Train travel is making a comeback, and it's no longer just a means to get from point A to point B. There are some serious changes happening in the world of slow-poke travel, and many of them are happening right in the U.S. Starting with Amtrak and its scenic rides, passengers are now able to see parts of the country they've likely only ever dreamed of, without having to lift a finger. Gone are the days where road trips took us to remote landscapes - in are the days where trains are doing the work for us.


One trip that fans of railroad travel are especially excited about will be up and running by August 2022. The midwest's Rocky Mountaineer is preparing to take its passengers from the vibrant city of Denver all the way to Moab Desert in Utah... complete with some incredible scenery, to boot.

The Rocky Mountaineer: Train Trip From Moab To Denver

There are just some sights that are better viewed from a glass-domed train car. The Rocky Mountaineer promises just that while going through some of the country's most scenic vistas between the Moab Desert and the city of Denver. The trip is a short one but is sure to be filled with many bucket-list sights, all without passengers ever needing to leave their train seats.

Believe it or not, this train journey is only two days long - which means that passengers get to see multiple sites in the shortest amount of time possible. For comparison, the drive between Denver and Moab, without any stops, is just over five hours. Driving also means no time for scenic viewing if one is the driver, or having to figure out where, exactly, to pull over in order to see this route's incredible Rocky Mountain views. Additional traffic and parking or attraction fees will slowly eat away wat the budget. Inclement weather could slow travelers down while planning specific routes takes more time and effort than many people have time for.

  • Tip: Passengers can choose to start or end their journey in either Denver or Moab.

Thus, the Rocky Mountaineer enters the scene. With accommodations rolled into two unique train packages, food included, no fees for stops or parking, and a route that's already planned out, passengers only need to worry about finding their seats. Additionally, the only crowds or lines passengers will run into on this scenic journey might be the one leading to the bathroom - that's it.

Day One: Depart From Denver

Starting the trip in the lively city of Denver makes this train ride easily accessible for those living in and near the city. The close proximity to a major airport also makes this train ride easy for those living in other states, which is an all-around perk of its starting point. As the train departs from the city, passengers are treated to sweeping views of the Colorado River. This is the first introduction that passengers will have to the canyons that exist between Denver and Moab, as well as the Gross Reservoir Dam, which is the first major attraction on the train route.

With breakfast being served as the train chugs past canyon cliffs, the scenery will begin to change as it approaches the Continental Divide. What many people have only read about and seldom visited is now about to be something they're crossing through - a truly long-lasting memory for most. Mountain landscapes continue for just over six miles here as passengers find themselves entering and exiting the Moffat Tunnel.

From this point, the host of the Rocky Mountaineer takes over narration to inform passengers about the Continental Divide and additional sites, Byers Canyon and Gore Canyon, which are up next. Along the Colorado River, passengers will be able to watch the water snake past as wildlife such as deer, bald eagles, and pronghorn are known to frequent its shores. As the scenery rolls by, the journey for day one will end in Glenwood Springs. Here, passengers have some free time to spend in this historic stop before tucking away into their hotel for the night before their journey begins again the following morning.

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Day Two: Depart From Glenwood Springs To End In Moab

The first thrilling sight of the day is Parachute Creek, which passengers can appreciate as they chow down on their second onboard breakfast. Mount Logan is yet another feature before the train comes up to De Beque Canyon. Mount Garfield rises more than 6,000 feet into the sky following this, signaling the start of incredible limestone features that span for miles.

As the train ride continues, passengers should get ready for yet another major feature of the trip: Ruby Canyon. The train ambles through offering incredible views of this vista, complete with the 12,726 (usually snow-capped) mountaintop of Mount Peale. The final vista on the journey will serve as a brief introduction to Arches National Park, a must-visit for everyone after exiting the motorcoach that will take passengers to downtown Moab.

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