For billions of fans around the world, the Disney Parks are entire worlds they can visit whenever they want to leave their reality behind and enter a realm of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy. Disney fans make it a mission to visit these parks whenever they can, but despite Disney's efforts, not every day is so magical.

Disney goes to great lengths to keep the immersion up, but several outside factors can easily suck the magic out of one's visit. What could possibly shake up a trip to the most magical places on earth? Have a look at ten things Disney fans hate at the parks.

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10 Rainy Days

This one is more of an inconvenience than a trip-crushing-occurrence, but nothing flushes out the parks quicker than a little liquid sunshine. This is especially true for the Florida parks during hurricane season. Believe us, the rain-rain-rain comes down-down-down in Walt Disney World.

They might call it the sunshine state but in Orlando, a rainy day might just be a cupful of water or a massive and monstrous monsoon. If you didn't bring your umbrella or rain gear, you better find a good spot to hide out until the sky clears.

9 Renovations

Walt Disney always believed in the maxim to keep moving forward. Disney Parks are always looking to do bigger and better things but in order to do just that, construction is a big part of the process. It's a necessary process, but it does spoil the illusion for some guests.

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Sometimes it's as minor as giving a ride a new coat of paint, but then it might be a massive remodeling job like the new Epcot project. Either way, it's something many Disney fans just have to put up with so they can continue to get the best out of Disney.

8 Massive Crowds

Disney is going to have crowds, there's no getting around it. From the Magic Kingdom to Hollywood Studios, massive amounts of people are going to show up. For the most part, seasoned fans have learned how to deal. What Disney fans don't like is when these crowds become mobs.

There's a difference between a crowd and a mob. Crowds are just large masses of people enjoying the parks, mobs are like zombie hordes all heading one direction, blocking other guests, or stopping randomly for selfies and the like. Thankfully, veteran fans know how to manage crowded days.

7 Missing Rope Drops

Murphy's Law dictates that if it can go wrong, it will. With that in mind, it's nearly impossible for everything to go 100% according to plan. One of the biggest pet peeves for a Disney Parks fan is missing or oversleeping your rope drop.

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Rope drops are arriving at a Disney park or attraction the minute they open. It's a great way to beat the crowds and get access to the more popular attractions. Missing these can really put a knot in a fan's day, so it might be a good idea to double-check that alarm and get to the parks as early as you can.

6 Ride Stalling

One thing that many Disney guests tend to forget is that many of these classic park rides have been around since the early '60s. These decades-old attractions definitely need special attention and maintenance to keep them up and running, so it's not uncommon for some rides to briefly stall during operation.

Stalling rides can affect wait-times and occasionally freak some guests out, but they happen once or twice. It's not the biggest deal in the world, but it can interfere with your schedule if you're not prepared. It's a small price to pay to experience some of the more historic attractions.

5 Parade Traffic

The Disney parades are definitely wonders to behold with their colorful floats, classic Disney characters, and catchy tunes, but they can also bring street traffic to a grinding halt. So if you're caught on Main Street around 3:00 PM, you're going to have a pretty long wait.

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Parades are always great to watch, but some guests prefer to focus more on rides and attractions, especially if they've seen the parades before. If you don't want to get caught in parade masses, try finding a land to hide out in until it all passes. A swampy crowd is a great way to be late for your Fastpass+.

4 Unruly Kids

There is literally no such thing as a Disney Park without kids. After all, Walt Disney designed his parks for the young and young-at-heart to enjoy. That all being said, few things get under a Disney fan's skin faster than unruly kids wreaking havoc at the parks.

Kids are always going to be unpredictable, that's an ironclad fact that will never change. But they can easily suck the magic out of anyone's trip if they run out into street traffic, disrupt shows, or have a full-blown meltdown in ride queues. This isn't the most common problem on our list, but it's definitely one of the most relatable.

3 Unruly Adults

There's only one thing worse than an unruly kid at the Disney Parks, and that's an unruly adult. Kids might get crabby or impatient for a little while, but that's nothing compared to what an unsatisfied adult guest might do. Take it from us, we've seen some adult tantrums that would make Donald Duck blush with shame.

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Let's be honest, some guests have the wrong attitudes when visiting the Happiest Place on Earth. We've seen adult guests gripe at cast members about the weather, complain about prices of food or merch, and we've even seen them entirely intoxicated on park property. Definitely not something Walt would approve of.

2 Missing Characters

Sometimes it's a seasonal matter, sometimes it's all Disney's decision. Either way, we hate it when we miss out on getting to meet our favorite characters. One of our favorite pastimes is getting to rub elbows with Disney's beloved personas. Unfortunately, many of our favorite characters are only meetable during certain times or special occasions.

How many hearts have been broken because guests have missed getting to meet seasonal characters by mere days? Fortunately, Disney changes their roster every season, so rare characters will eventually make a reappearance.

1 The Disney Blues

Obviously, the worst part of any Disney trip is going home. Who really wants to leave such a wonderful and magical place like Disney, right? Disney fans, however, get exceptionally down when they have to go back to planet reality. We suffer from a horrible affliction called the Disney Blues.

Imagine being homesick, but for your favorite rides, attractions, and characters. We love every chance we get to go to the parks, but we despise getting on that bus back to the airport. At least we've got our photographs and Memory Makers to try to dull the sting. At least there's always the next trip to look forward to.

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