Whether it's for the peace of mind or the extra savings available, opting for an all-inclusive vacation is a popular choice for many travelers. There's no need to worry about food, activities, or moving between hotels - everything is available on your doorstep without even needing to reach for your wallet.

However, as idyllic as an all-inclusive vacation can sound, it's not always as convenient or relaxing as you might expect, as many of these guests discovered. After planning their dream vacations, these travelers were left feeling thoroughly disappointed. Whether it was the terrible food, the dangerous facilities, the rude staff, or the lack of entertainment, guests were hit with a hard dose of "expectation versus reality" on their all-inclusive breaks.

10 Gran Hotel Bali Is Clearly Not A Fan Of Brits

Several guests at Gran Hotel Bali in Benidorm - a popular destination for British travelers - have complained about the lack of respect for UK travelers. From hotel staff refusing to speak English to guests looking down their noses at their British counterparts, a lot of UK holidaymakers leave disappointed with their experience.

9 Dirty Beaches And Abandoned Nearby Buildings Greet Guests At Hotel Reef Yucatan

This poor traveler admitted that he and his fiancée were reduced to tears when they arrived at Hotel Reef Yutacan to find their surroundings a far cry from welcoming or relaxing. Not only was this ugly abandoned hotel mere meters away from the resort, but the couple also passed a dead alligator carcass and heaps of dry seaweed on their beach stroll.

8 Guests Left Feeling Unsafe And Disappointed At Catalonia Punta Del Rey

Tenerife is a popular destination for all-inclusive holidays, but this hotel failed to live up to guests' expectations. With tiny rooms, unhelpful service, no refreshments, rotting facilities, and - as this alarming photo shows - floor tiles that can literally give way at any minute, it's no wonder this hotel has some unsavory reviews.

7 This Private Beach At Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort Is A Let Down In More Than One Way

This beach is supposedly reserved for guests at the Royal Bahamian Spa Resort, but some unlucky guests were told that their promised luxury beach was closed due to choppy seas. Add to that the mounds of dirty seaweed that were left to rot on the shore, and it's understandable why some guests feel cheated.

6 Guests Often Wish The Food Wasn't Included In Melia Puerto Vallarta's Package

It's no secret that the food in an all-inclusive package is not always the highest quality. After all, since guests have already paid for all their meals, hotels are often pressured to provide quantity over quality. But Melia Puerto Vallarta arguably took this mentality too far when they served up this sloppy lunch buffet.

5 The Old Facilities And Basic Food At Htop Royal Beach Are Not Exactly As Advertised

These travelers were so disappointed with their soggy, stale, and greasy meals that they decided to eat out at restaurants every night, despite having paid for all-inclusive. And coming back to their rooms at night wasn't much comfort either - they don't look like they've been updated since the 60s.

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4 HL Club Playa Blanca Forgot To Mention That "All-Inclusive" Also Includes Constant Maintenance

If there's one thing you don't want to see on your all-inclusive vacation, it's caution tape, heavy machinery, and piles of construction materials. Although the travelers were told there would be minor refurbishments, they were not expecting this level of disruption, with workers using loud power tools and closing half the pool.

3 Club Lyda Hotel Guests Left Fuming At The Basic Rooms And Hidden Fees In Their "All-Inclusive" Deals

Several guests at this Greek hotel have complained of their shock at discovering their all-inclusive stay didn't include air conditioning or even a safe in their rooms, which were also incredibly outdated. The little food that was actually included in the package was so basic and unappealing that many guests chose to eat elsewhere.

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2 The Entertainment At Monica Isabel Beach Club Leaves A LOT To Be Desired

While this man might be secretly glad he gets to watch the soccer on TV, most other guests at this hotel felt completely let down by the total lack of entertainment. While there is a pool on-site, it is not heated and guests complained of witnessing several accidents during their stay.

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1 Guests At Divi Carina Bay Are Greeted With Unclean Pools And Dirty Beaches

Lounging at the pool is many guests' favorite thing to do on vacation. Unfortunately, this pool is seriously lacking in appeal and looks like an ear infection waiting to happen. The beach is also not a great alternative, with many guests complaining of ankle-deep seaweed.

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