Whistler Blackcomb is the only ski resort you need to visit this holiday season. If you're an elite skier or snowboarder, Whistler is heaven. But it's also suitable for newbies as there are more than 200 different runs. No wonder it was chosen for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The town of Whistler, which is located just outside of Vancouver, B.C. Canada, has even more to offer than just a bevy of winter sports. It's also a pure party during ski season. The nightclubs and five-star restaurants are bumping and the luxury hotels are filled with A-Listers. Stars like David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Lili Reinhart, and Cole Sprouse have all been spotted enjoying the resort town and every golden nugget it has to offer.

Without further ado, here are David Beckham, Jason Momoa, and 18 other celebs who love it at Whistler ski resort.

20 David Beckham Shreds Snow In Whistler With His Little Ones

David Beckham brought his wife, Victoria, and their children to Whistler back in February 2018. Although Brooklyn Beckham hurt his arm skiing, the rest of the family had a blast on Whistler mountain. David even posted a video of himself and his son Cruz boarding down the mountain. Victoria, on the other hand, loved visiting the town's fantastic shops.

19 Justin Bieber Goes To Scooter Braun's Whistler Wedding And Steals The Show

Scooter Braun is in the news nowadays due to his contentious working relationship with Taylor Swift, but back in 2014, his only concern was enjoying his wedding. He and his wife Yael had their ceremony and reception with Justin Bieber in the lavish town of Whistler. Of course, Justin had to flirt with the bride a bit and serenade the audience with one of his tunes.

18 Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Also Party With Taylor Swift's Nemesis

Taylor Swift's nemesis Scooter Braun had more than just Justin Bieber at his 2014 wedding in Whistler. The event was also attended by Sophia Bush, Ed Sheeran, and Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. While there, Tom had a chance to take to the dance floor with none other than Mr. Hailey Baldwin himself.

17 Jason Momoa Is Extra Manly In Whistler But Doesn't Forget To Class-Up The Joint

Without a doubt, Jason Momoa is one of the manliest men around. So, no wonder he loves shredding snow up at Whistler. Back in January 2019, he was in Vancouver filming a television show, so he brought his family along. He and his wife Lisa Bonet, as well as their two children, were spotted cruising around town looking pretty chic.

16 Chelsea Handler Becomes A Whistler Village Person

Chelsea Handler has made it VERY clear that she absolutely adores Whistler. When she visited in 2018, she had a blast skiing down the many runs Whistler Blackcomb has to offer. She was also spotted partying with locals around the luxurious but homey village-town. She even said that she turned into a "local [Whistler] village person."

15 The 100's Marie Averopoulos Melts Snow

Like almost every other CW show, The 100 is filmed in Vancouver and its surrounding suburbs. So, it makes sense that stars from the show would venture up to Whistler for some R&R. The gorgeous Marie Avgeropoulos, in particular, is a massive fan of the resort town.

14 Hugh Jackman Likes Pizza... Oh, And Whistler Too

We can't imagine that Hugh Jackman was eating a lot of pizza while filming the X-Men and Wolverine movies in Vancouver, but he probably could afford a slice or two. Here he is enjoying Whistler Wood Fired Pizza in the Upper Village, not far from The Four Seasons, where he likely stayed.

13 Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Skip Riverdale For Adventures In Whistler

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart spend a lot of time in Vancouver filming Riverdale. So, it's no surprise that they love going up to Whistler to enjoy some winter sports. For instance, here we see Lili riding a snowmobile like an absolute pro. The hot young couple has even taken a private helicopter ride up to have lunch on a remote mountaintop in the region.

12 Rashida Jones Glams Up The Whistler International Film Festival

The Whistler Film Festival is a short, but beloved event at the beginning of December. Not only does it attract talent from Vancouver, but there's also the occasional A-Lister. Here we see The Office's Rashida Jones promoting her comedy Celeste & Jesse Forever a few years ago.

11 Aly And AJ Michalka Find Copious Reasons To Head To Whistler

Both Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka are huge fans of Whistler. Aly has spent many years living in Vancouver filming various television shows. AJ has filmed in Vancouver as well but mostly comes to visit her sister. Both Disney Channel sisters have been spotted taking to the slopes.

10 Neil Patrick Harris Falls In Love With Whistler's Four Seasons

Matrix 4 star Neil Patrick Harris loves the Canadian province of B.C. In particular, he adores Whistler. In an interview published in the New York Times, Harris described how special he felt Whistler was. Here we can see him and his family enjoying the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel right in the middle of Whistler Village.

9 Rob Lowe Gets Caught In A Snow Storm But His Hair Remains Perfect

Nobody's hair can maintain a perfect shape when being hit by frigid winds on top of a mountain. Well, nobody except for Rob Lowe, who seems to be incapable of looking bad. While in town filming, Rob hiked through a flurry in order to ski down one of Whistler's fantastic runs.

8 Jessica Lowndes Drops Jaws At Whistler's Fancy Resturant

The absurdly gorgeous Jessica Lowndes may be Vancouver-born, but she spends most of her time in Los Angeles pursuing her acting career. However, she's often back up in Vancouver and Whistler to film various Hallmark movies. Here we see her enjoying one of Whistler's hiking trails and then settling down to eat at the swanky Araxi back in 2016.

7 Lost In Space Star Taylor Russell Gets Lost In Whistler... And We Wish We Could Find Her

Prepare yourselves, Taylor Russell will be the next big thing to obsess over. You may know her from Netflix's Lost in Space, but her recent work in Waves is getting Oscar. The young beauty is Vancouver-born and she's spent tons of time networking up at Whistler Film Festival. In 2015, she was even named as one of the "Rising Stars To Watch."

6 Lea Michele And The Late Cory Monteith Celebrated Their Love In Whistler

Lea Michele spent a lot of time up in Whistler when she dated her Glee co-star, Cory Monteith. Of course, Cory's no longer with us. But when he was, he and Lea enjoyed snowboarding together and exploring everything the magical village of Whistler has to offer. We're sure she misses those days as much as we all miss Cory.

5 Alexia Fast Stuns At The Whistler Film Festival... Then Builds A Snowman

Jack Reacher star Alexia Fast stunned on the red carpet at the 2019 Whistler International Film Festival this past December. The statuesque beauty really piled on the glam while promoting her indie film, We Had It Coming. Soon after, she reverted to her younger self and built a snowman.

4 Eliza Taylor Gives Whistler The 100... Over And Over Again

Like many of her 100 co-stars, Eliza Taylor adores Whistler. But she has a bit of an edge on them because she's from Australia. If you know anything about Whistler, you'd know that it's packed with Australians. So, we're sure Eliza feels right at home. This is probably why she brought her niece up to the 2010 Winter Olympic site back in 2017.

3 Gene Simmons Leaves His Whistler Cottage To Play The Pubs Whether They Like it Or Not

Gene Simmons and his longterm partner and baby-mama, Shannon Tweed, love Whistler so much that they once owned a house there. The plan was to build a new one, but we're not sure where they're at with this. But Gene and his daughter, Sophie Simmons, even crashed Black's pub to play a few sets back in 2011.

2 Justin Timberlake And The Black Eyed Peas Take Whistler By Storm

The biggest concerts tend to skip Whistler and just head to Vancouver. However, in 2004, Justin Timberlake, Fergie, Will.i.am and the rest of the Black Eyed Peas broke the mold by performing at an outdoor concert there. Fans were elated. But the mega-musicians seemed even happier to be in such a beautiful place.

1 Daniel Radcliffe Makes Every Whistler Kid's Dream Come True

The town of Whistler really gives off Hogsmeade Village vibes. Well, if Hogsmeade was also a luxury resort town. Either way, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe seemed right at home when hanging out there in 2012. He was being honored by the Whistler International Film Festival.