Disney's Animal Kingdom, located near Orlando, Florida, is home to a lineup of wild attractions. From a high-speed roller coaster based on the world's highest mountain to a leisurely river journeys based on James Cameron's 2009 hit Avatar, there are tons of shows, rides, and motion-simulators themed after exotic animals and locations.

We're here to look at all of the incredible attractions at Disney's largest theme park to see how they stack. While we won't be using any strict ranking criteria, we will be taking the excitement, nostalgia, and overall quality of each attraction into account.

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With that said, it's time to head on one giant expedition; Here are the greatest rides and shows at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

11 Primeval Whirl

This Wild Mouse coaster sends guests on a journey to the past, way back to the time of the dinosaurs.

To do so, guests pile into cars that seat four riders each. They're then sent up a track, where they're whisked around curves, spun in tight circles, and dropped down a series of small hills.

Though the attraction operates seasonally, you'll definitely want to hit it up if it's running at the time of your visit. You'll feel as if you're topping off one wild fun day at the carnival.

10 Na’vi River Journey

This slow-moving dark ride sends guests on a cruise through Avatar's Pandora.

After boarding a boat, guests are launched through the water and sent into a magical luminescent world. While the scenery on its own is beautiful, visitors should keep their eye out for Na'vi, including one singing creature who is Disney's most advanced audio-animatronic to date.

If you're looking to escape the hot Florida sun and relax for a bit, this is the ride you need to be on.

9 It’s Tough To Be A Bug!

This 9-minute 3D show has A Bug's Life's starring ant, Flik, introducing a series of cool little critters to guests. The trouble comes when the villainous grasshopper of the film, Hopper, attempts to exterminate the humans.

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The show features a series of special effects including animatronic spiders that fall down from the ceiling, a stink bug that lets his scent loose, and little bugs that rush under attendee's seats as they exit.

The attraction is one of Animal Kingdom's iconic staple shows, so don't pass by.

8 Dinosaur

This ride, located in DinoLand U.S.A., takes guests on a time travel adventure back to the time of the dinosaurs. Your mission: to track down and bring back the Iguanodon to present-day before the meteor hits and brings the species to extinction.

In order to embark on the mission, guests pile into a time rover, which jerks guests through foliage-filled roads and past a series of giant animatronic dinosaurs. The on-board narrator guides guests through their exciting mission.

7 Festival Of The Lion King

This live stage musical features dancers, acrobats, fire jugglers, and singers who perform to the hit songs from Disney's animated Lion King. Featuring bright costumes and animatronic animals including Simba himself, the show truly brings the magic of the film to life.

Guests pile into four different sides of a theater, and the action takes place in the middle. This, in combination with the requested audience participation, has the 30-minute experience fully capturing each visitors' attention.

6 Kilimanjaro Safaris

This African adventure takes guests on a wild safari ride through the East African savannas.

Guests board a safari vehicle and are then brought into the Harambe Wildlife Reserve by their specially trained tour guide and driver. He or she informs guests about the live animals they are seeing, many of which are endangered species.

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The ride lasts around 22 minutes, and thanks to its immersive nature, its definitely worth a spin.

5 Finding Nemo — The Musical


This live stage show retells the story of Pixar's Finding Nemo through song penned by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the husband and wife team famous for composing the music of Frozen.

The sets are just as stunning as the soundtrack, with fog, lights, and animations setting the stage for adventure. Did we mention that the performers animate a cast of artfully designed puppets?

The 40-minute Broadway-style show is perhaps one of the best, not just in Animal Kingdom, but in all the Disney parks.

3 Kali River Rapids

If you're looking to embark on a thrilling water adventure, Kali River Rapids is where you'll want to head.

This water ride, located in Animal Kingdom's Asia, takes guests on a brisk journey down the Chakranadi River. Thanks to the giant curves, exotic fountains, and large drops, you will get wet and you might get soaked.

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Being that each raft fits 12 riders, you'll get to join in on the fun with other park visitors. This communal experience only adds to the excitement.

2 Expedition Everest

This thrill ride sends guests on a wild trek through the Himalayan Mountains.

Soon after boarding a train, guests are sent up through the mountains until, suddenly, the track runs out. This is when the vehicle goes plummeting into the darkness, then embarking on a long series of turns and drops, including one that sends guests plummeting down an 80 foot hill.

Adding to the scare is the terrifying Yeti, who guests find themselves attempting to escape more than once.

1 Avatar Flight Of Passage

We're topping things off with a trip to the whimsical world of Pandora.

Flight Of Passage has guests getting linked to an Avatar, boarding a banshee, and taking a flight over a magical landscape.

While the motion simulator's giant screen and beautiful animations would be enough on its own, Disney goes the extra mile by adding special 3D effects, lush scents, and life-like ride vehicles. This makes this thrill ride as immersive as it could possibly be. You might feel as if you're actually soaring through the skies.

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