10 Wait: Space Mountain

Space Mountain is one of Disney World and Disneyland's staple thrill rides. It is one of the few adult-centric rides out there, which makes it worth the wait. Space Mountain pilots their astronauts in single rider spaceships that launch Disney guests straight into outer space (okay, not really)!

This roller coaster is one-of-a-kind because riders are completely immersed in a pitch black cave, with no clues to where the track is headed next. The ride is exciting, the views are electrifying, and this ride is one to either use for your fast pace or actually wait out.

9 Leave: Astro Orbiter

8 Wait: Buzz Light-Year Space Ranger Spin

Buzz Light-Year's Space Ranger Spin is a slow-moving dark ride that is perfect for the entire family. It's admittedly calm, but the rush for who can aim their laser beams at the most targets gives it that extra kick that adrenaline junkies need. It's tame enough for most young children, which is why there is no age or height requirement for this ride.

It's is reminiscent of Buzz's adventure in Toy Story 2 since he has to work once again to stop the evil Emperor Zurg from stealing batteries out of toys. XP-37 star cruisers then make their way through the Gamma Quadrant to help Buzz stop his nemesis.

7 Leave: Dumbo

6 Wait: Pirates of the Caribbean

There probably isn't a single Dinsey vacationer that would advise you to skip the notorious Pirates of the Caribbean ride that is famous from Disney parks. It is obviously well known now that the popularity of the ride inspired the self-titled film starring Johnny Depp as the fictitious Captain Jack Sparrow. And the success from that made its way full circle because Disney actually added this character to the ride, even though he wasn't a part of the initial ride storyline. It just goes to show that even though this has been a mainstay in Disney parks, they still work to bring new and better experiences, even for those who have ridden it a thousand times.

5 Leave: Frozen Ever After

4 Wait: Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is yet another classic Disney ride that was made into a blockbuster success--and it's easy to see why. Not only is the ride fascinating and thrilling, but even the queue line is fun. The tombstones tell stories of resident's past and its fun picking out the small Disney-themed easter eggs that are planted amongst the graveyard. The ride simply has an amazing storyline attached to it and it is equally balanced for those looking for a cozy yet exciting Disney ride.

3 Leave: Peter Pans Flight

2 Wait: River Rapids

If you're looking for an outdoor-themed ride, then the Kali River Rapids is worth the wait. This water-based ride at the Animal Kingdom is sure to have a long line, especially on those unbearably hot days, but its a thrill you wouldn't expect. There is a chance you won't get too wet where you would be uncomfortable, but it will without a doubt cool you off!

1 Leave: Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom is a comedy-sketched scenic tour of the wilderness surrounding this Disney park. The boat tour takes sight-seers through the rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America. While it's a pretty view and a calming ride, it's nothing to write home about. The ride lasts about ten minutes, but if the wait time is anything over twenty minutes, don't waste your time.NEXT:  Disney Reveals New Guardians Of The Galaxy Rollercoaster Vehicles