A film director who found himself alone on a Delta Airlines flight rather amusingly decided to document the whole thing.

For most of us, flying on a commercial plane is usually a pretty stressful affair. Being crammed into a seat right in between two people you have never met. Eating what is usually pretty terrible airline food. All of this for hours at a time, and we haven't even taken into consideration that some people have a severe fear of flying.

Perhaps once or twice in a lifetime, or more often if you have the money to do so, we'll get to travel first class. The extra legroom, the nicer food, free drinks. What if we told you that there is something even better than first-class when flying? Well, there is, and Vincent Peone recently had the chance to experience it.


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The director recently arrived at an airport in Aspen, Colorado only to discover that he would be the only passenger on a flight to Salt Lake City. After realizing that Peone would be their only customer, Delta Airlines employees amusingly played along. They made the announcements and called their sole passenger forward. However, the flight was delayed slightly due to weight having to be added to the plane thanks to a lack of passengers.

As any director worth their salt should do, Peone documented his entire trip as a flight's one and only passenger. He posted evidence of the dozens of empty seats who would share his trip with him, and also a video of the Detla employees calling him forward for the flight. Delta's Twitter account replied to the video, writing "That looks like an awesome experience! Thank you for the shoutout, and we truly appreciate you for choosing Delta!"

As for how something like this happened, Peone explained to the Washington Post that it was due to the flight having to be rescheduled. He even joked that due to his "Diamond Medallion status" with Delta, the director expected that they had purposefully rescheduled the flight just for him. Either way, we're incredibly jealous that we'll probably never get the chance to experience the same thing.

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