketing in Pixar Pier on the trail of an escaped Jack-Jack with help from the Parr family and Edna Mode.

Going from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds, this is not only Disney's fastest coaster but one of the longest in the world. Throw in a giant loop and you've got a ride that's absolutely... incredible.

8 Tower Of Terror

Picture if you will a ride so thrilling and so scream-inducing that it requires an introduction from Rod Serling. You've just left Disney's Hollywood Studios and entered... The Twilight Zone. Disney's Tower of Terror is definitely worthy of the name as it takes guests into the Twilight Zone and drops them 131 feet.

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Easily one of the more intense rides at Hollywood Studios, the Tower of Terror looms ominously over the park. It's an incredibly spooky and exciting ride even without the sci-fi/horror overtones. Drop by anytime you want a case of thrills and chills.

7 Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout

If the Twilight Zone isn't your thing, why not rock out with the Guardians of the Galaxy? What some consider a reskinned Tower of Terror in Disneyland, we consider an intergalactic adventure with our favorite crew of cosmic avengers.

With an adventure led by Rocket Raccoon, a menagerie of monsters and alien creatures courtesy of Tivan the Collector, and a '70s rock soundtrack provided by Peter Quill to bind it all together makes for one sweet ride. We'll scream, shout, and raise the roof with the Guardians any day of the week.

6 Test Track

Who says you can't have a thrill ride at Disney's "smart park?" Though it's known as the world of innovations and imagination, Epcot has the fastest ride in all of Walt Disney World. Thrill junkies will definitely want to get behind the wheel of this imaginative and inventive car of the future.

After maneuvering through a series of obstacles, weather conditions, and safety checks, the car shoots through the titular test track. Reaching speeds up to 65 mph, this is one Disney ride that will definitely blow your hair back. Don't miss out on taking this car for a joy ride.

5 Big Thunder Mountain

One of the three iconic mountains of the Disney Parks, Big Thunder Mountain is a rocking, rolling, runaway train that sends guests speeding and swerving through the gulches and gulleys of the American Southwest. Perfectly fitting in with the Frontierland theme, it's a rip-snortin' good time that shouldn't be missed.

Even if you're not a rollercoaster fan, you'll still get a thrill out of this rough-and-tumble train ride through the wild west. A word of wisdom to the would-be rider, though. This ride's line fills up fast, so be sure to get a fast pass or get there early.

4 Splash Mountain

They aren't kidding when they say you'll get wet. After all, they don't call it Splash Mountain for nothing, ya know. Though the ride has no ricochets, no loops, and no sharp turns, it has one large drop that will definitely send your thrills over the edge.

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Join Brer Rabbit and all his friends down by the briar patch for a ride up the mountainside and down into some roaring waters. One of the most iconic rides in Disney history, Splash Mountain is a wet and wild thrill ride that Disney fans adore.

3 Space Mountain

Real thrill-seekers do it in the dark, so they ride Space Mountain to get their daily dose of Disney excitement. You can ride this indoor coaster a hundred times over and still have a unique experience. Why? Because aside from the starlights, there's no way to tell which way you're going.

That added ingredient of unknown apprehension is what makes the coaster so exhilarating. Every dip, drop, dive, and doge is a surprise that grips you until you return to the spaceport. Set phasers to stunning and step aboard this awesome ride.

2 Expedition Everest

If ever there was an attraction worthy of your screams, it's Expedition Everest in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Steep mountain peaks, twists, turns, rapid drops, and an encounter with the terrifying Yeti will definitely have you on the edge of your seats.

If the backward drops and sudden bursts of speed don't give your lungs a workout, the giant 25-foot-tall Yeti definitely will, even if it is on disco-mode. This is the largest out of any of Walt Disney World's attractions, and easily the most intimidating feature of the Animal Kingdom. Believe us when we tell you, the wind isn't the only thing howling.

1 Aerosmith's Rockin Rollercoaster

Because what better soundtrack to accompany a lightning-fast roller coaster with a rock and roll vibe than the legendary Aerosmith? This Hollywood Studios coaster pumps up the jams as well as the thrills with every lurch, drop, and loop.

Next to the Tower of Terror, it's probably the most intense ride in the park. Everything whizzes by in a fury of lights and guitar riffs, it can be disorienting, to say the least. But it's still enjoyed by adrenaline junkies all over Disney. If you need to satisfy that craving for thrills, walk this way to this Aerosmith-hosted attraction.

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