There are numerous Devil's Bridges throughout Europe, which means you shouldn't leave before visiting at least one. All of them have lore that suggests the bridge was built with some assistance from the devil, hence their fateful names. These masterpieces were ahead of their time in terms of design and willingness to stand against time, which is why they have grown so popular today.

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This list pinpoints the best devil's bridges throughout Europe that you have to see. You won't believe your eyes as you gaze upon the beauty of a bridge that was built centuries before you were born. Keep reading to learn about the ten best Devil's Bridges in Europe!

9 Pont Valentre (France)

This bridge was built back in the 14th century in Cahors, France. It was made to be a fortress to withstand any enemies who wished to attack. It would have been a great idea, except it took 70 years for it to be completed. The lore of the devil comes into play for it to be completed.

It is said the builder made a pact to trade his soul to the devil to complete the bridge if the devil could carry a sieve of water. he couldn't do it, so instead, he tore a single brick from the corner tower every time it was replaced. During its restoration, the architect felt inspired by this story and added a small sculpture of the devil pulling this missing brick out of its resting place.

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8 Teufelsbrucke (Switzerland)

The Ruess River was a terrible thing that cost many men their lives, which is what led to the building of this bridge. The original bridge was made of wood back in 1230, but over time it has been replaced twice due to its decay. It is known as the Devil's Bridge because it is rumored the people from the nearby town of Andermatt enlisted the devil's help in order to build it.

It was said that he demanded the first soul of the person who crossed the bridge, so the townspeople sent a goat instead. The devil wasn't fooled, but before he could destroy the bridge with a rock, a woman stopped him with a cross. The stone is still nearby to this day to help people relive this tale of the creation of this particular bridge.

7 Ponte da Mizarela (Portugal)

This bridge in Portugal was supposedly created in order to help a fleeing bandit escape some angry villagers. The devil created a temporary bridge in exchange for this man's soul, but he later repented to a priest who had the devil expelled with a rosary. This act brought the vanished bridge to life and to this day it still stands.

The bridge and its lore are intriguing, but the beauty of the surrounding landscape is worth a second look. A bit of exploration will turn your day trip into an adventure as you see all that Portugal has to offer.

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6 Devil's Bridge of Ceredigion (Wales)

The lore surrounding this bridge has to do with a stranded cow. A woman's poor cow ended up on the wrong side of the Mynach River, and it was all her family had. The devil, disguised as a monk, offered to throw a bridge across the chasm if he could have the first being to cross the bridge.

She outwitted him by having her dog cross the bridge first, and ever since it has been standing tall and strong. There are a series of steps leading from the ground up to the bridge, as well as free parking and refreshments in the summer. There is a fee of £3.75 to enter, but it is worth it to experience a bit of history.

5 Devil's Bridge of Torcell0 (Austria)

This bridge is located on the Island of Torcello in Venice Lagoon. The lore behind this bridge is that a young girl fell in love with an Austrian soldier in an unsanctioned relationship. The soldier was killed and the girl was heartbroken, but she refused to give up.

She sought the help of a witch who she met on this island, and the witch brought the soldier back to life with the devil's help. The devil doesn't work for free, so he made the witch promise to bring him the soul of a recently deceased child every Christmas Eve for seven years. The witch died soon after, and it is said to this day the devil comes to this bridge on Christmas Eve to claim the souls he was promised.

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4 Sant Bartomeu Bridge (Spain)

This medieval bridge was built in Spain and sits between Martorell and Castellbisbal, Spain. It features a chapel at its peak and has been rebuilt one time in its history. It was destroyed back in 1939 during the Spanish Civil War, but the people had it rebuilt because of its historical value. The old stones combined with the surrounding greenery make for an excellent photographic moment. It is utterly unique which is why everyone should make the trip to see this Devil's Bridge.

3 Devil's Bridge of Ardino (Bulgaria)

Many people travel to this bridge to take its picture because its reflections offer something found in no other scrapbook. It was created in the early 1500s and it is the most notable of all the bridges to cross the Arda River.

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The locals use it regularly, but once night falls many take a different route. The story is that the wife of one of the builder's passed away while it was still in construction, and it is said her shadow has become a part of the bridge. They also say the devil's footprint can be found among the rocks.

2 Devil's Bridge of Kirkby Lonsdale (England)

This bridge has been around since 1370 and helps visitors cross the Lune River. It is quite interesting as this bridge has the same exact lore as the Devil's Bridge of Ceredigion. We assume they were short on devil stories, or this just seemed like the only plausible explanation for the building of a bridge.

The actual story is that it was built by monks from St Mary’s Abbey, but vehicles have been banned from using it to cross since 1932. They wanted to preserve its architecture and public appeal so centuries of visitors to come could enjoy it.

1 Ponte Della Maddalena (Italy)

This bridge can be found in the province of Lucca in Italy, and it is one of their main attractions. Its interesting design combined with the era in which it was built led to some interesting theories as to its construction.

The lore says that the builder asked the devil for help to complete the daunting task in exchange for his soul. Some say he gave it up and others say he tricked a dog into crossing the bridge before he did. All we know is that its beauty and architectural magnificence have us adding this to our list of destinations.

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