For those fighting jet lag, especially when in a cramped plane, enterprising minds out there have come up with a solution. But if you think that it will result in more affordable and spacious cabins, keep dreaming.

Instead, a series of exercises specifically designed for lengthy flights has been devised by the Equinox Fitness Club in conjunction with Delta Airlines. The workout's cleverly been labelled Sweatlag and it consists of calisthenics specifically created for airline passengers. With the hopes that the regimen will catch on with travelers, Delta and Equinox introduced it at LAX July 2 on board the airline's flagship A350 plane destined from Los Angeles to Shanghai.


It's got all the goodies to ensure that you can get rid of all those jet-lag blues with ultra-spacious seating in the main cabin and personal suites with gourmet meals paired with the ideal wine. In other words, a luxury that most of us can't afford.

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Which is presumably where the exercises come in. If you don't have the money to drop a bundle for a posh overnighter, you'll have to settle for a series of workouts, such as the Clock Walk Plank, the Sprawl, and the Straddle Run Down. Given that it may take anywhere from 12 to 48 hours to adjust to a massive time change after a long flight, proponents of the program declare symptoms of fatigue are greatly reduced.

There are three sets of exercises: ones to undertake pre-flight, another series to do on the plane once in the air, and the final grouping for when you land. They're designed to emulate motions that most passengers use throughout the course of the journey from handling luggage or lifting carry-ons into overhead compartments. Others are designed to keep muscles active when a passenger is ordinarily in a sedentary mode. Most target muscular areas most prone to exhaustion, such as feet, hamstrings, hips, neck, and shoulders.

No doubt these exercises, most of which don't involve expensive equipment, would be handy for a flight or anything else for all walks of life. But it sure isn't the same as catching a ride on a cushy A350.

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