It's been a tough two years for everyone, hasn't it? The stress and sickness of the pandemic, the seclusion, and the travel restrictions imposed have all made the global population feel imprisoned and helpless — a torturous feeling resulting in wound up souls in need of a complete reset. As the world returns to some form of normality and borders begin to reopen, jet-setters searching for rest and rejuvenation in exotic havens once again have something to look forward to. And in honor of April being National Stress Awareness Month, what better way to celebrate respite and relaxation than a carefully hand-picked curation of some of the planet's top places to relax and de-stress?

After everything everyone's been through over the last couple of years, travelers' inner urges to treat themselves to revered luxury experiences, bespoke retreats, and brand new shining hotels and resorts worldwide has never been stronger — and these fine escapes on this oh-so-tempting list represent the most sublime gifts to discerning globetrotters who just need to get away from it all. With ultra-exclusive getaways, wellness vacays, luxury spa holidays, and tailored retreats to fully unwind and scratch that travel itch, consider these sublime oases for an unparalleled stay that'll recharge those worn-out batteries. And trust this: it'll be extremely difficult to leave come to the end of one's serene stay at any and all of these blissful utopias tucked away in unrelenting paradise.

10 Savor A Sweet Solo Stay At Jade Mountain

For the ultimate tropical retreat of peace, quiet, and privacy in the Caribbean, no place can surpass the sublime sanctuaries at Jade Mountain in St. Lucia. Amongst the Caribbean's top luxury resorts, this one is a premier, five-star getaway fit for the most prominent of guests with lavish guest rooms equipped with private infinity pools, personal butlers, and uninterrupted views of the twin Pitons and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Among its serene stays, it's the property's specific Singlemoon package that's earned the spotlight, in which stressed-out travelers can enjoy a luxe pampering to the highest standard.

Wellness, adventurous, and culinary collective awaits guests who indulge in this well-planned out package; experienced chefs determine a meal plan tailored to the wellness needs of each guest before they even arrive — upon which they're met with private airport transfers and some fizzing welcome champagne in their sanctuary. Once arrived and settled in, the resort's wellness guru then greets the guests, offering them specific wellness counseling, meditation classes, and customized yoga sessions, which are followed by the sensational cherry on top: a full spa day to fulfill one's soothing self-care journey. Thought it couldn't get any more indulgent? Then consider this formidable package's amazing opportunities to learn a new skill or to try something adventurous, such as mountain biking, scuba diving, kayaking, chocolate-making classes, and many more memorable experiences.

9 Experience The Utmost Privacy And Luxury At Quintessence Hotel

Anguilla is a paradisiacal place for wound-up folks in desperate need of relaxation, and with its 33 pristine beaches, fine dining, and laid-back local culture, there's no questioning its place on this list. Overlooking the bright blue waters of Long Bay Beach where peace-and-quiet-searching travelers likely won't see another soul in sight, Quintessence boasts an idyllic location surrounded by stunning views and set away from the hectic tourist trail. Offering nine unique suites each with their own distinct decor, along with plush beds equipped with Hästens mattresses (which cost more than some brand-new cars and lull the weary-eyed into the best sleep of their lives), guests to this luxe location will truly feel at peace in their bespoke home from home.

And it goes even further; stepping from the serenity of one's private suite invites discovering the property's further opulent offerings, which include tennis courts, the finest French-Caribbean dining, fascinating art collections, and a sensuous spa to keep visitors in a perpetual state of zen throughout their superb stay. Lovingly nicknamed "The Tropical Grand Mansion," this particular property exudes all the fancy and frills of a full-service resort, yet feels much more akin to a boutique private villa. Plus, with dedicated butler service and a 4:1 staff-to-guest ratio, travelers lucky enough to enjoy a vacation here can savor a homely experience in privacy typically afforded by a luxe private villa, yet with all the uncompromising luxury, attention to detail, and personalized services they'd expect from a full-service, five-star resort throughout their vacation of the purest pampering.

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8 Rest And Recuperate At Caerula Mar Club

Also known as “The Sleeping Giant,” South Andros Island offers all the respite any stressed guest would need. How? It's a gem off the beaten track, where crowds seemingly do not exist and only 2,000 local residents live. If unplugging from the world and letting the anxieties and responsibilities burdened upon modern folks is on the cards, then this is the place to be — more specifically, the island's one and only resort: Caerula Mar Club. Resting on 10 acres of beautiful turquoise beach and nestled between luscious mangroves, Caerula is one of the most stylish resorts in the Caribbean and is operated by a well-known HGTV couple who have transformed it into one of the area's best-kept secrets.

Showcasing crisp designs and a warm, welcoming aesthetic, this luxury boutique hotel's chic style immediately chills out stressed minds and constricted souls upon entry. Venture further within the gorgeous property, and visitors will discover its six private villas and 18 beauteous suites all surrounded by lush nature. And it gets even more wondrous; the hardest decision of the day guests will ever face is this: to take a dip in the glimmering pool? Or sunbathe on the soft white sands bathed in the crystalline Caribbean Sea? That's guaranteed to be a tough choice, and those getting worked up about such a difficult dilemma can be calmed by the oceanfront spa, where a rejuvenating Bahamian breeze helps to soothe the soul and melt away all that stress.

7 Discover A Tranquil Hideaway At Southernmost Beach Resort

The newly renovated Southernmost Beach Resort enjoys an attractive location along with the quieter southern limit of the iconic Duval Street. But it's not just the laid back complex's perfect setting that oozes paradise, it's also its generous bounties within; leaking modern, sleek design, coastal tranquility, and sweeping ocean vistas from every corner, guests to this unpretentious hideaway are treated to an exclusive treat that others can only dream of: one of the most intimate island experiences in the Keys.

Guests have six acres of serene space at this spectacular secluded treasure, where three palm-fringed pools with private cabanas, an isolated tanning pier, a sumptuous signature restaurant, and an elegant five-star spa offering outstanding oceanfront treatments all combine to create nothing short of what would be classed as "heaven." Setting the standard for luxe rest, respite, and relaxation in Key West’s Historic District, it's a sanctum for discerning travelers whose deepest needs are to reconnect with self and escape reality for a while.

And they'll have those needs satiated in full when they let go during the property's expert-led morning beach yoga classes, its sunrise meditations, or when they relinquish all their woes within their luxurious guestroom. When ready and relaxed, the only thing guests have left to do is to discover the beauty beyond the refuge of the resort. Be it by land, sea, or on foot just steps from the grounds, resort guests have easy access to some of Key West's most untouched, splendid natural wonders.

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6 Unwind With Spectacular Surroundings At Casa Palopó

The untouched shores of Lake Atitlán are home to an extraordinary private home that was turned into a luxury boutique hotel. With breathtaking lake views and a backdrop of three imposing volcanoes, guests of Casa Palopó will be permanently charmed when they descend for a divine getaway tucked away in verdant nature. It's a place of astounding natural beauty and the utmost privacy away from the masses, and with only 15 guest rooms available, this uncrowded, adults-only hotel truly does do its pristine surroundings justice.

Scenes of natural awe completely frame this entire space, making it the crème de la crème for travelers in desperate need of getting back to nature. In addition, this characterful hotel has much more going for it than its majestic scenery and quiet setting; it provides ample opportunity to stimulate the mind and body. Think meditation and yoga sessions in front of volcano panoramas, cleansing and blessing rituals led by traditional Mayan Shamans, relaxing massages on a private guest room terrace or in the boutique spa, and those are only the tip of the mountain peak.

5 Picture-Perfect Peace And Palapa At Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino

The pristine Palm Beach is home to one of the region's most perfect getaways geared towards tranquility and relaxation; with its new Peaceful Palapa experience, the Aruba Marriott Resort is all about enjoying and celebrating peace and mindfulness throughout one's picture-perfect wellness vacation. Those who book this exclusive package receive a roster of perks to take advantage of, such as the oceanfront palapa to relish for a full day, as well as the services of a beach attendant who comes to present a selection of wellness and mindfulness gifts every hour between 8 am to 10 am. The first delight arrives at 8 am when the dedicated attendant brings a juicy fruit tray for a refreshing breakfast complete with hydrating bottled water, and even a QR code to an audio meditation — the latter being a special curation by a local Aruban.

Then, at 9 am, a nutritious bowl of overnight oats from Gelato & Co is brought to the guest, along with an authentic array of essential Aruba Aloe products for sun skin care, and a mindfulness journal and pen for jotting down some self-reflection. Come 10 am, guests are presented with a reusable Aruba Marriott Resort water bottle to help keep them hydrated in the hot tropical climate, and a $50 gift card redeemable at the glorious on-site Mandara Spa. If that doesn't quite sound like it'll keep guests on their wellness tracks, then they'll also be glad to have access to plenty more activities and facilities that'll have them feeling rested, rejuvenated, and relaxed in no time at all. From standup paddleboard yoga to fitness classes among many more, this complex of concentrated bliss has guests fulfill their wellness ventures as authentically and enjoyably as possible, seeing them going back home restored to factory settings for continued wellness long after their stay.

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4 Stay Active & Succumb To The Spa At The Santa Maria Panama

The expansive oasis in the heart of Panama City known as the Santa Maria is a Luxury Collection Hotel meeting the demands of knotted-up travelers who dream of a sophisticated getaway. This fashionable resort located inside The Santa Maria Country Club offers an enticing blend of rest and fun, and offers lots of space to play with its awesome amenities — an impressive list that includes a Jack Nicklaus-designed, 72-par, 18-hole signature golf course, soccer fields, tennis courts, and baseball fields. And, with international luxury dining and irresistibly spacious rooms and suites of incomparable opulence, all guests' basic human needs are transcended in the most luxurious way imaginable.

After an enriching day exploring the historic sights and sounds and the genuine local culture, guests will definitely be on the prowl for some rest and relaxation to reset their fatigued bodies and brains — and the resort's enormous outdoor pool and decadent spa inspired by local traditions and treatments will help every aspect of their being recovered in full. From its beckoning menu of massages — such as the Rosemary Muscle Recovery therapeutic massage — to its tirade of tantalizing treatments — like the Serenity Facial designed to alleviate stressed skin — guests of this epicenter of rejuvenation will learn how to unwind and relax like never before.

3 Dissolve Stress At The Largest Spa & Infinity Pool In Puerto Vallarta At Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa

Let all those worries dissolve in Puerto Vallarta's largest infinity pool and spa at Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort — the pinnacle of perfection when it comes to getting some deep respite and relaxation in this part of Mexico. This enchanting haven is entirely centered around water and its calming effects and offers a wondrous selection of in-water activities to match, such as swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and whale watching excursions. Additionally, those with an affinity for the ocean's beloved creatures will love checking out the resort's exceptional sea turtle release program — a unique experience to be savored that'll inspire and enrich one's vacation.

When it's time to kick back and chill, guests of this ocean-inspired retreat can utterly unwind in the biggest spa in the region — the Ohtli Spa — where a number of water-focused treatments are based on the ancient traditions of the Huichol to heal the body and mind through the power of H2O. The collection of therapies to sample is truly surreal, such as the “Rebirth” session, which takes place in an inviting pool of warm water and incorporates full meditation and relaxation. It works under the guidance of an experienced therapist, who takes weary-bodied souls through a series of rhythmic water movements, swaying and soothing the mind, joints, and muscle tissues to float them gently into a serene, meditative state. At the end of every spa treatment, guests can take a delightful dip in the hot and cold plunges as part of the tension-untangling process, which is believed to help invigorate the senses. How can such a long day of zen get any more superior? With delicious tequila tasting alongside the in-house sommelier, of course.

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2 Unplug & Escape To Paradise At Resorts World Bimini

Nestled on the seven-mile-long island of Bimini, Resorts World Bimini takes center stage as a sublime getaway for travelers on the hunt for a stress-free break from the palaver of the real world. Surrounded by the shining turquoise waters of the warm Caribbean Sea, this 750-acre luxurious beachfront property is easy to access via seaplane from Fort Lauderdale. The tropical complex is a never-ending roster of relaxation, and sipping cool cocktails in the lagoon pool or the rooftop infinity pool both complete with poolside bars, local bites menus, and mesmeric views is one of the guests' favorite pastimes.

When guests have had enough specialty beverages and swimming, the beckoning Serenity Spa located on the resort's top floor teases a good pampering. With an array of massages and facial services performed with prime-quality international ingredients, guests are sure to be spoiled as they bask in front of heart-stopping panoramas of the Caribbean Sea through the spa's huge floor-to-ceiling windows.

1 Relax Like A Royal With Thompson Zihuatanejo’s ‘Redemption’ Package

Sieving for another tip-top hideaway in Mexico for a relaxing holiday like no other? Then Thompson Zihuatanejo has all those pent-up needs sorted for an unrivaled stress-eliminating trip. First achieving fame in the movie The Shawshank Redemption, Zihutanejo became a literal place of redemption for prison friends, who would come to the area to reunite after their incarceration. With this heart-warming and fascinating fact in mind, this boutique hotel of world-class luxury came up with the “Redemption Package," in which guests can wine and dine like royals and "get busy living" in supreme fashion — and it all starts upon arrival; guests of the hotel nestled on the doorstep of the nearby picturesque fishing village are greeted with welcome tequila and "pozole" (which is a weekly culinary tradition in Zihua).

This unique package also includes a cooking class right on La Playa Ropa beach with Chef Javier Cerrillo — known locally as the master of smoke and fire. Furthermore, guests even get to savor a private yacht trip to the legendary La Saladita beach and have the opportunity to take a surfing lesson with the local professionals — the latter of which is deservedly followed by a much-needed post-surf recovery therapy for two at the resort's captivating spa. And it doesn't end there; visitors even have their very own activities concierge, who, amongst whatever needs arise, finds a myriad of luxe wellness treats that await guests in their suite. And goodness, the suites! Each and every single one is of unbelievable beauty and luxury and comes equipped with a state-of-the-art private plunge pool, where a bucket of refreshing Dufresne beers is delivered every day once the clock strikes Happy Hour. All suites also boast stunning private terraces perfect for relaxing on, soaking up the atmosphere, and downing that well-earned beer — all that zen is hard work after all.