The holiday season may be over for many but the fun never ends at these top tropical destinations.

South-East Asia hides some of the most pristine wonders known to man and the region is also rich in terms of natural heritage, putting all the wonders of the world to shame and every country is unique. For example, the nightlife scene in Thailand and Singapore is superior to other countries, Malaysia prides itself on its luxurious resorts, and Indonesia has Bali. South-East Asia is the world's tropical paradise.

While beautiful enough, danger lurks in some parts so this list will help you to guarantee a safer, hassle-free experience.

So without further ado, grab your sunscreen and surfboards as we count down: 10 Of The Most Dangerous Beaches In South-East Asia and 10 Worth Visiting This High Season.

20 Garbage Season: Kuta Beach, Bali (Dangerous)

Presenting the dirtiest beach in Bali, Kuta Beach. This once beautiful destination in Indonesia is now an overcrowded and polluted mess, and swimming here doesn't look very pleasant. Unless the government does a MAJOR cleanup program, Kuta Beach will remain a landfill.

19 A Hidden Gem: An Bang Beach, Vietnam (Must-visit)

According to HiddenHoiAn, An Bang Beach is the only beach in Hoi An worthy of a mention. The neighboring Cua Dai Beach has been hit pretty hard by erosion and has since closed down for repair. Indulge in water sports and don't forget to visit Soul Kitchen: a bar right on the beachfront complete with food and entertainment. Cheap but delicious.

18 Piracy Alert: Sidapan Beach, Sabah (Dangerous)

It's not worth going here since Malaysian forces heavily patrol the area, and countries around the world have issued travel warnings for the whole region of Sabah and it is also the site of the last large-scale kidnapping in Malaysia and a bunch of other tragedies including the drowning of some foreign nationals.

17 Picture Perfect: Nusa Penida Island Beaches, Indonesia (Must-visit)

For maximum social media envy, head on out to Nusa Penida Island. Arguably the most beautiful place in Bali and a tourist hotspot, it contradicts the hustle and bustle of city life. You won't find any boutique restaurants, nightclubs or high-rise buildings but instead, a laid-back and uncharted tropical adventure awaits you.

16 Uncharted: Andaman Beach, Sentinel Island (Dangerous)

Reports of a cannibalistic tribe surfaced when a 27-year-old American tourist lost his life while trying to make contact with the people on North Sentinel Island's Andaman Beach. Located just a few miles from the coast of Myanmar, this area is off-limits because the locals are known to fire arrows at anyone who dares step foot on the island.

15 Redeveloped And Reopened: Boracay, Philippines (Must-Visit)

Once upon a time, Boracay was the most beautiful beach in South East Asia. All of that changed, however, when erosion and pollution took its toll on the world-famous white sands and crystal clear waters on the coast. The tourist ban has since been lifted (October 2018) and you can get to experience the warm locals, delightful cuisine and the best of all: banana boats.

14 Deadly: Koh Rong Beach, Cambodia (Dangerous)

According to Khmer Times, "Violence lurks on this jungle island", and this is true. The region has seen a rise in crime: foreigners assaulted by locals, hotel robberies, and thieves in broad daylight. And last October of 2019, the body of a missing British backpacker was found by authorities as further investigations were conducted.

13 Lovers' Paradise: Patong Beach, Thailand (Must-visit)

Even though it's crowded enough and more adult-oriented, it's the safest one in Thailand. Locals tend to overcharge for the various activities but you'd agree to take that over Koh Tao beach and save yourself from some dangerous, untoward incidents. Indulge in the Go Go Bars, and night clubs and experience the world-famous Thai hospitality for yourself.

12 Cursed?: Jomtien Beach, Thailand (Dangerous)

This beach is literally dead, according to a TripAdvisor review. Apparently, this region seems to be under a deadly curse: the lifeless body of a homeless woman was found just months ago, a British tourist also "accidentally" fell from a condominium balcony nearby, and dozens of dead sea turtles were washed ashore.

11 Favorite Diving Spot: Pantai Cenang Beach, Malaysia (Must-visit)

Prepare to get your Crocs and socks wet, if you plan to take a trip to Langkawi's best beach. Located 500 miles from Kuala Lumpur, this beach is the cleanest, and most uncrowded one so far with lots of activities to choose from: shopping, eating or just lazing around. Diving is the main highlight and it's nice to see ocean wildlife in its natural state, far from the destruction man has brought upon.

10 Killer Currents: Muara Beach, Brunei (Dangerous)

Another deadly beach is located in Brunei. Muara beach has also claimed lives, even though it's a beautiful one. Incidents include jet ski collisions, drowning cases, and boat accidents. This beach is great for picnics and not much else. Consider this a second option among all other beaches in Brunei.

9 Awesome Nightlife At: Tanjong Beach, Singapore (Must-visit)

Sentosa Island is the best all-in-one resort island in South East Asia, and it is known for Universal Studios, Resorts World, and some man-made beaches. Among all of them, Tanjong Beach stands out as the center of nightlife so if you fancy a rave or concert, be sure to place this on top of your list. Entry into the Beach Club is free unless there's a major event.

8 Most Disgusting: Tungku Beach, Brunei (Dangerous)

Tungku Beach is another major disappointment and earned only 3/5 stars on TripAdvisor. "The most disgusting beach" stated by a reviewer, and only accessible if you check in to the local resorts. It also looks like all the rubbish in the world accumulated there.

7 Man-made Paradise: Cambo Beach, Cambodia (Must-visit)

This artificial beach resort is in the center of Siem Reap, complete with a 30-meter saltwater pool, fun tabletop games, and exquisite but affordable dining offered day and night. Join the resident DJs every happy hour or bring your family on a Sunday for special deals. Keep in mind that the weekdays are more senior-oriented.

6 "Death Island" Koh Tao Beach, Thailand (Dangerous)

It's called "Death Island" for a reason. It's so bad that they should put a warning for tourists to not visit the island, with more than 11 horrific incidents involving foreigners which ended in tragedy. Criminals seem to target backpackers and couples so it would be best to steer away completely and consider other options.

5 Serene And Sacred: Chaung Tha Beach, Myanmar (Must-visit)

Affordable resorts are littered around the region (starting at $50 a night), along with the clean and safe beachfront. Enjoy the fresh seafood and lay down with your love across the white sands, with coconut in hand. Take a selfie on the Kyauk Pahto Pagoda as seen on Lonely Planet. Chaung Tha is the perfect place to unwind and immerse yourself in laid-back tropical living.

4 Rough Seas: Koh Samui, Thailand (Dangerous)

Search up all the incidents on this beach and all you see is death. Don't even visit this beach unless you're traveling in groups of 10 or more since incidents involving foreigners have increased: frequent altercations and a rough sea await you at Koh Samui Beach.

3 Natural Recreation: Berakas Beach, Brunei (Must-visit)

Berakas Beach is beautifully serene, very clean, family and picnic-friendly. Although it has loud music and sand flies, it still makes up for a good BBQ-ing. Also ranked 4/5 on TripAdvisor, it's safe enough. The only downside is that it closes down early at 6 PM.

2 Mass Fish Deaths At: Ha Tinh Beach, Vietnam (Dangerous)

The 2016 Marine Life Disaster left locals jobless and has affected local businesses and the surrounding areas. Vietnam's Ha Tinh Beach is also one of the hardest-hit areas and is basically a poisoned coast as dead fish pile up in the sand (almost 2 tonnes of fish washed up this year). The good side is that you can enjoy huge discounts on hotels in the area, starting at 10 Euros a night according to

1 Adult Playground: Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam (Must-visit)

Mui Ne Beach, according to Lonely Planet, used to be a fishing village but now it's lined up with beach resorts and hotels. Mui Ne is classified as a mid-range resort and a famous para-surfing spot and is near Fairy Spring (orange sand dunes forming a river from an underground water stream).