Following on from summer is no easy task but fall has some tricks up its sleeve that not only compete with the sun-laden season preceding it but actually surpass it within many destinations.

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Fall naturally brings stunning color to terrain that is unable to be recreated outside of their transforming borders. It uniquely reveals itself to each location it touches and washes across the world in waves of wonder. Here are 10 destinations that fall beautifully bestows its gifts upon each year.

10 Bavaria, Germany

No matter which season descends on Bavaria, magic fills the streets and history comes alive. With a reach across time all the way back to the 1st Century, a walk through its fabled alleyways is the closest explorers can come to time-travelling without a DeLorean.

It is in fall however that the state crosses the divide and actually appears to become fictional due to the impossibly beautiful performance it stages. The never-ending colour palette compliments the medieval castles, bridges and churches in a way that can only be truly captured when present in the moment itself, surrounded by falling leaves.

9 Boston, United States

New England’s transformation in the fall is nothing short of miraculous. An already beautiful area no matter what the season, the pure passion the landscape commits to the adjustment with is something to behold.

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While based in Boston it is possible to jaunt further afield to surrounding towns and regions such as the storied Cap Cod but it is also extremely simple to do little more than stroll the streets of the downtown or meander along the banks of the Charles River. Locals will make you feel like one of their own and fall will wrap you in its arms and make you feel warm in every way.

8 Cape Breton, Canada

When the fabulous foliage begins to explode in Cape Breton, so does the population. Fall here is home to the Celtic Colours International Festival and it draws creative minds from every walk of life to the island. Being here during this time guarantees a soul-nourishing experience with a menu of fresh seafood, local hospitality and unbridled happiness.

If the festival circuit isn’t for you, the Cabot Trail is a key item on every Canadian’s bucket list and during the fall it is one of the most rewarding drives in the world. A meticulously maintained route, the only concern is how to keep your eyes on the road while the countryside rolls by outside.

7 Naples, Italy

Fall comes to Italy in such a spectacular way that it is hard choosing a specific destination whose beauty shouts the loudest. In truth, the ideal fall break is a drive along the length of the country following a trail of delicately falling leaves.

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Do ensure that journey spends some time in Naples however, even if for just a few days. The colors here are made up of the sky and the surf that brightens with each passing day and welcomes every visitor with an enthusiastic embrace.

6 Torres del Paine, Chile

Patagonia has been revealed to many through powerful prose and tales of adventure and the ruggedly beautiful terrain, towering peaks and abundant wildlife never fail to live up to the hype.

Fall here has the sensational advantage of not only using it’s exquisite views to thieve the breath of travelers, it is also the most delightfully pleasant season of the year. The daylight hours are longer, winds are calm and respectful and the temperature is a peaceful compromise between the competing seasons.

5 Cuzco, Peru

Much more heavily trafficked in the months preceding fall, Peru is a destination that thanks travelers arriving outside of peak season with lush horizons and warm temperatures that can be enjoyed amongst smaller crowds.

While there is more precipitation during the fall, the result of this is the incredibly vibrant greens and yellows that jump out of every photo and rest in pride of place within every memory made. Multi-day treks that allow full immersion in the luminous landscapes are readily available and extra-special in the fall months.

4 Adelaide, Australia

While Adelaide does not sit on the world stage in the same way Sydney and Melbourne do, it is quite content to continue along its course of unexpected beauty and as fall takes over the city, it wows visitors from all over the world with its quiet dignity and generosity.

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The international Fringe and WOMADelaide Festivals take place every year, placed amongst the falling foliage and refreshing temperatures of downtown green spaces. A short journey into the surrounding hills will also give visitors an entirely different perspective of the area, one that remains in the mind long after the last leaf has fallen.

3 Thessaly, Greece

Major cities in Greece experience a huge swell in numbers during the warmer months, with summer a stunning time to spend astride the series of exquisite islands. In fall however, both the traffic and the price drops significantly while the weather retains its restorative qualities and the views only get better.

North of Athens is the incredible Mount Pelion, a mythical formation said to be home of the centaurs. Something that is certainly not mythical but demonstrably real here are the picturesque farms, colorful forests, soft sand beaches and impressively crafted mountainside towns. In fall the entire area takes on the appearance of a particularly talent-infused artwork that needs to be seen to be believed.

2 Cambrian Mountains, Wales

Hiking is one of the best ways to discover Wales, and the Cambrian Mountains are one of the finest examples of this. The scenery is not bathed in sunlight year round, but it doesn’t need to be. Some of the most wonderful days are when the lowered light plays off the rolling hills and glistening lakes before slowly fading to reveal a still and peaceful night.

With the possibilities endless, take to these trails in the fall to understand just what the area is capable of. Colors unable to be created anywhere else in nature burst forth with pride and create panoramas of perfect patchwork that will be the only sustenance hikers need.

1 Hanoi, Vietnam

Bringing a welcome cool climate, gentle sunlight and revitalized atmosphere to Vietnam, fall is eagerly awaited by locals and travelers alike every year. The cloudlessly clear skies reveal streets lined with the striking yellow of fallen leaves and illuminate the city with the freshness of a changing season.

While exploring the colourful streets of the Old Town, two of the most picture-perfect places to roam is the Hoan Kiem Lake and the Deoksugung Palace Road. The lake showcases everything that a Vietnamese fall is unique for and the Palace Road links urbanization with nature. It is lined with ever-evolving trees that bring the entire journey to vibrant life.

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