Las Vegas is among the top travel destinations in the United States. While it's world-famous as the gambling capital of the world, there are just so many other attractions that “Sin City” rightly boasts of. On the other side, Denver is almost just as famous and popular — if more family-friendly. Statistics published by Airports Council International appear to buttress Denver’s reputation as a travel hub. According to the study, which analyzed travel volumes among all airports in the world, Denver International Airport comes up as the third busiest airport globally.


Naturally, many travelers would want to visit both Denver and Las Vegas. Some would want to squeeze this into a single vacation. That’s the reason we disclose what travelers will need to know about how long it takes to fly from Denver to Las Vegas—and when to jump onto a plane. Let's dive in.

This Is How Long It Takes Flying From Denver To Las Vegas

For starters, most travelers would want to know the time it takes to fly from Denver, Colorado to Las Vegas. As a heads-up, this information can make planning for a trip a lot more realistic. Here’s the truth: A plane ride from Denver to Las Vegas should take about an hour and a half—One hour and 24 minutes to be precise. But that’s not all. There are other factors to consider. These include the time the plane will need to taxi in— as well as the time the plane will need to taxi out. According to the best estimates, a plane taxiing from Denver International Airport will take about 15 minutes. And on reaching Harry Reid International Airport, Las Vegas' main gateway, the plane will need another seven minutes to taxi in. Tying these all together, the total time for taxiing out and in comes to 22 minutes. Factoring in the one hour and 24 minutes that the plane will be cutting through the air, flying from Denver to Vegas should take exactly one hour and 46 minutes.

However, those who’ve traveled by air know that planes don’t operate on on-the-dot schedules. According to the United States Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), there were 17, 107 flights from Denver to Las Vegas in 2021. Out of these, 13% experienced delayed departures. According to the agency, a flight is recognized to have been delayed if it departed 15 minutes or more—after the scheduled departure time. 2022 statistics are even more gloomy. As of the end of June, out of all the 15, 269 flights that have departed Denver for Las Vegas, 25. 9% experienced delays. Therefore, it’s a good rule to budget up to 2 hours for a Denver-Colorado flight.

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What Is The Best Time To Go To Las Vegas?

For the cheapest air ticket prices, January is the best month to fly from Denver to Las Vegas. Kayak,, and Cheapoair—all mention January as the cheapest time to travel to Sin City. According to Kayak, January sees a price drop of as much as 30%. For travelers who want to avoid crowds, Las Vegas is a mixed bag. While the sweltering months of July and August are some of the least busy, weekends—during these months—still see significant crowds. Aside from a July or August weekday, the week just before Christmas and a week or two—after New Year, are also significantly uncrowded. But for those who want to roll with crowds, holidays that fall on weekends can see unbelievable numbers. New Year’s Eve, the Adult Entertainment Expo, Super Bowl Weekend, March Madness, and Consumer Electronics Show—the world's largest consumer electronics show—can be insanely overcrowded as well.

Regarding the weather, travelers are better off avoiding summer. Las Vegas is in a desert area and summer temperatures can easily go beyond 100 degrees. Health-wise, this can even be unsafe. That’s right. In 2021, Las Vegas saw the highest heat-related deaths in a decade. That’s enough reason to avoid summer. Winter, on the other hand— is not as bad. Sin City sees winters that are milder than most areas in the country. Actually, Las Vegas is a pleasant winter destination, especially for those who come from areas where winter is a still and frozen time. It could be the perfect time to look for a vacation package or to step on the iconic Las Vegas Boulevard. But the perfect weather is in the spring or fall seasons.

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For the best deals on rooms and hotels, the cheapest times are the times that Sin City is less crowded. And as we’ve already seen, that will be in July, August, the week before Christmas, or certain days in January.

To the bold, brave, and brash, Las Vegas has an irresistible appeal. To the hedonist, Sin City is a Mecca of sorts. Knowing travel details in advance will make a Las Vegas trip much more pleasurable.