Safari is a term used to refer to traveling and touring a national park, or reserve to see wild animals. It involves an adventurous experience in the wilderness where visitors can see wild animals in their natural environment. Safari is a term delivered from the Swahili language commonly used in East Africa.

Safari tours are mostly done in Africa due to their rich wildlife. Safaris are not just for adults, kids can also take part in this amazing experience. All someone needs to do is to plan very well for the event and select the best destinations. Here are the top 10 to choose from.

10 Kwandwe Private Game Reserve In South Africa

Kwandwe private game reserve is found in South Africa. The game reserve has many amazing animals and one will get a chance to see the big five; rhinos, elephants, lions, buffaloes, and leopards. Another advantage of visiting this place with kids is that it is very laid back and there are no mosquitoes hence no risk of malaria.

When visiting Kwandwe private game reserve with kids, handling them is easy as there are guides who are well trained in guiding children in the right manner.

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9 Kruger National Park, South Africa

Kruger is the best and largest national park in southern Africa. It is very well protected and taken care of such that one will see all the big wild animals at ease. At the same time, the national park is malaria-free making it ideal for travelers who would like to do a safari with their families.

Kruger national park is good for game sports due to its geography and good off roads. With the park having an airport nearby, travelers do not have to drive a long distance.

8 Kenya

Kenya is very popular for its amazing safari destinations and abundance of animals. Kenya is considered the best safari destination for a good reason and that is the high number of parks and ease of spotting animals since they are in high numbers. One unique feature about Kenya is that it is the only country to have a national park in its capital, Nairobi.

This means a traveler can have their kids do a safari within 30mins from the city. Another popular destination is Masai Mara which is the most popular game reserve in the world.

7 Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country with breathtaking natural wonders and safari destinations. The country is among the best places to visit in Africa to experience great wildlife and safari adventure. Zimbabwe is a good destination for kids due to its abundance of wild animals and other natural features hence no traveling for long distances.

Among the most popular locations in Victoria Falls which is a natural wonder. Additionally, the country has many parks and game reserves that offer high-quality lodges and safe areas for camping as well.

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6 Zambia

For travelers looking to travel with their kids and do a safari, Zambia is a good location for many reasons. One of them is that it offers good destinations for walks, hikes, driving, camping, and animal watch, ideal for kids. The government of Zambia has taken great measures to protect safari destinations making them safe for families.

The most popular camp is Tafika Camp. Additionally, Zambia has good and uncrowded camps in most of its game reserves offering a good environment for a family.

5 Botswana

Botswana is a favorite safari destination for many people. The country is good in weather and systems put in place to ensure tourists explore different game parks with ease. Okavango Delta is the most popular camping destination for game watch and safari experiences in the country and is highly recommended.

Visiting Botswana will let kids have an easy and exciting experience doing a safari due to the high number of parks, great park roads, high number of wild animals, amazing guides, and great natural surroundings. Additionally, the country has some parks very close to airports and airstrips making accessibility easy.

4 Tanzania

Tanzania is a country in East Africa and among the best safari destinations. Tanzania has a high number of wild animals that will make it amazing for kids. With the country having so many parks, there is enough for kids to watch without much of a struggle. The most popular park is the Serengeti, Tarangire national park, and Ngorongoro Crater.

The county has a good culture and people making it very friendly. The plains of the countryside are filled with cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, buffalos, and lions. One can also choose to take their kids to Zanzibar beach for relaxation after spending time in the parks.

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3 Namibia

For a tourist looking for a nice safari destination with some desert theme into it, then Namibia is the place to go. Sossusvlei and Swakopmund are not on to be malaria-free making them good for kids. Another place to visit is the Etosha National Park. Here, one will have a great experience with their kids even camping since there is no malaria from July to September.

With the country offering well-maintained roads within the parks, great guides, and flying safari experiences, one can have an unforgettable moment for their kids.

2 Rwanda For Mountain Gorilla

Rwanda is not a very popular safari destination when compared to the rest on the list but it is worth the visit. It is a small country and very peaceful, offering a great environment for kids. Rwanda is very popular for the Mountain Gorillas. As a result, visiting these great species is a real treat for kids.

1 Uganda

Uganda is a country with an average climate with some parts being moderately hot and others cool. The country is well known for the Big Five and mountain gorillas. When traveling with kids for a safari there, one can choose to visit Bwindi forest and do gorilla trekking or Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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