Those wanting a chance to own a teeny weeny bit of Disney history or simply just a chance to just browse through all the marvelous memorabilia the Mickey Mouse master has to offer can now breathe easy knowing that come August, there will be a free pop up exhibit slash auction available to adventure towards for anyone and everyone hoping to make their way through countless of Disney objects galore.

Situated inside a forty thousand square foot retail space in Sherman Oaks, California that formerly housed a Sports Authority store, "That's From Disneyland!" is making a name for itself as one of the world’s biggest Disney memorabilia collections ever to hit Planet Earth.


On display for fans and even foes of the famed Anaheim-located theme park to fawn over are numerous items from attraction posters and small souvenirs such as vintage ticket books and postcards to conceptual artwork and animatronic dolls from "It's a Small World."

Much more magnificent and magical attractions like an automobile from none other than "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride,” a vehicle from "Space Mountain," a bobsled from "Matterhorn,” or one of those eerie and super stretchy paintings from the original Haunted Mansion as well as “Dumbo The Flying Elephant” himself are also available for audience members to gawk and giggle at.

And that’s only just to name a few of the thousands upon thousands of childhood mementos that visitors will likely find within the “family-friendly, interactive museum that celebrates the unique history and artistry of Disney theme parks,” as its official website states.

Brought to life by private collector Richard Kraft along with the expert help and partnership of Van Eaton Galleries, the exhibit will run Wednesdays to Sundays from noon until eight in the evening all the way through the end of the month. No tickets or RSVPs are ever necessary, just loads of excitement and eagerness to experience all the feels Disney has to offer all over again (and again).

What’s even more fabulous is that many of the said items will be going up for sale during an auction held on August 25 and 26 where everything from graphics, large figurines, and posters costing anywhere from seven hundred to fifteen thousand buckaroos will be sold off to those wanting to take a piece of Disney home.

It’s the perfect event for Mousketeers who have always had lifelong dreams of turning their living rooms into a mini sort of Disney wonderland, or who have hopped, skipped, and jumped towards tweendom watching old Disney classics and who now want to finally commemorate them at home.

There will also be special events happening at the exhibit before the start of the actual auction, so get prepped and ready to do some awesome scavenger hunting or to sing some star worthy songs during a couple of scheduled concerts.

"After 25 years of hoarding artifacts from Disneyland in my home, office, and countless storage facilities, I'm swinging open the doors to my collection and throwing a bon voyage party for everyone who shares fond memories of Disneyland. This FREE exhibit is my way of saying goodbye to my beloved treasures from the Happiest Place on Earth."

The exhibit and auction are both located at 13730 Riverside Drive in the Valley next to the Westfield Fashion Square Mall. Free parking is available to all.