Most of us are used to cruising down the road, windows down, music blasting, but little do we realize just how important these structures truly are. From getting to work, school, or simply connecting cities to one another, we tend to take the design and engineering behind roads, and highways for granted. Although most of the time we take in the scenery during a leisurely ride down the road, there are some that are sometimes worth closing your eyes completely.

The world is home to some of the most dangerous roads, ones that are winding, narrow, steep, and the list goes on and on. Many can appear intimidating, while others are worth avoiding at all costs! However, if you are looking for a reason to risk it all, or you are simply a driver up for any challenge, then you might want to add these roads to your bucket list. If you're the type that likes to play it safe, then read on, because here are the 25 most dangerous roads we 100% want to avoid!

  1. 25 Sichuan - Tibet Highway: China

This 2,142 km-long high-elevation road begins all the way in Chengdu of Sichuan, which is located on the east of China, and ends at Lhasa in Tibet, all the way on the west.

The road is extremely dangerous and well-known for its terrible surfaces, sharp mountainside hairpins, rock avalanches and occasional landslides that make it an extremely risky road to be driving on!

Although it is dangerous, making it to the end will let you get to witness the gorgeous view of many mountain peaks, passes, and deep gorges.

24 17. BR - 319: Brazil

The BR-319 is a highway in Brazil that is truly a difficult road to navigate. According to Jornal Extra, the highway was created in order to open up the Amazon rainforest for economic purposes, however, it wasn't constructed in the best way.

The poor workmanship has led to countless potholes that can pop a tire, crack a prime or ruin your car's alignment altogether! In addition, driving in the rain is deemed impossible due to the extremely muddy conditions.

23 16. Jacob's Ladder: Australia

Jacob's Ladder is a narrow zig-zag road is located in Tasmania, Australia. It is a road that climbs up to the Ben Lomond Mountain at an elevation of 1,570 meters above the sea level.

It is completely unsealed, dusty, bumpy and steep, with numerous hairpin bends.

According to the Cyclist, the road is often used by motorbikes and three-wheelers, considering its extremely dangerous conditions making it quite a rough drive for any vehicles. It is quite the road trip hotspot, where many visitors will cycle or climb up the mountain in order to enjoy the view from the top.

22 2. La Carretera De Los Yungas: Bolivia

La Carretera de los Yungas road in Bolivia also referred to as the "Road of Death", is undoubtedly worthy of such a title.

The road itself contains quite dangerous turns, a narrow single lane, and cliffs with drops of up to 2,000 feet say, El Mundo.

The road, being so high up, contains no guard rails, making it quite an easy road to drive off of, especially during the rainy season when the road itself is quite muddy and slippery.

21 3. Kallikratis Kapsodasos Road: Greece

This curvy and mountainous road located in Crete, Greece, has been notorious for its high-risk driving conditions. It has been characterized as extremely sharp winding with a precipitous ascent with countless "zig-zag" areas that ought to give any passenger motion sickness.

The road measures up to 11-kilometers long and contains up to 27 hairpin turns that are nearly 800 meters above sea level, claims Greek Reporter.

Although it can be quite dangerous, it does offer amazing views of the Libyan Sea!

20 12. Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline: Japan

The Tsugaru Iwaki Skyline road is located in Japan and is one of the most challenging roads in Asia for both drivers and passengers! According to the Complex, the road contains 66 hairpins, that is bound to make anyone in the vehicle quite dizzy and carsick!

The narrow roads stretch to great heights of 1,247 meters above sea level, which can make it quite a difficult trip to endure! Best to buckle up before this one, and pack along was Gravol.

19 13. 24 Zig Road: China

The 24-Zig Road is located near Qinglong town in Guizhou Province, China. It is a well-known road throughout Asia that was built during the Second World War for transporting supplies to resist the Japanese invasion, says CNN.

The 4-kilometer road was named after its 24 bends or zigzags that ascend from the valley bottom to the town of Qinglong. Although the road itself is no longer active or used by cars, it is quite the hotspot for cyclists and motorbikes!

18 4. Sangetsar Lake Road: India

The Sangetsar Lake Road, otherwise known as, Madhuri Lake Road, is a high mountainous lake road in India, that according to the India Times, has an elevation of 3.708 above sea level, and is situated in the northwestern part of Arunachal Pradesh.

The traitorous road is extremely dangerous, as it contains 52 hairpin turns and narrow unpaved paths that are completely unprotected.

The road has been deemed so dangerous that non-Indian travelers require a special permit from the Commissioner's office in order to pass this road.

17 5. Trans-Siberian Highway: Russia

The Trans-Siberian Highway is one of the longest highways in the world! It stretches up to 11,000 miles starting in St. Petersburg all the way to Krai, Russia.

Although the road starts off as quite safe, on the western side of the motorway, but becomes quite unstable and dangerous on the east, says the Independent.

The roads are known to be terribly paved and can be quite remote from towns or nearby cities, so falling short on gas or getting into an accident, which are both common occurrences on this highway, isn't the best thing!

16 6. Col Du Chaussy: France

The Col du Chaussy is located in the Savoie, southeast France, and is considered to be a "balcony road", which is a lane cut into the sides of sheer cliffs, says Auto Europe.

It includes 3-kilometer stretch with 17 hairpins, that can make you feel like you are climbing a cliff, rather than driving it!

Several areas of the road have a 400-meter drop, which means you must have well-working brakes in order to make it off this road in one piece!

15 7. Cotopaxi Volcano Road: Ecuador

The Cotopaxi Volcano Road is notorious across South America, and stretches for 25 miles, to where it then connects to the Pan American Highway and the Cotopaxi National Park.

This road is definitely not for any beginner drivers out there, not only does it contain mass amounts of smoke and dirt, making it visibly impossible to drive at times, it has many slippery slopes, and runs through streams that often cause dangerous and sometimes fatal flash floods, says the Telegraph.

While Ecuador is famously known for having terrible roads, Cotopaxi Volcano Road definitely takes the cake!

14 8. Kabul - Jalalabad Express: Afghanistan

The Kabul to Jalalabad road located in Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous roads in the Middle East. It is located in a city called "the Valley of Death", which alone may be reason enough to avoid.

According to the Middle East Press, the road contains many vertical drops, sharp turns and "kamikaze drivers", that oftentimes claim the lives of those who embark on this risky road.

Apart from its terrible road conditions, the highway runs through Taliban territory, making it quite a dangerous zone to travel within.

13 9. Guoliang Tunnel Road: China

Guoliang Tunnel Road is located in China, and runs for nearly a mile, and is notoriously described as a "road that tolerates no mistakes", says WTOP. It is one of the steepest roads in the world, that runs entirely through a mountain, and cliff-side at times, that only the most skilled drivers are able to navigate.

In addition, the road has become quite a popular tourist attraction, however, most visitors do it on foot, rather than driving, and understandably so!

12 10. Salar De Uyuni (Salt Flats): Bolivia

If you are looking for a crazy road experience, then look no further! The Salar de Uyuni, although not a road itself, has some of the most spectacular, yet risky road conditions! Popularly known as the 'Uyuni Salt Flats', drivers must navigate by memory, considering there are no actual roads on the site.

Since it is quite easy to get lost, this salt flat is not recommended to just any driver.

And considering there is no phone signal, no garage for miles, and nighttime temperatures can drop as low as -30 degrees Celsius, says Traveler Corner, this is not the place you want to get lost in.

11 11. Stelvio Pass Road: Italy

The Stelvio Pass is the third highest and one of the most beautiful and breathtaking mountains passes to drive across of all the European Alps. It is located in the Ortler Alps in Italy, between Stilfs in South Tyrol, and Bormio in the province of Sondrio.

The Stelvio Pass is notorious for its challenging road conditions, and certain risky sections that contain up to 60 hairpin bends, narrow paths and extremely steep inclines.

According to The Manual, it is just over 9,000 feet and contains nothing more than a low concrete barrier that separates your car from a steep drop over the edge!

10 14. Cetinje Kotor Road: Montenegro

The Cetinje-Kotor road can be found in Montenegro and runs for 38 kilometers! According to the Montenegro Travel Agency, the road connects Cetinje and Kotor, on an asphalt road that is so narrow it fits only one car at a time.

It is popular for its steep route with nearly 30 hairpin bends, with sheer drops that would make anyone behind the wheel sweat!

It is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and if you are not a fan of winding twists and turns, then stay clear of this road.

9 15. Curvas De Huanchaca: Perú

The Curvas de Huanchaca is located in Southern Peru near the Urubamba Valley of Andrews mountain range, and is cut out of the rock!

According to Dangerous Roads, the Curvas de Huanchaca rises in elevation by nearly 700 meters and contains 24 extremely tight hairpin turns.

Although it has some of the most spectacular views of the Peruvian mountains, any journey on this road requires immense preparation and skills that are required to navigate the steep and sandy gravel terrain.

8 18. Forcella Lavardet: Italy

Yet another windy road that will make any driver or passenger dizzy! The Forcella Laverdet connects Canale di Gorot and Campolongo in Italy. According to Italia Outdoors, the road is comprised of mostly gravel, and is very narrow, which has led to countless advisories for drivers to navigate at low speeds, especially in the bends with oncoming traffic.

Although the hairpin bends, thousands of feet of elevation and its remoteness may be reason enough to say "no, thanks", it does offer quite a picturesque view that may be worth the risk.

7 19. Trampolin Del Diablo: Colombia

The Trampolin del Diablo, otherwise known as "Devil's Trampoline", is a 69.7-kilometer long road in Colombia. The road connects Mocoa and the San Francisco crossing the Andes, with over 100 hairpin bends that zigzag the mountain.

According to Blue Vision Expedition, the road has been given the nickname: "Adios Mi Vida", which translates to "Bye Bye My Life", and rightfully so!

The road contains numerous bends right at the edge of the mountain cliffs, that have led to numerous cars falling off this road since its construction in 1930.

6 20. The Way To Fairy Meadows: Pakistan

Now if there is one road that sounds a lot better than it truly is, it's this one! The Way To Fairy Meadows sounds like quite a mystical journey, however, it is quite the contrary. The road, which is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan, is found atop a high mountain that runs for 16.2 kilometers long.

The roads are unmaintained, steep and very narrow without any guardrails to protect you from tipping over.

According to Wild About Travel, this road is regarded as one of the "deadliest highways on the planet", primarily due to its high altitude and lack of stability.

5 21. Moldo Ashuu: Kyrgyzstan

Moldo-Ashuu is recognized as one of the most beautiful roads in Kyrgyzstan, however, a drive through this risky road is not for the faint-hearted. The mountain itself passes at elevations of 3.346 meters above sea level and can be reached using 4 wheel-drive cars as it is constantly turning on slopes that are quite steep, says Quad Offroad.

Although the views can easily take your breath away, the drive itself may do just that considering many drivers are affected with altitude sickness!