Disney has always had a knack of bringing stories to life in the most fantastic of ways. From Snow White's kiss to Simba being held above the peak of Pride Rock, the studio has always had a way of hooking us in with enchanting tales. So it's not so surprising to discover that some of their rides have magical tales to tell as well.

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When most go to a theme park, they go to ride rides, eat junk food, and break away from reality for a day. At Disney, you enter the world of your favorite movies and characters, and that can be felt even in the rides and queues. Here are 10 Disney rides with incredible stories.

10 Walt Disney World Railroad

Let's get the train rolling with a simple train ride around the park, or at least that's what it looks like. Young or old, guests always enjoy taking a trip around the Magic Kingdom to get off their feet. However, if you pay attention to the narration, you'll learn that the park itself has a story to tell.

Granted, it's not exactly Shakespeare, but hearing this storyteller-styled representation of all the lands of the Magic Kingdom gives it a little extra life. It's like we've entered this world and left ours behind (per the plaque on the park gate). It's subtle things like this that really plays up the immersion.

9 La Gran Fiesta

It's not every day you get to cruise around Latin America with the Three Caballeros, is it? What seems like a smooth sailing boat ride a la Small World is actually a colorful trip through Mexico and South America with Donald, Panchito, and José.

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As Donald Duck causes a little mischief throughout the tour, Panchito and José are hot on his trail on the back of a flying sarape. We follow a story of their tour around the country on their way to the titular "Gran Fiesta," and it's like a throwback to Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros. Don't overlook this underrated Epcot ride, bid your worries adíos and float along with the Three Caballeros.

8 Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Our next ride not only takes us to infinity and beyond, but brings us into the world of our favorite Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear. To some, "Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin" is just a glorified shooting gallery. To us, it's a trip into a faraway galaxy to stop the evil Emperor Zurg.

The ride takes us out of Tomorrowland and into a sci-fi epic on a toy scale. Our mission, go across a universe of evil robots, aliens, and other space-toys before going head to head with Zurg himself. It's a strange hybrid of universes that makes for a mix of ride and arcade game anyone can enjoy.

7 Pirates Of The Caribbean

They say dead men tell no tales, but they do in Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction. Guests can board a vessel and set sail through creepy caves, mermaid infested coves, and a port set ablaze by a crew of scurvy buccaneers on the hunt for Captain Jack. Though not as deep a tale as the movie series, the ride is still fun.

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Essentially, it's just another day at the office for Captain Jack, he's got a map to a horde of treasure, pirates want it, he gets rich in the end, and please use the exit to your left. It's a perfect adventure for a short trip to Port Royal, and we're always ready for another adventure.

6 Tower Of Terror

A dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of the mind, these are the words of the great Rod Serling that pull you into the world of the "Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror." Nothing captures the fear of the unknown so perfectly as the story of a haunted hotel and mysterious elevator that serves as your gateway into... The Twilight Zone.

Five people stepped onto an elevator and into a nightmare. In a backstory worthy of Mr. Serling's approval, guests step into their shoes and into their own episode of The Twilight Zone in this chilling attraction. The story here is told through the atmosphere and special effects and could give "The Haunted Mansion" a run for its money.

5 Guardians Of The Galaxy - Mission Breakout!

Some might call this a reskinned "Tower of Terror," we call it a rockin' time with our favorite members of the MCU. Instead of getting onto a haunted elevator that takes us into The Twilight Zone, however, we join Rocket Raccoon on a quest to free the Guardians from the clutches of the Collector.

It's a simple story for a relatively short ride, but Disney packs the attraction full of action worthy of a Marvel movie. We see the Guardians go up against the Collector's monsters and join them in the escape from Tivan's tower, all while jamming to a '70s rock soundtrack. What's not to love?

4 Journey Into Imagination With Figment/The Imagination Institute

Not just a ride, but an entire building defines this experience. To call this journey imaginative would be the grossest understatement of the year. Not only do we get a retelling of the Figment ride, but a tribute to some of Disney's greatest scientific minds.

Tributes to Professor Philip Brainard (Flubber) and Wayne Szalinski (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids), and even a nod to the original Dreamfinder can be found in the queue alone. The ride itself takes us on a grand tour of the institute and even the imagination of our favorite purple Dragon. One little spark goes a long way.

3 Star Tours

We might be cheating by including a Star Wars attraction, but it definitely covers the requirements for a good story. Whether you prefer the original with Captain Rex or just narrowly escaping the clutches of Kylo Ren with C-3P0 and R2-D2, you can't deny the incredible tale of a galaxy far, far away.

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From a tour group escaping the clutches of the Empire to a mission to escort a Rebel spy hidden among the guests, "Star Tours" is a dive into this incredible world, but its story allows us to become a part of it, if only for a while.

2 Expedition Everest

Similar to the "Imagination Institute's" method of storytelling, "Expedition Everest" not only tells a story through its thrilling and chilling coaster but through its environment and queue. Of course, there's also a giant Yeti waiting for you in the dark.

Follow the trail of a lost expedition from the village of Serka Zong, board a train to take you to the top of the "Forbidden Mountain," and come face to face with the legendary monster who protects them. This is definitely one of Disney's scariest attractions, and it's mostly through this incredible storytelling, with some help from an animatronic and a strobe light.

1 The Haunted Mansion

Taking our number one spot is a ride with such an incredible and impeccable story, it has been adapted into a book series, film, comic book, and supposedly a Guillermo del Toro adaptation. We are, of course, talking about "The Haunted Mansion." With such an impressive fan following, how can we not put it on our list?

There are quite a few stories - ghost stories - surrounding Gracey Manor. "Tales of a Black Widow Bride," a retirement home for restless spirits, and hitchhiking ghosts are just a few of the storytelling elements the attraction uses. All the more reason for multiple ride-throughs.

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