Disney World and Disneyland make us think of two things: magic... and money. It costs a lot to be able to do everything that you want to do here, whether you're going with your partner and kids, a group of pals, or just one other person. Even just eating at Disney's restaurants and getting some passes is going to start adding up... and that's not even counting the hotel rooms and plane rides that you have to pay for. Going to Disney is basically like going on a regular vacation... except you have to add in the cost of day passes, Mickey ears and other souvenirs, and more.


There are some ways to keep costs low while still going on the trip that you really want to take. Yes, it's totally possible to go to Disney on a budget. Read on to find out how.

Rent An RV Instead Of Booking A Pricey Hotel

According to MSN, you could rent an RV and that would be a way to do Disney on a budget. The one mentioned in this article is called "The Farmhouse On Wheels." You can arrive at Fort Wilderness at Disney and the RV will be there waiting for you. There are cabins there, but this is a more affordable option. It's $125 per evening, there's a bunk bed for two kids, a bed for two people, and air-conditioning. For the week, it would be $788, which is an awesome deal.

This sounds pretty perfect, right? It's definitely tough to imagine spending $125 a night for a Disney hotel. The cabins are at least $362 USD a night. The Walt Disney World Swan is around $350-$400 USD a night depending on where you look. Fort Wilderness is great as the area has a pool and you can even order groceries.

Don't Eat Three Meals A Day At Disney Restaurants

While there are so many fun restaurants at Disney World and you have probably seen photos of the kinds of great meals that you can get, this isn't going to be anything even close to affordable. If you want to do Disney on a budget, don't eat three meals a day at Disney restaurants.

WDW Magazine notes some of the restaurants that are on the pricey side. Narcoossee's, for example, has Grilled Grass-Fed Filet Mignon on their dinner menu for $54 USD and other main dishes cost between $30 and $40, with appetizers ranging from $15-22.

A Reddit post explains how to do Disney on a budget food-wise: "On the first day, we took an uber to a local supermarket. We stocked up on lunch and snack supplies. This allowed us to get the snacks that really mattered to us from Disney (Mickey ice cream, candied apple, etc.) and saved money on the other types of snacks that are just over-priced inside the park/hotels (chips, etc.). Amazon Prime also delivers right to the hotel."

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Go During The Week, Not Weekends, And Get A Mid-Day Ticket

You can also do Disney on a budget by going during the week, not the weekends. Many people who live close to Disney World enjoy going for a long weekend, but that might not be the way to save some cash.

As Cheapism.com explains, "Staying at a Disney hotel during the week (Monday through Thursday) typically is far cheaper than staying over the weekend."

One of the priciest parts of a vacation at Disney is going to be the tickets and passes. It might seem like there is just no way of getting around this... but there actually is. You can save money by getting a Mid-Day Magic Ticket. According to USA Today, this costs $88 a day for a two-day ticket (whereas the other one is $116/day). You can get into the Animal Kingdom at Disney, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Magic Kingdom with this ticket (but it's one theme park/day). This means that you can go to Disney at noon but not in the morning. Being able to spend the afternoon there would still give you a lot of time, though.

Is it possible to do Disney on a budget? Yes, it definitely is, and these tips will help you save as much cash as you can. Rent an RV instead of a hotel, bring food and don't go for the pricey restaurants, go Monday to Thursday, and find a pass that allows you to get to the park of your choice at noon. It'll be a fun trip and it'll feel even better knowing that you budgeted well.

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