With Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration comes its 50th Anniversary merchandise, which is already creating a buzz among Disney fans. Those visiting the park during the celebration, which began in October 2021 and is slated to last for 18th months have plenty of shopping to look forward to. Along with limited edition Disney ears, fans can purchase apparel, accessories, household items, drinkware, and more from any one of its parks as well as online.

For the items that everyone is snagging first, here are Disney's 50th Anniversary merchandise items, ranked by fan value.

10 Disney 50th Anniversary Pins

For collectors of commemorative pins, there's practically no value that can be placed on one that's limited edition. For those who do collect them, it's a well-known fact that if they're not purchased during the celebration, then finding one on eBay, later on, might be the only way to snag one.

9 Disney 50th Anniversary Gold Ornament Set

While this set is absolutely beautiful for a Disney fan, the only reason it didn't rank higher is that it will likely only be showcased during the holidays. With that being said, this ornament set is well worth the money and will always add a festive air - and bring up some great memories - for those who pick them up at Disney during this celebration.

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8 Disney 50th Anniversary Commemorative Mug

Calling all coffee and tea lovers! This commemorative mug is a must-have because once it's sold out, it's gone. There's nothing better than being reminded with every morning cup of joe that one experienced Disney's 50th Anniversary, and this mug will bring back all of that magic to start the day with.

7 Disney 50th anniversary Starbucks Tumbler

Everyone seems to be in love with reusable coffee tumblers these days, so it makes sense that this is a highly sought-after item. The spike-textured, holographic cup is 100% limited edition, and also quite stunning. There's no better way to say, "I attended Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration" than with this cup in hand during one's morning Starbucks top.

6 Disney 50th Anniversary Tumbler

For those who might not be all about Starbucks but are all about decorative tumblers, this one is a little more traditional. Featuring 3D figures on top, it's certain to brighten up anyone's mood and is just a fun way to enjoy whatever beverage one might need throughout the course of the day.

5 Disney 50th Anniversary Castle Playset

Is there anything better than having a small replica of Cinderella's Castle on display in one's house? While this is a playset, it can also be coveted by adults who just want to have it on display all year round. It's a beautiful addition to any Disney collection and certainly holds up to the magic of Disney's 50th Anniversary.

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4 Disney 50th Anniversary Mickey & Minnie Plushies

For those who really want to bring some of the magic home, Disney's new Mickey and Minnie 50th Anniversary edition plushies are a must. Featuring their new, true-to-life outfits from the 50th Anniversary Celebration, there's no better way to remember and look back fondly on the magic from such a Disney vacation.

3 Disney 50th Anniversary Apparel & Gold Backpack

Disney has created a line of backpacks to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, but this gold backpack - and its matching apparel - is truly a stunner. Not only is it eye-catching, but its just glam enough to inspire magic in one's own life, no matter if they're on their way to school or just packing for an overnight trip.

2 Disney 50th Anniversary Snow Globe

Snow globes aren't just holiday decor and this one deserves to be seen throughout the entire year. When it catches the light just right, this 50th Anniversary snow globe will remind travelers just how much fun they had celebrating at Disney - and when they shake it, they'll have the chance to experience that magic all over again.

1 Disney 50th Anniversary Gold Mickey Ears

Of course, one of the most coveted items from any Disney Parks trip is the classic Mickey ears. So, for Disney's 50th Anniversary, they created a line of ears that are sure to dazzle and inspire. While the most popular are the gold ears, fans have also found Mickey ears in multicolored sequins, black pleather, and white and gold. No matter which ears a Disney guest goes home with, they're a constant reminder of the greatest place on earth, celebrating one of its greatest milestones.