Cruise ships have recently begun tailoring specific amenities to what they like to call their VIP customers. The areas on the ships are generally open to all of the passengers on board, but these first-class seafarers always get a little something extra. They pay the price to have an exceptional vacation, which means they know all there is to know about cruise ships.

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We have discovered the secrets that the cruise ships keep hidden from standard customers, as they provide the ultimate experience to those willing to pay the right price. These customers want luxury and these ships ensure that they leave with nothing less. Keep reading to learn about ten things only people who ride first-class on cruises know!

10 Parents Don't Have to Worry About Their Children

There are childcare options on all sections of the ship, but parents who choose the first-class option generally feel better about their safety. The first-class section of the boat is secluded enough where they feel safe to allow their children free roam of the area. They are also sometimes provided the option of specialty childcare services for a certain price, but it separates them from having to be watched by a few adults in the kids club section. The luxury package makes it easier for everyone to have a great time, despite the hole in their wallets.

9 Priority Check-In And Embarkment

Generally, the lines to get on and off the ship can be monstrous in size and seem to waste precious minutes that you could be onshore having fun. First-class customers are privy to shortened wait times as they are given direct access to a speedy exit off of the ship. It is a dream for some to cut the line and be the first to touch land amidst thousands of other travelers. It reduces their stress and maximizes their enjoyment during their vacation, making it the only way for some people to enjoy a cruise.

8 It Provides Customers With A Personal Concierge

It depends upon your cruise line, but some provide each VIP family with a personal concierge. They are responsible for making the person's vacation a time to relax, as they are tasked with coming up with a daily agenda. They talk with the customers and figure out what they like or plan to do, and from there they make seating arrangements or book the masseuse down at the spa. They are the people behind the curtain who help vacationers make the best of every moment they are on board.

7 They Have A Private Floor

The bigger ships tend to give these special guests their own private floor. Their keycard is the only one that opens the door that allows them entrance inside and it provides them with an extra layer of peace and quiet.

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They no longer have to listen to the spring breakers partying down the hall at all hours of the night, while they peacefully sleep the night away in their secluded section of the ship. A large part of their payment goes to privacy and seclusion from the other guests, which is why cruise ships have been made in this particular fashion.

6 They Have Access To First-Class Only Restaurants

Cruise ships will usually provide VIP guests with access to their own restaurants. There are no wait times due to the low volume of people who show up to these specialty venues, but first-class customers are also privy to specialty seating at restaurants open to everyone. It ensures that they are always satisfied when it comes to the fullness of their bellies and no one ever finds themselves hungry while on deck. It is another version of the pampering these customers expect, and cruise ships never let them leave disappointed.

5 They Might Even Have Their Own Spa

The pools and spas on the main decks can be overrun with other vacationers as they crave the cool and relaxing depths of their water. Luckily, first-class customers are privy to their own pool and spa. This reduces the number of people surrounding you while you try to enjoy your vacation and destress from long days and hours spent at work. There are some places who even provide a sauna that is only available to these luxury customers, and it makes the money they paid completely worth it.

4 First Class Reduces The Number Of People Around You

Your vacation is generally filled with the hustle and bustle of other customers hoping to relax, but first-class has the added benefit of avoiding the masses. When you pay for the expensive ticket, you are also paying for a reduction in the crowds of people around you.

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You won't have to shove someone aside at the buffet or flow with the waves of pedestrians around you. They pay for peace and quiet and that is what they will find among the first-class amenities on their adventure.

3 Specialty Seating At The Shows

Your VIP ticket not only buys you a beautiful place to stay, but it also gives you a front-row seat at any of the onboard shows. This particular perk is perfect for anyone who loves to sit down and watch actors and performers fly across a stage as they perform a multitude of acts. They can watch comedians or speakers up close and personal from their designated seats for the total experience. These sears are to die for and these lucky customers understand the value of having the best seat in the house.

2 There Are Different Cabins, Even In First-Class

We generally assume that VIP cabins are all the same in first-class, but we were dead wrong. They not only have specialty rooms for couples or families but they can also be priced based on size and the number of beds. Their rooms are also similar to standard rooms, as some have ocean-views, while others are strictly interior. This can all factor into the final price of their first-class abode and drastically change the price, just like it does on the standard decks.

1 The Tastiness Of The Cuisine Is Even Better

The food made in first-class is tastier than the food on any of the standard decks because the people in this sector demand luxury. They want their taste buds set on fire by the awesome taste of each and every single morsel of food. They want to experience a rejuvenation of life after every bite. It is an experience few will understand, but it is part of the reason that several first-class customers decide to book the more expensive journey again.

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