We have all heard the stories of mystical creatures that were meant to scare us or entertain us for an evening of fun. These monstrosities are all associated with a particular place that you as a traveler can visit. A few stories might convince you that these myths are more than just a legend, but it is something you will have to decide for yourself.

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We have compiled a list of places where you might spot one of these creatures. You might choose to travel here out of interest or because you seek to lay eyes on one of these fables come to life. Keep reading to learn about ten places where old myths might be more than just a legend!

10 10. Ninki Nanka (Gambia)

The Ninki Nanka is a mystical dragon that comes from Gambia's folklore. It supposedly lives in the swamps and has a horse-like head with reflective scales. There have been several different accounts and each one claims it looks a bit different than the last. There have been several reportings, but be warned, because those who lay eyes on the monster generally don't live longer than a few weeks. If you are interested then grab your rain boots and start your hike through Gambia's swamps.

9 9. Yacumama (Amazon River, Brazil)

This snake has been feared by the people of Brazil for many years because of its large size and ability to create its own brand of chaos. These tales were inspired by giant anacondas, but the Yacumama was the most feared of them all. You can journey down the Amazon River and look for mudslides or major water disturbances to find this ginormous creature. It's not recommended you get too close if you do spot one, as they won't think twice before making you their meal.

8 8. Yeti (Himalayas, Nepal)

People have been reporting these giants footprints for years, and this list includes Indian soldiers traveling in the area. This beast is best found by avid climbers who wish to make the long treks up the sides of the snow-covered mountains. There have been several studies done to find proof of the Yeti, but everyone has come up empty-handed. This shouldn't discourage you though because it might be just your luck that you find the Yeti himself roaming atop the fierce mountains.

7 7. Spring-Heeled Jack (London, England)

Spring-heeled Jack is comparable to the Boogeyman, as he was used to scare children into behaving. He is described as tall and thin with claws for hands and he uses his abilities to bring terror to the UK. This creature can breathe flames and jump entire buildings, but that doesn't mean you won't catch a glimpse of his dark cloak.

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This myth focused on women, but he made several appearances throughout the century. You can go looking, but we can't promise you will like what you find at the other end of this dark tunnel.

6 6. Bunyip (Australia)

This is another swamp creature, but this time it resides in the regions of Australia. The appearance of this creature changes based on the witness, but people know that it preys on women and children in the dead of night who stray to close to the water's edge. The sightings were usually given in the southeast portion of Australia and it contains the evil spirit of a cursed man. Australia is beautiful, but this creature sure isn't, so finding this particular creature may not be in your best interest.

5 5. Kappa (Japan)

The Kappa is a pond and river dweller in the heart of Japan. It is a strange mixture of human and reptile that disturbs the minds of many. It creates chaos and its goal is to harm humans, as its favorite delicacy is that of children. There are some reports of helpful Kappa, but it is best to assume that they are all evil. The most prominent feature is the dent on the top of their heads that hold power-giving water and they are said to be the size of a child. If you happen to encounter one it is best to bow to it, so it spills its magical water and loses its powers, allowing you to escape its clutches.

4 4. Chupacabra (Puerto Rico and Mexico)

The Chupacabra is said to be the size of a small bear and lusts to suck the blood of any creature, but goats are its favorite. It is said to have a tail, but it is unknown whether it walks on four legs or just two.

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Many believe the beasts to be hairless, so don't mistake a hairless dog for this beast. There has been no solid evidence to corroborate this, but you can still try and find this beast in the lands of Puerto Rico and Mexico.

3 3. Skinwalker (Utah, United States)

This myth trails from the UFO sightings the owners claimed to have seen in this area. The Skinwalker term comes from Native American legends of creatures who could shapeshift into any form and their only goal was to cause harm to those around them. Today, it is believed to be the landing spot of aliens who enjoy feasting upon the innards of cattle. You can visit the ranch for yourself and try to find the Skinwalkers, but be warned that they did not come here to make any friends.

2 2. Loch Ness Monster (Inverness, Scotland)

The Loch Ness Monster tale has been around for longer than we have been alive, but all of the tales stem from Inverness, Scotland. It is said to be a huge aquatic animal but it is unclear what this beast eats. There have been several sightings of the monster over the years, but only your eyes can tell you if the legend is true or false. Scotland is beautiful, but sighting this myth might just make your long trip worthwhile.

1 1. Unicorns (China)

This is the most majestic of all of the magical creatures on our list and by far the least deadly. Unicorns are said to be found in China and it resembled a deer but had dragon scales instead of skin. The person claimed its horn was covered in strange symbols according to ancient Chinese tales. The only way to find out the truth is if you go searching for a Unicorn yourself. You might get lucky, or you might just have the adventure of a lifetime, but it is a sure thing you won't leave disappointed.

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