While visiting Disney World is a lot of fun, it's no secret that it can also get overwhelming. Thankfully, Disney's biggest dreamers realized this and created a solution that has been aiding visitors ever since: the My Disney Experience app.

This app allows park-goers to manage their trips from their phones. From making reservations to tracking down characters to ordering food, is there anything this app can't do? Answer: probably not.

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We're here to look at all the best features of Disney World's most popular app. It's time to pull out your phones and head to the parks because things are about to get magical.

10 Check Wait Times

In the old days, before The My Disney Experience app had been created, park-goers had to walk up to line queues in order to see how long the waits were. These days, checking wait times is much easier.

Disney’s park app tells guests exactly how long of a wait every attraction has. Users can see these numbers displayed over a map of the park or in list format. They can also filter them out based on certain preferences.

Additionally, the app alerts users of temporary ride closures.

9 Manage FastPass+

One magical perk Disney gives guests is the option to reserve slots on three rides at specified times throughout the day. After using all three passes, you can select more, and that’s where the My Disney Experience app comes in handy.

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All of your FastPass+ reservations can be booked, modified, and canceled via the app. You can track what’s coming up and see what passes you’ve already used.

8 See Park Hours And Times

If you’re into park hopping, it will benefit you to know that you can check the hours of operation for each Disney park using the My Disney Experience app. Park hours vary day-to-day, and every day, a select park will receive Extra Magic Hours. This lets guests staying on property enter the parks before general crowds or stay later after everyone has packed up to go home.

Additionally, you can see what time shows and parades are at. Using this feature, you can ensure you won't miss a thing.

7 Mobile Order Food

Select quick-service restaurants on Disney property allow guests to skip the line by ordering food from their phones. The process is simple, letting visitors add multiple meals and customize each item.

First, park-goers choose from a list of available restaurants and kiosks. Next, they select their snacks, all finally, all they have to do is scan their credit card and go to their selected location to pick up their food. Done. It’s that simple.

6 Modify Reservations

Whether it's a dinner reservation or a hotel one, the My Disney Experience app is here to help you out.

Dining reservations fill up fast, so while it’s a better idea to book before your visit, you’ll be able to see if there are any cancelations you can sweep up. If you already have a reservation, you can modify your party size and change the time if more slots become available. Additionally, you make your server aware of any food allergies or special requests prior to your arrival.

Are you checking into a resort? The My Disney Experience app will help you keep all of your hotel details handy. All you need is a reservation number to get started!

5 View PhotoPass Photos

Disney is full of great photo opportunities and great photographers, meaning you will want to step into a few snapshots. While you’ll need to purchase certain types of tickets or packages to own all your photos, you can still view watermarked versions for free on the My Disney Experience app.

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Additionally, certain rides including Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster automatically take your photo. If you scan your MagicBand after getting off the ride to save them, your connected Disney account will also keep them handy.

4 Buy And Manage Theme Park Tickets

While you can definitely purchase tickets online before you end up at the parks, you can also skip the lines by purchasing them on your phone via the My Disney Experience app. This is especially helpful if you’re staying at a resort without a computer and don’t feel like journeying down to the business center to buy tickets.

You can additionally link up your tickets with other people in your party. If you bought theme park passes separately, you can share and manage your itinerary, dining reservations, and FastPass+ times together.

3 Shop Disney Merch

There’s nothing quite like authentic Disney merchandise, and the My Disney Experience app makes tracking down your favorite items easier than ever.

You can browse all sorts of Disney merch and locate which park and store select items are sold at. You can even see what is currently in stock!

Additionally, you can purchase certain items from your phone. U.S. residents can even get them shipped right to their homes, so there’s no need to make extra room in your suitcase.

2 Track Down Characters

Meeting your favorite characters at Disney parks can take some work. While there are staple characters like Cinderella and Gaston that are easy to meet, others only appear on rare occasions.

Nevertheless, you can see all the characters meeting at the parks on the day of your visit via the My Disney Experience App. It tells you where each character will be located and during what times at every park.

While longtime park goers could walk through Disney World with their eyes closed, it's not so easy for first-time visitors. The parks are huge, and if you don't know where you're going, you're going to get lost.

Thankfully, the My Disney Experience app solves this problem. Not only does the app provide guests with a detailed map, but it also gives park-goers GPS directions with its new turn-by-turn navigation feature. This means you can receive some solid walking directions while seeing what cool things are around you at the same time.

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