We've heard of parents apologizing for crying babies on flights, but a snoring dad being forced to hand out care packages is a new one on us.

Airplanes can be stressful places to be at the best of times. Add to that a crying baby, distressed passenger, or snoring sleeper, and you could be in for the longest trip of your life. The fact that in some cases it might literally be the longest trip of your life just makes it that much worse again.

In some instances, parents who know their baby is likely to disrupt fellow passengers on a flight hand out care packages. They often contain earplugs, maybe some chocolate, and an apology in advance just in case their little one should start screaming. Know how annoying it is when your ears pop on a flight? Imagine how that must feel for an infant who has no concept of what's going on.


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While we've heard of care packages apologizing in advance for crying babies, one for a snoring dad is a new one on us. Alan Tattersall recently took a long-haul flight from Melbourne, Australia to Houston, Texas, a trip that takes 32 hours from start to finish. Chances are Tattersall would be doing a fair bit of sleeping on that flight, and subsequently a fair bit of snoring.

Tattersall's stepdaughter Grace Smith knew all too well that her stepdad would probably disturb a passenger or two on the trip. While listening to him snore at home one night, Smith decided to put together the packages, reports UniLad. They contained earplugs, chocolate, and a note explaining his snoring would probably stop once Tattersall had fallen into a deep sleep.

The snoring stepdad apparently thought the idea was a little cheeky and doesn't think his snoring is actually that bad. We would certainly feel pretty embarrassed if one of our family members felt the need to hand out earplugs to passengers sitting around us on a flight. If we were one of the nearby passengers, on the other hand, we would massively appreciate the gesture.

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