Delta Launches Star Trek-Like Facial Recognition To Check In At Airport

Delta Airlines is rolling out their high-tech facial recognition technology to make checking-in at the airport quick and easy.

Those checking in for direct flights at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport will be in for a treat if they’re lucky enough to be boarding at Terminal F. Delta Airlines have announced that passengers will be able to use brand new facial scanners to board their planes, cutting down getting through security by as much as 9 minutes.

The new scanners aren’t a replacement for your passport (which still must remain on your person at all times), but they will significantly reduce the time that a TSA agent will spend staring at your awful passport photo and then back at your somewhat harried expression. That’s a win-win.

Delta already has approval from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to start using these scanners, which can be used for a number of reasons. Those include checking in at the self-serve kiosk or customer service counter, dropping checked baggage, serve as identification at TSA checkpoints, boarding flights (at Terminal F), or serve as ID to go through CBP for international travelers arriving in the US.


That last part is important as it means that you can use the scanners even if you’re coming in on one of Delta’s affiliated airlines, such as Aeromexico, Air France-KLM or Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Via: The Weekly Standard

“Launching the first biometric terminal in the U.S. at the world’s busiest airport means we’re bringing the future of flying to customers traveling around the globe,” said Gil West, Delta’s Chief Operations Officer. “Customers have an expectation that experiences along their journey are easy and happen seamlessly — that’s what we’re aiming for by launching this technology across airport touch points.”

Using the scanner is easy. During online check-in or when checking in at the self-serve kiosk at the airport, just enter your passport info request to use the facial scanners. Then when arriving at lobby counters, TSA checkpoints, CBP processing, or the boarding gate, simply click on the “look” button of the scanner. Once the scanner has verified your identity, a green checkmark will appear on the screen to let you move on to your next location.

With 9 extra minutes in your pocket, that’s plenty of time to pick up a quick coffee and donut at the food court before your flight.


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