One of our absolute favorite activities to enjoy at any of the Disney Parks is getting to rub elbows with our favorite animated stars. Most characters like Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are all incredibly easy to find since they all have their own designated areas, but there are more than a few characters out walking the streets.

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From Main Street to Hollywood Boulevarde, if one knows where to look, they can find several friendly faces of Disney out and about, mixing and mingling with the park-goers. For a few of Disney's most prominent examples, have a look at our list of the 10 best wandering Disney characters.

10 Green Army Men

Fresh out of the Bucket-O-Soldiers, Sarge and the rest of the plastic military brigade can be found on patrol in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios. Whether in the drum corps or just hopping about in their bright-green combat gear, you can find them marching about if you look hard enough.

Although they might not be as noticeable as Woody, Buzz, Jessie, or Bo, the soldiers definitely stand out amongst the brightly colored toys in Andy's backyard. If your next Disney trip should take you to Toy Story Land, fall in and be on the lookout for these green guys.

9 Citizens of Main Street

Few things bring the middle of Main Street USA to life quite like its colorful citizens out roaming about. Easily a set of the Magic Kingdom's most overlooked characters, this gaggle of vintage players has been keeping the vintage feel of the area alive for years.

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From the suffragettes to the Dapper Dans of Main Street, these characters bring out that old-timey Americana feeling that the entrance to this magical world brightly radiates. They're always out to stop and talk awhile, take pictures, and greet those on their way to the castle. Don't be afraid to stop and say hi.

8 Anastasia and Drizella

Speaking of Cinderella's Castle, if you arrive early enough to catch the Magic Kingdom's welcoming show, you may catch one or two characters still lingering about afterward. You may be lucky enough to have a chat with the Fairy Godmother, but you also might find a pair of stepsisters sashaying around the castle.

Anastasia and Drizella can very frequently be found around the castle at the center of the Magic Kingdom. They're always on the hunt for eligible royalty and definitely always good for a laugh. We gotta give props to the talented cast members able to bring these gals to life.

7 The Country Bears

Easily a fan favorite for those true to the Magic Kingdom, Shaker, Big Al, Liverlips and Wendell can be found prowling and growling around Frontierland waiting to meet their public. Though rarely all together, at least two of these burly bruins can be found at one time. So keep your eyes peeled in bear country.

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These guys are always fun to interact with, whether out walking about with the crowds, playing games, or cutting a rug during the Frontierland Hoedown. Feel free to walk right up and say howdy, and don't forget to go enjoy their show.

6 Cruella De Vil

Though mainly only available during special occasions, there are few Disney face-characters, hero or villain, as wild and outrageous as Cruella De Vil. Unlike most seasonal Meet and Greet characters, she's one of the few that gets free reign about the parks, and she loves every second of it.

Everything about Cruella is extra, so why not give her the adoration she craves. If fur is murder, this chick is the H-Bomb, and she's more than worthy of your time in the parks. For a sure way to find her, check her out around Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

5 Storm Troopers

If you're looking to salute to the First Order, look no further than Batuu at Galaxy's Edge in Disney's Hollywood Studios. Whether in the marketplace, outside Oga's Cantina, or just scouting out the grounds looking for Rebel scum, you can certainly have a run-in with these enforcers of the First Order.

These guys definitely help bring that extra level of immersion into Galaxy's Edge. And unless you want an "altercation" with these intimidating troops, best keep your sympathies for the Resistance to yourself. You may just find yourself on the wrong end of a blaster.

4 Rey and Chewie

We can't talk about Galaxy's Edge without talking about two of the biggest stars from a galaxy far, far, away, Rey and Chewie. Unfortunately, the two of them together don't really have a designated Meet and Greet for regular interaction, but that doesn't mean they can't be found.

If you should venture to a faraway planet after cruising through Hollywood or playing in Andy's backyard, you might find this pair of familiar heroes at the Resistance camp or tinkering under the Millennium Falcon. Seeing these two in action definitely makes us feel like we're part of another world.

3 Splash Mountain Gang

Though you're more likely to find this rare gang of critters during the Frontierland Hoedown, they will on occasion be seen roaming about for a quick howdy. Bre'r Rabbit, Bre'r Fox, and Bre'r Bear will definitely make for a more Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah day at the parks.

Granted, these guys are exceptionally rare, and outside of a show or special occasion, you might not get some hang time with them. The best thing to do is simply keep your eyes wide open when you're visiting Frontierland, you never know who you might see on your way to the Laughing Place.

2 Chip and Dale

Here's a pair of pals you're almost guaranteed to find in nearly any park, roaming or otherwise. A great sensational corporation, Chip and Dale are one of Disney's most beloved and popular characters outside of the Big 6. So finding them during your trip won't be a problem.

You can find the two chips just about anywhere, and even in a variety of costumes. From their cowboy look in Frontierland to their brand new Dinosaur suits in Disney's Animal Kingdom, they're ready for nearly any occasion, and many photo opportunities.

1 Pluto

Easily the most recognizable and locatable walkaround character has to be Mickey's pal Pluto. This large friendly canine can be seen most frequently in the Magic Kingdom's Storybook Circus grounds, sniffing about and looking for friends to meet on their way through Fantasyland. After you finish your Meet and Greets at Pete's Silly Sideshow, take a while to linger and see if you can't spot this famous pooch.

Pluto is absolutely charming and playful, a perfect interaction for younger kids getting used to meeting the mascot characters up close and personal. He's cuddly, huggable, and always happy to meet his fans. Don't be afraid to go looking for this lovable dog.

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