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The Dominican Republic is one of the two countries on the island of Hispaniola. The Caribbean is much more than just beaches; it is a stunning region with a very rich and diverse mosaic of cultures. The Dominican Republic is a great place to leave the beach and the all-inclusive resort and head into the interior to discover the country in a much more intimate way.

The Dominican Republic is also one of the cheapest destinations to discover in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is one of the best places to explore to really be able to get away from the tourist traps as well as learn about the oldest colonial history in the Americas in the capital, Santo Domingo.


Why Explore The Dominican Republic With A Tour

The Dominican Republic is a country of almost 11 million and covers around 19,000 square miles (between the sizes of Maryland and West Virginia).

  • Population: 10.8 Million
  • Capital: Santo Domingo
  • Language: Spanish
  • Santo Domingo: Oldest European City In The Americas

Before the Europeans arrived, the island of Hispaniola was inhabited by the native Taino people. The Taino people also lived in Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and other islands. The capital, Santo Domingo, is the first permanent European settlement anywhere in the Americas - there is no colonial city in the Caribbean, North America, or South America older than it.

For many years, Santo Domingo was the seat of Spanish colonial rule of the New World and had a very impressive history. It is very much worth taking the time to have good tours of colonial Santo Domingo to discover the country's deep history.

The country is home to the Americas' first cathedral, first monastery, first castle, and first fortress.

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9 Days / 8 Nights Heritage Tour Of The Dominican Republic

If one would like to get a good introduction to the Dominican Republic, then Dominican Abroad offers a 9-day tour of the country. During the tour, visitors will see Villa Mella, Monte Plata, Barahona, and Pedernales. It is a great option for those willing to leave the bubbles of the all-inclusive resorts.

On tour, guests learn about the cross-cultural influences that make up the country today while exploring some of the very different corners of the beautiful island.

On the first day, explore the colonial zone of Santo Domingo, while the next day, guests learn about Taino history, visit the Villa Mella (historic for runaway slaves0, and learn about the Afro-Dominican culture in music. On the third day, the tour goes to a humble countryside home and farmland that has been in the family for generations. One will have cooking lessons, see plentiful waterfalls, and a medicinal plant workshop.

Other attractions and activities include taking a private boat tour through the Jarajua National park, enjoying mud baths, visiting some of the best beaches in the world, and much more.

The tour includes:

  • Transportation: All Domestic Transportation In A Minibus
  • Meals: All Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, and 3 Dinners
  • Accommodation: Five Nights Accommodation
  • Other: Tour Guides and Entrance Fees
  • Cost: Inquire For A Price
  • Duration: 6 Days and 5 Nights

Some meals are not included, and neither are flights to and from the island. Accommodation is in different hotels and family-owned B&Bs.

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Santo Domingo City Tour

One of the main attractions of the Dominican Republic is the historic colonial zone of Santo Domingo. Amigo Tours lists one tour of Santo Domingo, where one can delve into the history of the city.

The tour is an all-day tour lasting around 10 hours. This is enough time to see how the city was founded in 1496 (at first, it was called Nueva Isabel).

  • Duration: 10 Hours

The tour begins at the impressive "Lighthouse of Christopher Columbus," which commemorated the 500 years of the discovery of the New World. Some even claim that the remains of Christopher Columbus are in the building (but it's generally agreed they are likely to be in the Seville Cathedral in Spain).


  • Adult: $114.00 (Aged 12 And Over)
  • Child: $57.00 (Aged 3 to 11)

The tour will also explore many of the most important historic buildings, including the Cathedral of Santa Maria - the oldest cathedral built in the Americas.

The tour includes:

  • Meal: Lunch and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Guide: An Expert Guide
  • Entrance: To Relevant Museums
  • Transportation: Round Trip Transportation

The tour pauses for lunch in the stunning restaurant, La Atarazana, in the oldest part of the city.

These are just a few of the many tours on offer to discover the Dominican Republic.