Namibia is a stunning Africa country located just to the north of South Africa (don't forget to include Cape Town in any Southern Africa trip). While it is a large country (larger than the state of Texas), it has only around 2.5 million people. Namibia is the second country with the lowest population density in the world and offers the serenity of openness and sparseness.

Namibia is home to many of Africa's most iconic wildlife and is an often overlooked destination to go on world-class but much more affordable safaris. Just to the north is the stunning game park of Etosha - one of the best and cheapest parks in Africa to go for a self-drive safari.


About Omaruru Game Lodge

Omaruru is a small town around 3 hours drive from the country's capital of Windhoek. About 15 minutes out of the town is the stunning oasis lodge of Omaruru Game Lodge. This game lodge is like none other and is one of the best keep secrets of Namibia - in fact, most of its guests are locals coming from Namibia and South Africa.

  • Located: Around 3 Hours Drive From The Capital
  • Situated: The Lodge Is Situated Inside A Private Game Park

As one arrives at the Omaruru Game Lodge one will be immediately enamored. To get to the main lodge from the main gate, one must drive through their field filled with giraffes, rhinos, zebras, and more. The lodge is located within a private game park bursting with wildlife.

The lodge is made up of bungalows set in an oasis with mature palm trees with a high-end restaurant. The bungalows are stylishly furnished African round-house architecture with thatched roofs. They are fully air-conditioned and have hot running water in en-suite bathrooms.

The Watering Hole And Animals

The hallmark of the lodge is a watering hole just outside the restaurant - only around 20 meters away. Here all the animals congregate and hang out as they quench their thirst and are fed.

  • Watering Hole: There is A Watering Hole Right By The Lodge

Every evening the wildlife is fed directly in front of the restaurant and its patio. See all the wild animals come and gather around - it is hard to see such a diverse and numerous collection of animals such as this on any safari in Africa.

Here one will be surrounded by giraffes, zebras, rhinos, eland, gnus, and more. Sit watch the animals with a wine or cocktail. After dark in the evening, the watering hole is illuminated so one can continue to watch the animals.

  • Giraffe: One Giraffe is Tame And One Can Touch Him And Pose With Him

One of the giraffes (called Samy) was bottle-fed as an infant and so he is very friendly. He will come and greet the visitors and look for a treat. He will put his head down by yours and one can touch him, pat him, and pose with him. Sit out on the patio for breakfast and he will come by looking for a tasty morsel.

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The Safari Park Tours

The lodge comes with its own private Safari Park where one can go on a Safari during one's stay. This game park is unique in Namibia boasting one of the highest levels of wildlife stock and it is populated by most of the main animal species found in Namibia. The private park encompasses over 3,400 hectares.

  • Park Size: 3,400 Hectares

The lodge offers daily safari tours in both the morning and the afternoon. Their off-road safari vehicles come with sunshade roofs and make for a very relaxing and rewarding experience.

Short Game Drive:

  • Duration: 1.5 Hours
  • Cost: N$ 300 ($18)

Long Game Drive:

  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Cost: N$ 400 ($37)


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Animals in the game park include white rhinos, elephants, hippos, giraffes, oryxes, kudus, waterbucks, mountain as well as common zebras, elands, blesbucks, ostriches, springboks, blue and black wildebeests, common and endangered black nose impalas, warthogs, steenboks, damara dik diks, chacma baboons and as well as many types of birds.

Housed separately, the game lodge also has a leopard and cheetahs right by the lodge. They are fed daily at 6.00 pm and one can come within 6 feet of them as they enjoy their evening meal.

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The Bungalows At The Lodge

The bungalows are everything one could hope for. Two types of bungalows are provided - Superior and Standard. Each comes with its own patio from where one can gaze out at the Africa wildlife and enjoy the ambiance of the lodge. There is also a large swimming pool to relax in. Staying at the lodge includes both breakfast and dinner.


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  • Number of Bungalows: 13 Bungalows With 44 Beds
  • Included: Bathroom, Refrigerator, Mosquito Protection, Air Conditioning
  • Dining: One's Stay Includes Breakfast and Dinner


  • Superior Double Room: 3,990 Namibian Dollars (Per Room) ($245)
  • Superior Double Room: 2,450 Namibian Dollars (Per Person) ($150)
  • Standard Double Room: 3,360 Namibian Dollars (Per Room) ($220)
  • Standard Double Room: 1,980 Namibian Dollars (Per Person) ($125)

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